26/11/2008: Mumbai Terror Attacks

On November 26, 2008, one of the major terrorist attack, known as 26/11 terror attack, was executed in Mumbai, by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a Pakistan-based terrorist group, under expert minute by minute supervision by Pakistan Army’s ISI.

Ten terrorists, equipped with advanced weaponry and three handlers in Pakistan, were involved in the attack, and five major locations in Mumbai were targeted, causing nearly 260 casualties from ten different countries. The attack was well planned by the Pakistan Army and handlers from Pakistan were in communication with these terrorists, during the attack.

Pakistan Army and its Radical Islam Terror Alliance

Pakistan has been known for its perennial support of the Taliban in Afghanistan and other terrorist organizations in Indian Administered Jammu and Kashmir. The dramatic events of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in the US of September 2001 also referred to as 9/11, shook the tectonic plates of world politics, pushing Pakistan into being a focal point of global politics.

Pakistan became the key strategic satellite of United States’ War on Terror; post the terrorist attacks, taking a complete U-turn in her traditional foreign policies towards Afghanistan and Indian Administered Jammu and Kashmir, albeit temporarily under international pressure. Later it emerged that it was all for heavy monetary gains and Army Corruption.

The country, now sent into downward spiral of Radical Islam’s fostering, and hence divide in society increased manifolds,  in which sectarian groups targeting minority communities (Shias, Sufis, Ahmaddiyas etc.) and Kashmir-focused groups confined their operations to Indian Administered Kashmir and the rest of India.

Pakistan, due to policies of the Pakistan Army, has become a victim of its own holy war as a consequence of the ‘unholy alliance’ between the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan’s powerful intelligence agency, military and self-styled religious scholars. This historic Radical Islamic alliance, has now resulted in colossal rise of radical Islam resulting in the country’s proclivity to Islamic fundamentalism.

Is it the fault of innocent masses or the architect of this barbarian mindset: Pakistan Army?

Pakistan Army trained and Handled the terrorists

The lone arrested terrorist, Ajmal Amir Kasab, provided substantial information regarding the planning and execution of the attacks. He told investigators that the 10 terrorists underwent prolonged guerrilla-warfare training in the camps of Lashkar-e-Taiba. He further revealed that the team of terrorists had spent time at the headquarters of a second and related organization, JuD, in the city of Muridke before traveling from Punjab to the port city of Karachi and setting out for Mumbai by sea.

This not new, and the story has originated post-Afghan war and raising of Taliban, by Pakistan Army, ass its own terrorist toy. A 2012 NATO study based on 27,000 interrogations of 4,000 captured Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters concluded, that the Pakistan Army-ISI provided safe havens to the Taliban, monitored their movements, manipulated their fighters, and arrested those thought to be uncooperative. Al Qaeda is widely believed to still maintain camps in western Pakistan under aegis Pakistan Army-ISI, where foreign extremists receive training in terrorist operations.

Former Pakistani Army Chief General Ziauddin Butt (a.k.a. General Ziauddin Khawaja) revealed at a conference on Pakistani–U.S relations in October 2011, that according to his knowledge the then former Director-General of Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan (2004–2008), Brigadier Ijaz Shah (retd.), had kept Osama bin Laden in an Intelligence Bureau safe house in Abbottabad, Pakistan. General Ziauddin Butt said Bin Laden had been hidden in Abbottabad ‘with the full knowledge’ of Pervez Musharraf. Later, Butt denied making any such statement.

Pakistan has been a significant force behind the growth of Islamic radicalism and extremism of Islam, initially aimed for Jammu and Kashmir, however they couldn’t help burning own house down, and it largely and mostly, engulfed complete Pakistani civilian Society.

The US State Department’s report on Patterns of Global Terrorism, released in April 2001, specifically identified Islamabad as the chief sponsor of militant groups terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. The terrorist groups viz. HM, LeT, Al Badr, JeM, currently fighting in Kashmir, all of which benefit from Pakistan Army support. The ISI has specifically sought to replicate and transplant the success model of the anti-Soviet Afghan campaign in Kashmir, exhorting young radicalized youth, to participate in the conflict as part of the wider moral duty owed to Jihad (holy war).

All this is simply based on Radical Islam and all those others who are not Wahabbi Sunnis.

The Islamist oriented military officers work in close collusion with the ISI by paying regular visits to the terrorist training camps and conducting training sessions on the fundamentals of guerrilla warfare and other war-related techniques. 

“Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Pakistani media, that some members of the Inter-Services Intelligence agency have a long standing relationship with the LeT, Taliban-Haqqani militant network.

‘Deliberately Targeted’ Jewish Building

Bound And Killed Six Jews At Chabad House

Israeli community is close knit, well integrated in Indian culture and society, so much so , that only a few knew where the Chabad House: earlier known as the Nariman House was located at Colaba Causeway, until Pakistan Army sponsored LeT terrorists attacked it in Mumbai on November 26, 2008, which made the place known worldwide.

Two terrorists, Imran Babar and Nasir who were specifically tasked by Pakistan Army and its ISI, held it for three days, before the Indian Army’s elite NSG commandoes during Operation Black Tornado, stormed into the five-storey building and killed both of them. One commando was martyred in the operations, trying to rescue hostages alive, however the two terrorists had already killed seven Israelis by then.

Gavriel, who ran the Chabad House and his wife Rivka’s son Moshe, who was then two years old, was saved by his nanny, an Indian Sandra Samuel, who is now granted honorary citizenship of Israel.

Gruesome and intensely Radical was the fact that Chabad officials tried to negotiate with the terrorists inside the Chabad House, in several calls, however, Pakistan Army handlers who were in communication with terrorists, refused humanity and were violently murdered.

Two of the freed Israeli businessmen from The Oberai Hotel,  Yossi Veingratten, and Ephraim Zamir, described their dramatic rescue by the NSG commandoes before Zamir broke down in tears as he recounted the ordeal. Both said they were advised to barricade themselves in their rooms, as gunfire and explosions raged across the hotel. Veingratten said he had plenty to eat because he had brought kosher food with him. Zamir marveled with relief that “all those gunman” couldn’t get “one little Iraqi Jew.”


Anti Radical Islamists, are all those who do not accept wahabbi Hard line Sunni’s rights to kill all Kaffirs, be it intellectual moderate Sunni, Shia, Ahmaddiya, Hindu, Jew, Christian or culturally aware  Pashtun, Balochi, Baltistani and Kashmiri. All of them are Blasphemous and Islamophobic.

Such is the state of Pakistani Society, largely due to persistent and unrelenting efforts of the Pakistan Army, to create this state. It just needs a Pakistan Army backed Mullah, to give call for Jihad, and the so called Kaffirs will be given a run for their lives, howsoever the logical, commonsense, and humanistic streak in those innocent Radical Sunnis may try to dissuade them.

De-radicalization starts with a blanket purge, of the Radical Islam fabric, that has taken a death grip over Pakistan, and off course get Democracy back on track and send the nefarious corrupt Pakistan Army-ISI jihadi combine, back to barracks.

Will Pakistan Army-ISI combine want that, after all the Corruption money from kickbacks from Chinese, pays for their one-way ticket out of Pakistan to Canada and Europe, post retirement. Till such time, all other than Radicals shall be under constant threat to their being and existence.

26 Nov 20/ Thursday                                                                                      Written By:  Fayaz