Hopping from China’s laps to Lord Rama’s Bandwagon Debauch Oli's recurrent Gaffe: Nepal's National Buffoon

It is good to be amusing, for one’s health and for others; however may not be so much, if you decide to be at helm of affairs of a country, boasting of proud legacy of the Nepalese. But old habits die hard, and one starts feeling itchy, about how his country is too small for his recurrent advertent gaffe.

Since, now considered mostly in a dismissive tone by his citizens, this gentleman decides to train his attention on his centuries-old somber brother, not realizing the spank he has invited, to befall him.

His cacophonic insistence of owning things, be it Ships (despite being a landlocked country), to second-hand toy aircrafts bought from the neighborhood’s “two timing world scrap yard dealer” (who miraculously also offered a decent bribe), has reached the limit.

Hence, now he wants to have both Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, all for himself. It is barely comprehensible how he lets other Nepalis have a bit of Nepal, and we earthlings a bit of Earth(reminds us a bit of the neighborhood scrap yard dealer, by the name Xi Jinping’s fancy with neighbor’s lands).

While in the same spirit, Oli continues to deny himself the pleasures and satisfaction of having a bit of common sense of the times and wisdom of the years of age.

China delighted with a readily available ‘Comic avatar’ of Kim Jong Un

When Oli remarked about the subtle differentiation in strains of Coronavirus, few knew that the Nepalese Prime Minister was an expert virologist. This revelation came a few days ago when he authoritatively proclaimed that the Coronavirus strain coming from India was more lethal than that of China.

While observers scratched their heads to find out, how exactly Oli got this bit of critical information, and the scientific material that he has, to have made this astounding claim, he comes up with a another record-making declaration. That the Nepali DNA is already protected from Coronavirus.

Not know to foreign media, very like his contemporary Kim Jong Un (in substance and technique as well) for his antics, he was taken seriously, albeit for moments before reality set in. Media rushed to the office of The Onion (who had announced Kim Jong Un as the “Sexiest Man Alive” for the year 2012). Onion seriously were missing an inspiration at the international stage, in form of our bright boy Oli.

Who will Gift more territories to China?

One Upmanship war with Pakistan; and Oli is racing ahead!

However, Kim Jong Un is not the only international inspiration, as Oli actively worships the leadership of Imran Khan. Pakistan is now sure of its international fan base(though still score reads 01-rest all), when they realized that they are not the only one ceding territories to China in return for bribes( though they secretly detest, how can a Politician get it directly, after all it is willed by Allah, only for Generals)

Pakistan relinquished Shaksgam Tract, an area of more than 2,700 sq mi, and Oli countered by gifting a Gurkha Village Rui along with 11 places across Nepal. But wait, Imran Khan now gifts Gilgit-Baltistan and Gwadar, with conclaves of thousands of Chinese settlers in the area. Seems Oli can’t win this one from Imran Khan.

But hey wait, Oli’s challenge was clear, when around 36 hectares of land in four districts of Nepal were gifted to China by Oli : Imran Khan dare not mess with Oli. Pakistan voluntarily dropped out of the race, once they realized about the ace up Oli’s sleeve-gifting Mt Everest to China.

 In a string of humiliating defeat of Imran Khan, with the world watching, Oli counters Pakistani traffic signposts in Mandarin, by making mandarin compulsory in Nepal. Oli is deeply impressed with the Uighur Reeducation camps in East Turkestan (Xinxiang), where the first step was making Mandarin compulsory.

Pakistan volunteering for Debt Trap by allowing empty infrastructure of CPEC : Oli counters by proudly inventing his own Debt Trap, what the locals call as Kagat Ko Rail.

Pakistan decides to welcome the cheap Chinese goods thereby sacrificing and closedown of thousands of Pakistani Factories. Imran Khan promised “Ghabrana Nahi Hai” to all those out of job

They will get to work as labourers, in Chinese Factories (using Pakistani raw material, polluting Pakistani rivers, without having to pay taxes-in lieu of non-payment of CPEC dues, however having skilled superior Chinese technical manpower and management)

But only after paying taxes: to be ensured and guided by the loving Pakistani Army.

Oli also has ensured the Lahsa-Kathmandu rail shall bring enough Cheap Chinese goods, to close down Nepali cottage industry. After all he is ridding Nepalese of the headaches of managing intricate complicated business world with simplistic option of good old manual labour in Chinese sweat shops in Xining.

While Pakistan Army’s agenda of Radical Islam driven genocide of Balochis, Pashtuns, Kashmiris, Baltistanis and minorities Hindus and Sikhs is really making Chinese president Xi Jinping delirious with carnal pleasure, people were mystified when they found  Xi Jinping doing a raunchy jig, on hearing how Oli has started prosecuting the wretched ‘threat to the world’ Tibetan souls.

In another leadership moment, with coronavirus threat, Imran Khan volunteered to sacrifice few Pakistani students in Wuhan, as show of solidarity. Was Oli to be left behind?

What is a few hundred Pakistani students to China’s cause? Oli pledged to sacrifice entire Nepalese population towards solidarity to China’s cause:

By shamelessly refusing preparations to coronavirus and declaring ‘Nepalese are inherently immune to coronavirus’ .

At behest of China, if Imran Khan can pick border disputes to keep Indian Army and keep defence forces engaged, mastermind Oli can also devise unprovoked plans to stoke up similar fire in area of Lipu Lekh.

He was livid since that couldn’t fructify, courtesy the “spanking of his life” rendered to him by the Nepal Army Chief General Purna Chandra Thapa (who incidentally is honorary ‘General of Indian Army’). But then if Gurkha Khukri is not for sale, why does Imran gets to score a point against him, and don’t we sympathize with Mr. Oli? He has a point here.

However where Oli gives Imran Khan the knockout punch, is taking Nepal down the path of Uyghurs. Already Mandarin is compulsory language, to be indoctrinated with Chinese mannerisms and culture. However the biggest aspect is, Oli’s nod to degrade Nepalese culture as a backward culture, and replacing Nepal’s cultural, religious discourse and lifestyle with that of Xi Jinping’s communism. Similar were the beginnings of Uyghur Genocide in East Turkestan (XinXiang), and here also Oli bids for Cultural massacre of Nepalese people.


Oli has been playing to Beijing’s tune over the last several months with his uncomplimentary attacks at New Delhi. Right from setting up a new boundary dispute, claiming that the SARS-Cov-2 pathogen from India is deadlier than the one in China or Italy and accusing India of trying to topple his government.

He in 2015, under orders from China created the “Blockade Controversy” and tried to placate India for the same. In a bid to owning votes, by inciting Caste and region based divisions (incidentally taught by the scrapyard dealer’s experience with his Red-leftist experiments in India), creating an artificial blockade, and using “Oli fabricated internal Madhesi- Tharu divide”, thus fulfilling scrape yard dealer’s vision of portraying India as a demon.

Though his gaffe and stupendous faux pas, have been matter of making interesting and funny conversations, they represent a deeper and sinister design against Nepal, in collusion with China. Previous Indian governments and world have been ignoring him, just taking this period as Nepal’s transitory times. However now the context is very clear, and inside voices have been standing up to him and his Chinese cronies, despite threatening and draconian environment, he has put in place.

Oli has been unceremonious in his hatred and tirade against India, while misleading Nepalese people. Now with his game plan out in open, of selling out to China and becoming not only a colony but also a vassal state of China: much worse than Pakistan, he is fumbling and making incendiary statements against India. He and China are being fought, by both Nepalese and Indian brothers (without reference of Oli created divisive malice of Big-Small brother), just the way it has been for thousands of years.


16 July 20/Thursday              Written By: Fayaz