Radical Pakistan’s Israel Perils

Comic-is-stan is Limp in its Existential Narrative Yet Again

“Every man and woman of the Muslim world will die, before Jewry seizes Jerusalem” – Muhammed Ali Jinnah in 1945

M A Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan, had a disdainful outlook towards Jews, and it had to be that way. After all, his two nation theory was based on Muslims vs the rest of Mankind. Though a moderate Muslim, he had to use this stance, for his ambition to be premier of the nation state, by betting on the two nation theory and to proclaim Pakistan as an Islamic nation.

Hardly knowing what an Islamic nation entails, as well as lacking a sound ground to further his claims, he took refuge in the umbrella of Radical Islamic theology of Salafi-Deobandi base.

Thus an anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic narrative along with Kafir plot for all other religions, was the only recourse.


Anti-Semitism inherent in the ideology of the founding fathers of Pakistan manifested itself not only in ideology but also in the nature of politics of Pakistani movement. It also erupted soon in the streets of independent Pakistan.

Within a year of independence, the Pakistani government under Jinnah revoked the rights of 2000 Beni Israel Jews, who formed the minuscule Jewish community of Pakistan. This when factored with denial of political representation, resulted in the Jews migrating to Israel, Iran and India.

And that is where the aspect of Kafir narrative in Pakistan stands, now exponentially Islamised, radicalized and the Zealots are hell bent on bloodshed of all others, except Radical Islamists.

Now a quest to chalk out a space for accepting Jews, has landed in laps of a hapless, clueless Imran Khan.

Question is, have Jews ever been in Pakistani social sphere? Answer may as well shock us.

Durrani, Yussafzai, Afridi and other Pashtuns call themselves Bani-Israel

Decedents of King Saul

The history of Jews in Pakistan-Afghanistan region, goes back to way before the birth of the nation state of Afghanistan,” said Afghan academic Omar Sadr. “There are mentions in history of Jews living in this region, integrated in the then tribal societal structure, during the period of Cyrus the Great, the Persian emperor, after his conquest of Babylon in 538.

Early biblical commentators regarded Khorasan as a location of the Ten Lost Tribes. Many afghan tribes believe they are decedents of King Saul and call themselves Beni-Israel, like the Hebrew, B’nai Israel, meaning the children of Israel. Many Muslim scholars and writers accept this fact.

The Pashtun, the main Afghan ethnic group and Taliban supporters, also believe they are descended from the Twelve Lost Tribes of Israel, and later adopted Islam, upon Islamist drive of expansionism by Turks. Dozens of Pashtun names and customs sound Jewish, from the Pashtun tribe names of Asheri and Naftali to the Pashtun custom of a wedding chuppah and the circumcising of the sons on the eighth day after birth.

The Pashtuns claim that the city of Kabul stands for “Cain and Abel” and Afghanistan is derived from “Afghana,” the grandson of King Saul of the tribe of Benjamin.

According to Hebrew sources, vast numbers of Jews lived in area from Ghazni till Peshawar and even down south till Karachi. Tudela describes “Ghazni the great city on the River Gozan, where there were about 80,000 Jews.

In 1839, thousands of Jews again fled Persia, where the Muslim authorities began forcibly converting them, bringing Afghanistan’s Jewish population up to 40,000. They settled in Herat, and were mostly traders and dyers dealing in skins, carpets and antiquities. Herat became the Jewish population center of Afghanistan during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Specifically in Pakistan, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the largest city, Karachi, had about 2,500 Jews engaged as tradesman, artisans and civil servants. Their mother tongue was Marachi, indicating their “Beni Israel” origin. In 1893, the Jews of Karachi built the Magain Shalome Synagogue, and, in 1936, one of the leaders of the Jewish community, Abraham Reuben, became the first Jewish councillor on the city corporation.

Radical Islamic Narrative for Conquering Lands

Where all Kafirs were Hysterically persecuted, including sense of Humanity

When Mahmud of Ghzani used Radical Islam’s appellation, to rally and unite tribes to loot Gujrat’s wealth, it had an adverse impact on all other religious denominations around Ghazni. Overnight, they became Kafir.

This revealed the potent use of Radicalization of Islam, to perpetrate loot and genocide against even a contemporary trading partners of the time. Hence that gave opportunity to fabricate Hadiths, based only on ambitions of the ruler of an area, to conquer more lands. That spelt en-mass persecution, and rapid conversion to escape the genocide, to Islam by the Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and Pagans of the Khursan and Indo-Bactrian regions.

Genghis Khan’s 1222 Mongol invasion, however, razed Afghanistan, devastating the Jewish communities. Though the telling blow came with Timur’s blatant use of Hadiths and Radical Mullahs, to further his butchery and conquests. Jews, Buddhists and Hindus fled to neighbouring India and Iran(where they were harboured even till reign of Persian King Nadir Afshar, who encouraged Jews to settle in the region in 1736 “because the Jews had good connection in the merchant routes in the subcontinent- between central Asia, and Arabia”.

With advent of Pan-Radicalization of Indian Subcontinent, upon reinvented Radical vigour of religious lunacy by Aurangzeb and his legacy fostering the Deobandi and Salafi Islamic lines. By 20th century Jews, Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus started disappearing from Pakistan regions, as Radical Mullahs competed for the most barbaric Islamic fervour, to gain hysterical attention of brainwashed Muslims.

By 21st century now, there is little space of Shias, Ahmadiyyas, Baloch, Pashtuns and even Sindhis, let alone a Jew to be accepted without invocation of being “Haram”.


As India was partitioned in 1947, Mohajir, or Muslim refugees, filed into the newly minted Dominion of Pakistan, often ransacking Jewish synagogues and prayer halls on their way. Many of Pakistan’s Jews, in turn, fled in the opposite direction, settling in India. The following year, with Israel having declared its independence, things grew even tenser when rioters burnt down a Karachi synagogue to protest Harry Truman’s diplomatic recognition of the Jewish state. Wasting little time, Pakistan’s Jews soon began their exodus, scurrying to Israel and elsewhere.

Since Zia’s Radicalization, there has been little space , except for ultra-Islamist mullahs, who only accept “Ummah” and routinely invoke fatwas and massacre of fellow Muslims, who dare to identify themselves culturally or ethnically. This narrative has been carefully fostered and blossomed by the Pakistan Army, into a seminal moment in timeline of a Radicalized Pakistan, where now, accepting Shias is a crime, worth massacre and blood shed, let alone accepting Ahmadiyyas, Pashtuns, Baloch, Shiyas, Christians, Sikh or Hindus.

Poor Imran Khan is justifiably at his wits ends, to effect the change in this social fabric of Radicalization, that Pakistan Army has created in last fifty years. Accepting a Christian US in fight against Taliban, was ridden with an overwhelming radical Islamic backlash, which took 10 years of reorganizing the Terrorist-Radical Mullah buddies of Pakistan Army.

Accepting Jews and in turn Israel, shall lead to unfathomable recoil from this structure of Kafir narrative based Radical Islam social fabric in place. As this would entail accepting all other religions, ethnicities and culture.

This is because, accepting Israel means denouncing the complete narrative of Radical Salafi Islam, which has been the true forced history of Pakistan’s last 50 years. Is it easy for a nation to backtrack on its 50 years of Kafir narrative?

Not before Radicalization based on Islam can be dismantled and done away with, as a state philosophy. In theory it may sound sweet to ears, but pulling it out from the DNA of what has been a “Pakistani Radical Islamic” mind set, needs a social revolution of sort, and not one of the “sham pills” that Pakistan Army has been accustomed to serving to make a fool out of people of Pakistan.

Pakistan may have to shelve its Comicistan DNA accentuated by its Radical Islamic theology and Pakistan Army hold, to join humanity in the future.

07 Dec 20/ Monday                                                                                      Written By:  Fayaz