‘Cheen hi Banayega – Cheen hi Girayega Lekin: Imran Khan Sirf Dafli Bajayega’

(China can Promote and only China can Demote, meanwhile Imran Khan can just do his Gimmickry)

As China serves a Beamer to a listless Imran Khan on Asim Bajwa

What High Courts and Justice system of Pakistan could not do early this year( Balochistan High Court took up a petition in May to stop Lt Gen (retd) Asim Saleem Bajwa from working as the chairman of the CPEC Authority), only China’s Kick could do that.

Imran Khan would have had always nearly choked on his drinks, whenever Asim Bajwa’s corruption charges came to his face for questions, either by media or by Pakistan’s well-wishers.

It is interesting, how China is punishing Pakistan, for something whose blame squarely lies with China, though Pakistan Army has been gladly being the butcher boy for China against its own provinces. And the head on the block, have always been the Pashtuns, Balochs, Kashmiris, and Sindhi (businesses), their resources, and their lands.

Architect of CPEC Loot: “Papa John Bajwa”

“Bajwa was not heading CPEC Authority on the recommendation of GHQ; he was PM’s own choice on the basis of strong recommendations from his team, his personal feedback on Bajwa’s understanding on issues of CPEC because of his work on CPEC development projects in Baluchistan where he headed the Southern Command (based in Quetta) after moving from ISPR and he had earned the trust of Imran Khan govt.”

How laughingly implausible a royal bullshit is all of the above.

Did he earn Imran Khan’s trust or the trust of the Communist Party of China(CPC) and   Xi Jinping?

Asim Bajwa was installed in his position, when he was placed as the Head Southern Command by his relative Qamar Bajwa, the Pakistan Army Chief. It is learned that Asim Bajwa’s readiness to collude with Chinese front ends, and friendliness towards kickbacks, led to him earning the trust of Qamar Bajwa and Communist Party CPC business conglomerates.

Was it a coincidence, that when CPEC started taking shape in 2015, Asim Bajwa’s sons joined the “Papa John Bajco Group” companies also in 2015? With the kickbacks, they started laundering the CPEC bribes by establishing new companies independent of the Bajco Group in Pakistan and in the United States.

This timeline coincides with the point in time when Asim Bajwa as director-general of ISPR started hawking media campaigns in its favour and later begin micro-managing CPEC as commander of the Southern Command.

Asim’s wife was a shareholder in all the foreign businesses from this very beginning. At present, Asim’s wife, Farrukh Zeba, is associated with or is a shareholder in 85 companies including 82 foreign companies (71 in the United States, seven in UAE, and four in Canada).

The records of US state governments and other records related to companies show that some of these American companies (all jointly owned by Asim’s wife Farrukh Zeba) also have investments in the real estate sector and own some thirteen commercial properties in the United States including two shopping centers.

The estimated current net worth of businesses and properties of these companies jointly owned by Farrukh Zeba stands at $52.7 million.

In his declaration of assets and liabilities signed in June as special assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Asim Bajwa declared an investment of $18,468 (rupees 3.1 million) in his wife’s name. Asim declared that he and his wife have no “Immovable Property Held outside Pakistan”. Asim also categorically declared that neither he nor his wife have any “Business Capital outside Pakistan”. If in his declaration, Asim wanted to declare his wife’s investments in the United States by writing Rs3.1 million in the column of “Investments”, he could never have written the word “NIL” in the specific column “Business Capital Outside Pakistan”.

And no court of law could question Asim Bajwa on this fact, readily available in the open domain, How Ironic.

Buccaneer Army: The Pakistan Army

Pakistan army blackmails, bribes, and extorts Judges, bureaucrats, Politicians, and media personnel to keep spreading misinformation and lies in the public about anyone who talks about free democracy.

This also includes to have biased sell-out judges to give unfair verdicts on baseless accusations against anyone who dares mention a democratic process in which the army should not interfere.

In Pakistan, the sanctity of the election process is rigged at gunpoint by Army, with support from Radicals, to select their “yes men” into office.

Bored of a similar political landscape, they chose the one with an exotic flavour: the comically mercurial Imran Khan.

If nothing else works, they have an upstanding person who will not be scared, stopped or compromise on his idiosyncrasies and foot in mouth disease and Pakistan interests above his crude jokes on his peoples’ misery For CPEC, the Pakistan army is now responsible for the genocide, rape, and murder of not only  Baluch population, but also Pashtuns and now Kashmiris in PoK and Gilgit Baltistan.

.These last decades, the top generals like Asim Saleem Bajwa, Qamar Bajwa, Faiz Hameed, Shuja Pasha, and like-minded traitors that are responsible for getting funding from enemy states to do their bidding against politicians that try to bring integrity and economic stability to Pakistan. Panama Case based on Panama papers against ex-PM Nawaz Sharif was one such example, wherein he was removed from power and a verdict was passed that he never will be able to run for any political office with 10 years in prison.

Similarly, PPP was undermined, and thrown away from power using Pakistan Army’s  Radical Mullah freebooter’s hold on the vote bank.

In comes the wily-billy Imran Khan, who shoots off the cuffs, but keeps the Pakistani population entertained, and away from questioning CPEC kickbacks, corruption and debacles. In fact, Asim Bajwa was tasked to keep Imran Khan’s ‘Verbal Diarrhoea’ under check, by making him a special assistant to the prime minister (SAPM) on information and broadcasting.

Sadly due to extreme international and internal pressures, he had to forgo that position in 2019, to concentrate on doing China’s bidding in CPEC.


China hurting BajCo where it Hurts

Extreme Persecution of Baloch, Pashtun and Kashmiris, by the Pak Army on Cards?

With recent attacks against Chinese companies in PoK, Pashtun and Baloch areas, China is miffed.

Of course, providing unlimited bribes to Pakistan Army and to Asim Bajwa counts, still China’s dream of colonizing Kashmir, Pashtun, and Baloch areas is slowing down to a distant dream.

China has signalled that it knows where it can hurt Qamar Bajwa. Qamar Bajwa was given extention at China’s behest, despite Pakistan’s Judiciary objecting to it constitutionally.

Qamar Bajwa’s inability to suppress freedom fighters of Baloch and Pashtuns is costing Chinese dreams. BajCo stands to loose dearly, is what the message is in the removal of Asim Bajwa. And this message also goes right across to Qamar Bajwa, to up the ante.

Asim Bajwa shall remote control CPEC, and like a kicked dog,  he and Qamar Bajwa will have to take drastic steps.

However, lets be rational, what are other options in front of Qamar Bajwa but to brutally suppress all these provinces. Baloch, Pashtuns and Kashmiris. They are likely to be heading to Dark Ages, and ‘The Uyghur treatment’ against them which China had planned 10 years from now, could become a reality soon enough.

This is where it will go all wrong. This marks the time of the beginning of Pakistan’s disintegration,  whether Xi Jinping likes it or not.

07 Aug 21/Saturday    Written By: Fayaz