Atrocities on minorities continue in Imran Khan’s Pakistan, two Hindu girls kidnapped, forcibly converted to Islam

Two Hindu girls have been kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan. They have been identified as Ekta Kumari and Dhani Kohlahi.

Despite serious concerns raised by Pakistan’s minority community and criticism by human rights activists, two Hindu girls have been forcibly converted to Islam in the neighbouring country within just two days.

It has been reported that a Hindu girl, identified as Ekta Kumari, has been forcibly converted to Islam by the notorious Muslim cleric Mian Abdul Khaliq (aka Mian Mithoo or Mithu), who is believed to be close to the Pakistan Army.

Ekta Kumari, a resident of Sibi, Balochistan, is a teacher by profession. Sources informed that Ekta, daughter of Anil Kumar, was allegedly kidnapped by a local Muslim Yar Mohammad Bhtto who also lives in Sibi.

Bhutto forced Ekta to travel to Dargah-e-Aliya Bharchundi Sharif in Dharaki in Ghotki district of Sindh province of Pakistan where she was converted to Islam by Mian Mithoo and christened her as ‘Ayesha’ and was married to Bhutto.

The other Hindu girl who forced to embrace Islam is Dhani Kohlahi. While in the case of Dhani  Kohlahi, she was abducted from Juma Bazar and was also converted to Islam and married to a Muslim man. “Her whereabouts are not known so far to her parents and police has not even registered their FIR against the accused,” said sources.

Pakistan’s Hindu community is in shock and utter despair following back-to-back incidents of alleged forced conversation of two Hindu girls in two days thus also exposing the hefty claims of Imran Khan government of providing security and giving equal rights to the minority communities with that of the majority Muslims.

No action has been taken by the local police or the administration in both cases. In both cases, police had been dillydallying in even registering the FIR against the accused.

These sham marriages are actually just a means of sexual enslavement of the helpless Hindu minority girls, who are often abandoned, murdered, or sold off into prostitution.

Mian Mithoo is the Pir (head) of the influential Bharchundi Dargah (Islamic Sufi shrine) in Ghotki district of Sindh province. The cleric, who leads a lavish lifestyle and always travels with armed escorts, has been a member of Pakistan’s national assembly (MNA) from 2008-2013 representing the ‘liberal’ PPP (Pakistan People’s Party).

Later, he joined hands with PM Imran Khan’s PTI. Mithoo has earlier claimed that he has personally overseen the conversion of 200 Hindu girls, who voluntarily came to him to ‘accept Islam’.

He first shot into notoriety in 2012 after the forced abduction and conversion of a young Hindu girl Rinkle Kumari – daughter of a local school teacher Nand Laal.

Meanwhile, Karachi-based All Pakistan Hindu Panchayat has taken up the case of another Hindu woman Suneet Rathore who was also kidnapped and forcibly converted into Islam.

10 Jan 21/ Sunday                                                                              Source: zeenews