Terror Diplomacy

Pakistan–Hamas now have Striking Parallels, as Bashing France becomes a Pastime of the Past

“India cannot accept terrorism or it cannot accept that in any way legitimate as diplomacy or as any other aspect of statecraft”; External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said in his visit to the US this week.

Diplomatic manoeuvring using war, has been a trend since last three centuries, however statesmanship and economic posturing has been the successful craft since the fifties, at least where serious democracies are concerned (non-serious ones have been long side-lined since last 70 years).

However, two countries in particular are venturing on the same path of irresponsible statesmanship, searching to recreate ‘senseless gory-glory’ days. Yes!, on the same path that Nazi Germany tried to tread: Turkey(waging war in Syria, Libya, Armenia using ISIS cadres) and China(waging war against Russia, India, Myanmar and Vietnam on their borders and in South China Seas against all) have left no doubt in international fora, that their strive for grandeur is as Nazi-like as possible, hurling their nations down the Fury Road, to an apparent ruin.

A third nation(definitely so-called in its governance) is taking a different route, not employing war as an instrument of state diplomacy, but terror. Dangerous and foolhardy policy, if not outrageously medieval, but then Pakistan has shown consistence in only these traits. It is easy, embroiling their feverish population in a potpourri of ultra-religious driven backwardness and quagmire of poverty, forever in a race for search of heretics to punish.

With the rate at which Pakistani Senators profess jihad, not finding alien life in the universe can be attributed to Pakistanis slaying them, attributed to a frivolous, undiscovered-unknown blasphemy that only Imran Khan’s astute leadership is privy to.

Probably earth would have lost dinosaurs faster to Pakistani jihad call, rather than to Climate change.

Talibanized Hamas

Pakistani Radicalization Drive is Far-Reaching

Just as the Taliban militia are an offshoot of the nonviolent but radicalized JUI, the Hamas is a direct descendant of the Muslim Brotherhood, the first modern radical religious movement in Islam.

Subsequently, after the traumatic unfolding of events for the Palestinians, accentuated by their refusal to ratify formation of separate country Palestine in 1948-49, 17 Branches of the Muslim Brotherhood appeared in the Gaza and the West Bank in the 1960s.

In 1971 Sheikh Ahmed Yassin founded an affiliated organization called Congress (Mujamah) in Gaza. Muslims in the West Bank and Gaza were relatively secular at the time, but. In contrast to their secular rival, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the Brotherhood saw the destruction of Israel as synonymous to liberation of Palestine as a long term goal to be deferred till ethical conduct and local Islamic government were established.

In contrast to the PLO, Brotherhood got systematically radically swayed by the Pakistani Dictator Zia’s radicalization drive in Pakistan and in the general area. This contributed to an increase in radicalization in the 1980s in the West Bank and Gaza: dress codes were more stringently observed and outward signs of piety increased, including the frequency of prayer. The increased stringency of practice was especially evident in Gaza which is poorer and where the radicals had more support and institutions.

It soon translated into Hamas in1988, eerily coinciding with the times Pakistan Army started diverting terrorists to Kashmir and cementing Taliban in Afghanistan, which resulted in the first Palestinian Intifada.  Pakistan Army handlers goaded them to endorse the revolt and establish a militia, with promise of a Taliban like success, while taking funding from few Islamic Counties of the Gulf(Sadly 70% of those funding also went to Pakistani General’s accounts in Europe). Yassin initially resisted but eventually agreed to establishing an affiliated secret militia, the Hamas, and rest is a bloody and fractious bloody history, widening the trust deficit between Israel and Palestinians.

Radicalization does that often, however with Israel’s back being against the wall, fighting for their existence, had no other option as they ran out of sensible leadership to interact with. Hamas, derailed all peace process including Oslo accords(giving self-determination to Palestinian)s and despite eviction of Israelis from Ghaza in 2005, no such settlement was given to Palestinians, under pressure and threat to life from Hamas.

Palestinian governments have repeatedly condemned Hamas and other Radical forces around the world, as this keeps the fires burning, aimed at Pakistani Radicalization in ranks of Hamas.

Hence here we are, while Israel and Palestine would have been independent nations as early as 1948-49, the fires were intentionally not allowed to settle down, and when Pakistani radicals took over the dictate by 1980s, all turned more sour in the region.


Sadly, the radicalization quest Zia started for Pakistan in the 70s, using Zealots money, had far reaching consequences, with the world turning radicalized. However successive sensible statesmanship and credible governments in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, Sri-Lanka, the Middle East have got themselves rid of Pakistan’s radical poison, slowly but surely.

Even Palestinians steered clear of two-faced and idiotically radical fabric of society of Pakistan.

However Hamas, like Pakistani Generals did realise that there is a lot of money to be made in terror funding, paid by radical Fanatics around the world. Similarly millions are siphoned off from donations in the name of Jihad, given to terrorist organizations in Palestine faction. It is bungled up in the same manner Pakistani Generals had been successful in siphoning off CPEC money to their properties and business in Europe, Canada and the US.

Of course some of the money makes it to being converted to rockets and tunnels in Gaza, similar to the way some of the money makes its way to orchestrate the Protest rallies organized since 2016 in Pakistan, to either blaspheme the Pakistani Supreme Court’s acquittal of Christian woman, Aasia Bibi, of the charge of blasphemy in 2017, to bring down the last democratic elected government of Nawaz that Pakistan has seen, to protest against the re-publication of caricatures of the Prophet in France or to bomb the Americans to oblivion in 2020 and later again France, since then.

Shouldn’t the Pakistani parliamentarians act as beacon of guiding light to Pakistan society towards progress and modernity. Well, as of now, their comical theatrics leaves Pakistan’s common man perplexed, after all, with all the rants and threats, earth would have been wiped out of human race, nuclear bombed or beheaded, except for the Chinese and Pakistanis.


That’s what happens when your criterion for being a parliamentarian in Pakistan is to be either a Religious Radical or a Terror funder, or both, at least till the time the likes of Syed Salahuddin and Hafiz Saeed are not able to occupy the benches in Majlis-e-Shura Pakistan.

Pakistan always get their heretics to kill, be it the Russians, the French, the Americans, the Indians, the Armenians, the Bangladeshis in the outside world, or internally the Shias, Ahamadiyyas, Hazaras, Pashtuns or the Baloach, Sindhis and Kashmiris.

Interestingly, all of Pakistan is up for sale by Pakistani Generals to Uyghur-genocide committing China, just for kickbacks to purchase retirement homes in the UK and Canada, and to establish business conglomerates in Pakistan(whose revenues sadly still go to Chinese Banks)

Poor Russia, France, and the US have been at the receiving end of the wrath of Pakistani Senator’s jihad call and massive bloodthirsty protests that follow. Quaintly, such protests do not find traction with Pakistan’s so called ‘Ulema’, religious parties and religious heads while the Endgame of Uyghur Muslims of East Turkestan is in its final stages; with their Nazi like genocide being conducted by China.

However, instead what happens, is a discussion in Parliament of Pakistan on whether to send the French envoy back and to bomb them with nuclear weapons, conveniently later on.

Of course every now and then, after Israel and France, all other countries will have to wait for their turn to be nuclear bombed by Pakistani Senators, and believe it or not, being delayed just because miraculously Hafeez Saeed has been dis-allowed to contest Pakistan’s elections, that too thrice.

Thereafter, will be the turn of its own minorities, nuclear bombed or ethnic cleansed: shall depend on the mood and humour of Parliamentarians of then, all in their ever changing convenient definition of “honour of Prophet”, but never in the honour of the Prophet’s teaching of compassion and humanity.

28 May 21/Friday                   Written By: Fayaz