Zukerberging Islamophobia

Imran Khan and buddy Erdogan's Cerebral Bankruptcy Summarizes Radical Islamic Mindset

Cartoon- a sketch or drawing, usually humorous, as in a newspaper or periodical, symbolizing, satirizing, or caricaturing some action, subject, or person of popular interest.

Samuel Paty was having a class that specifically addressed the debates around the comics of Charlie Hebdo (French have civic education classes and may debate things at times). Before he showed the caricatures of Muhammad, he was considerate enough to warn the Muslim students, they might not like it and that they might prefer to not look or leave class. He was NOT trying to offend them specifically.

Despite he was that much considerate, Muslim students complained to their parents, who made a scandal on the Internet, which caught the attention of a Chechen refugee in France. He proceeded to go interview one of the parents and then paid kids to tell him where the teacher was.

To behead him.

Imran Khan and Erdogan went bananas over French President Macron’s criticism of Radical Islamists and defended the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.


Imran Khan accused French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday of “attacking Islam” while Erdogan went further in a street hoodlum manner: “What’s the problem of the individual called Macron with Islam and with Muslims? Macron needs treatment on a mental level.”

France has called the controversy and calls for boycott unjustified, as these are based on “baseless” narrative of the statement made by French President Macron. It said the boycott calls are being “pushed by a radical minority”.

Radical Minority epicenters: Pakistan and Turkey?

France’s Secular Legislation Plan

There was nothing wrong with what the history teacher did in French law. There is no blasphemy in French law, the notion does not exist at all in the Criminal code. God is not the lawmaker of France, only the French Legislators are. Gods in general have no authority in France, and there is no law but the French law. French do not share their sovereignty with any deity in the universe.

Fair Enough.

Likewise, Charle Herbo was totally and completely complying to the French law, whatever one might think of the taste of these cartoons, and no one entitled to pretend they did not have the right to do it. They also desacralized many other religions (they did not single out Islam at all, you just didn’t see their other cartoons), yet none of these resorted to terrorism.

The French president had said, that Islam was in crisis due to “an extreme hardening” of positions. He had announced the government would present a draft law in December this year, aimed at strengthening secularism in France, against what he described as “Islamist separatism” in his country.

Islam in France must be freed from foreign influence,” he said, promising improved oversight of the financing of mosques. His proposed legislation would aim to ensure that public life in France reflects the values of laïcité, or state secularism, a century-old legal principle that separated church and state and mandated France’s neutrality on religion.

“The landmark French 1905 law on secularism, permits people to belong to any faith of their choosing, Macron said, but outward displays of religious affiliation can under no circumstances be allowed in schools or the public service”.

He accepted that France’s colonial past, including its colonization of Algeria, “left scars” on a society that has sometimes struggled to integrate immigrant communities from former colonies and acknowledged that the French state was partly responsible for the “ghettoization” of communities with large numbers of Muslim residents, saying that non-secular organizations have sought to make up for “failings” of “integration policy”.

A big reformist step by President Macron, a bold one and a boon for French society-Muslims included. However, the Radical Islamic agenda shall not only be threatened, but most likely thwarted by this, and on social media, the incident of a student blowing the professor’s teaching method out of proportions, was most likely en-cashed by the Radicals.

Blasphemy Potpourri in Pakistan

Prosecution Mindset against Minorities


Pakistan’s blasphemy laws (PPC section 295 and subsections, section 298, and subsections) state that ‘derogatory’ remarks on the Prophet Muhammad, insulting any religion, disturbing a religious assembly, and trespassing on burial grounds can cause lifetime imprisonment or sentence to death.

The law was introduced in the 1980s under the military dictatorship of Gen. Mohammad Zia ul-Haq as part of a policy of promoting Islam to unite this deeply fractious society.

Pakistani Penal Code states that anyone who intentionally defiles damages or desecrates a copy of the Holy Quran or an extract from it, or uses it in a derogatory manner or for any illegal purpose, will be punished with life imprisonment. In the case of defamation of the Prophet Muhammad (section 295-C), the death sentence is foreseen.

Sadly in the garb of Blasphemy, those actively repressed and thus prosecuted, are usually the minorities such as Shias, Ahmadiyya, and Christians. But it seems that they are also increasingly other Muslims. Establishment stakeholders like police, lawyers, and judges have been subject to harassment, threats, attacks, and murders when blasphemy is the issue.

Increasingly they have all fallen in line, and establishment in itself does not question either the logic or the context. Straight up, a frenzy is created, and based on emotions, devoid of reality, justice is served, where the accused starts as guilty and is prosecuted thus.

This prosecution mindset, misusing blasphemy, to achieve suppression of others is not only fragmenting the Pakistani society but also creating frenzied hatred, toward all others.

Upcoming legislation of France, crafted to “protect” the Republic and French values has been hysterically projected by Radical Islamists, especially from Pakistan and Turkey’s state-controlled social-media machinery, to be deeply divisive, with French Muslims being served with a fearful hysteria that it will unfairly single them out.

Had it Coming?

Double Speak of Liberal-Radical Islamic Potpourri

People on social media, Muslims, Leftists, progressives, outright shifting goalposts, denouncing a so-called “Islamophobic” French state, calling the shooting of the terrorist “police violence,” calling for banning the caricatures, or even stating that the victim “had it coming.”

Earlier in the year, a 16-year-old French girl was being harassed on social media by young Muslim men, who took offense to her rejecting their advances, uttered a few crude words about their religion.

She then received 30,000 death threats and had to leave her school. She was unable to join another school anywhere her parents asked though, as the local school authorities stated that they could simply not guarantee the young girl’s safety (Affaire Mila ).

However, when these issues are brought to the light, the similar outburst is not to be seen, and the same is treated as a law and order issue.

Surprisingly the present anti-Macron leadership, namely Imran Khan and Erdogan, were nowhere to be seen, and this is what separates the willingness to confront  Radical Islamic thought process from both sides.

Every religious differences around the world are sorted out by respective representatives, using clarifications and dialogue. And they will be, if it to be let remain in hands of the sensible and not radical clerics or state-sponsored Radical Islam.

Not only Imran Khan and Erdogan fail their fan base, they fail their religion and society too.


A Middle school history teacher in a small French town decided to talk about freedom of speech to his pupils, as it is customary. It might even have taken place in the “civic education” lessons where kids are supposed to learn about the way of the state works, the values behind French culture, and how the legislative system functions.

He is beheaded.

Not because he did an action to disrespect Prophet or Islam in any way. No, he didn’t.

But because the mindset and a machinery exists, which can create a false mass hysteria, based on indoctrinated religious insecurity and a sense of suppression.

Islam denounces irresponsible behavior, things that may mislead others from the right and righteous path. That could be defended and needs clarification. However, that was a code for Muslims how to behave. For example, one can’t distort Islam and introduce it as Islam. That’s a crime, but again the judge must decide. And Judges have an agenda and a narrative.

Just a month ago a Pakistani refugee in France, stabbed a bunch of journalists, thinking that they were Charlie Hebdo staff because they were working in offices right nearby to the Charlie Hebdo Office.

Radicalization was introduced by Pakistani Military President Zia in late seventies, as a manner to unite the society. Like the Ghaznavis of yester years, when the oppressed were looted in name of religion, Pakistan Army did same to the Pakistani Population for forty years now and does that till date.

This Radical Islam version of intolerance to others is now being realized as a potent tool by Erdogan, who hides his abysmal record in governance, using restoring Islamic glory days narrative.

Imran Khan and Erdogan could have been more statesmen like, and invited discussion and put across their point of view on religious sentiments. As an Indian, Cartoon on the Prophet or any other God/Goddess/religious symbol amounting to hurting religious sentiments, need to be progressed legally, through civilized channels.

Sadly their manner of outbursts are as savage, unsavory, and uncivilized as were their role model marauders of the last 1000 years, and this is the path they are taking their respective countries on.

Due to globalization, populations outside these two hotspots of terrorism are not untouched, and France has every right to take their fellow Muslim Citizens out of the clutches of Madmen of Islam. For the sake of human values, France could be the first, to initiate the first of reforms in Islam, not for any other reason, but to salvage and rescue Islam out of the clutches of Radical Islam.

27 Oct 20/Tuesday                                                                                Written By: Fayaz