Free Balochistan Movement condemns abduction of Baloch professor

The head of the Information Department of the Free Balochistan Movement (FBM) in a statement strongly condemned the abduction of Prof. Dr. Liaquat Sani, Nizam Baloch and Shabir Shahwani by Pakistani state officials from the Mastung area of ​​Balochistan.

The FBM statement added that the kidnappers released Shabir Shahwani and Nizam Baloch three hours after insulting the Baloch teachers and torturing them in various ways, while Professor Dr. Liaqat Sani is still in their custody.

“We call on Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the rest of the civilised world to fulfil their international obligations by immediately putting pressure on the state of Pakistan to release all missing Baloch, including Professor Liaquat Sani.”

The atrocities and barbarism of the Pakistani army and its intelligence agencies in Balochistan have made it impossible for thousands of peaceful political activists to be to move freely in Balochistan. However, dozens of armed men in vehicles not only roam free but also abducted people and easily shift them from one place to the other in presence of military checkpoints without any state impediment, it is in itself proof that the state is directly involved in the enforced disappearances in Balochistan.

Such conditions have forced thousands of political activists to leave everything behind and migrate to other countries and live in political exile in Europe, the United States and the Gulf states.

We call on the international media to expose the atrocities perpetrated on the Baloch people by the rogue terrorist state of Pakistan, including the kidnapping of professors of higher education institutions in Balochistan, and to present the voice of truth to the world and play their part in saving this region from further destruction.

In its party policy statement the FBM said, it wants to bring to the notice of the Baloch nation and the world that the Baloch nation has been suffering from all kinds of atrocities and subjugation of these two occupying and terrorist states Iran and Pakistan from day one. Today, because of Iran and Pakistan, the global peace and security of the region, including the Middle East, Afghanistan and India, is in grave danger.

It should be made clear to the world Balochistan has been the ancestral land Baloch nation for thousands of years but Baloch people are living a life of slavery due to the illegal occupation of Pakistan and Iran and longing for peace, tranquillity and prosperity.

The Baloch enemy states continue to create difficulties for Baloch in walks of life including quality education for the new generation of Baloch, basic human needs, unavailability of health facilities, political, social, cultural and economic subjugation.

Pakistan and its intelligence agencies are systematically pursuing the abduction of peaceful and unarmed political activists and as a collective punishment throughout society to counter the Baloch national liberation movement.

The international media is dependent on the Pakistani state-controlled media, which is why they have so far failed to expose these heinous crimes of the Pakistani state to the world, and that is why the state of Pakistan continuously targets the oppressed Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi nations.

In the past such atrocities, the inhuman and degrading tactic of Pakistan went unnoticed and unchecked which the Pakistani state considered a success as a counter-insurgency policy. Today, however, the tireless efforts of the social media activists of the oppressed and occupied nations and the public awareness have exposed the past heinous crimes and criminal acts of the state which has led Pakistan to resort to such abductions against Baloch people. It is now trying to employ new tactics in an attempt to deceive the world to cover up its state’s war crimes.

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