PoK, Baluchistan, Pashtuns fight for their rights, while Mainland Pakistan is lovey eyed for its Slave Future

Thousands of people held a protest in Muzaffarabad city in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). This was in protest to the illegal construction of hydropower plants, built illegally on the Neelam and Jhelum rivers. It was alleged that Pakistan and China are violating UN Security Council resolutions by occupying the rivers.

Echo of PoK being part of Indian Union

In effect, what it signifies is the fact that the residents of PoK are reaffirming the stand of India, where in all of PoK, including Gilgit Baltistan belongs to the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a sovereign part of India.

This fact being given out by residents of PoK, as protests, prove their affirmation and willingness to be part of India, as they reject illegal occupation of Pakistan and China in  Jammu and Kashmir.

Termed as Dariya Bachao Muzaffarabad bachao,  the protests are explicitly echoing the sentiments of PoK, to join India, in its claim of sovereignty over entire state of Jammu and Kashmir, which also includes Aksai Chin.

Protest against Pakistan, in PoK is not new, and is, in fact, second of its kind in recent months.

On March 11th 2020, during 43rd session of UN human rights council in Geneva, political activist from PoK, held a protest against Pakistan alleging the oppression of indigenous people, exploitation of natural resources and sponsoring terrorism in the region.

Explicit demand for the release of all political prisoners from Gilgit Baltistan and withdrawal of disputed projects in Gilgit Baltistan was a direct challenge to Islamabad. Islamabad had no answer to the allegations of selling part of the state of Gilgit Baltistan to the Chinese and of the fact of brainwashing local youth for terrorism, which locals resent as fighting against own country.

The fact was highlighted, that despite CPEC, there has been no change, development or welfare for the locals, accept the fact that the Chinese are pouring in, settling in their land, and making conclaves which are outside reach and jurisdiction of locals.

We shall try and understand, the truth behind hype on CPEC; if at all, will it usher in some semblance of development/job opportunity for Kashmiri or even for a Pakistani.

No Plan for Development of Human Resource

Biggest fraud and lie CPEC, that has been sold to the Pakistanis, is based on rapid job opportunities and economic growth, is now out in open.

The bedrock of superlative economic upswing is laid on availability of the technical and administrative human resource. Which means, the level at which CPEC, is being played, it requires minimum 5000 top professionals every year, along with  30000 middle-level industrial skill development.

While in 2016-17, there were much celebrated CPEC Consortium of universities conclaves, which were proclaiming collaboration on education. There was Jubilant celebration, how the fourth industrial revolution shall pave way for economic growth.

For the next 3 years, sons of prominent generals and politicians went to study to China, while the numbers were not more than 100, grossly eclipsing requirement foreseen. Sons of generals have been taken as presidents off front end companies, to hide the major Chinese economic players.

By December 2019, the establishment of universities and centre for technical education were removed from all official conversations, a convenient step down from the grandiose dreams,  to E-learning in Vogue. The Sham is now in the open where in human resource development at every level has been shelved and Pakistan, for CPEC is only expected to provide manual labour, like in sweatshops and if you’re lucky, on daily wages.

 Hazardous industries relocation

“Cancer villages” to be shifted to Pakistan

By 2016, China was the world’s largest source of carbon emissions. The air quality fell below lowest international standards and life expectancy north of Huai River, was below 5.5 years than the national level.

In January 2013, chemical accident leak benzene, a known  Carcinogen into Hauangpu river.

By 2018 more than half of China surface water is so polluted that it cannot be treated to make it drinkable.

Water has been a source of diseases for a generation in regions fed by a tributary of China’s heavily polluted Yangtze River, which has been pockmarked with notorious “cancer villages”.

Illegal discharge of chromium contaminated waste, which the locals alleged was to be stopped, was ignored in favour of rapid profit-making by the Luliang Chemical Industry, which is owned by a prominent member of the communist party of China(CPC).

In the last 4 years, China has systematically shifted the pesticide industry to outer Mongolia, to remove the risk of polluting mainland China. While China is kept safe the Mongolians are now subjected to risk.

Similar Turkestan Uyghur regions have seen the establishment of sweatshops and chemical industries. In the name of re-education Uyghurs are being put to risk, while the chemical industries are being relocated to these non-mainland China.

To keep mainland China safe, CPC has plans to have all major polluting industries in Pakistan, all along the CPEC route, and pollute and destroy the Indus river basin.

If they don’t care for Uyghurs, Mongolians why should Pakistanis come to matter.

Mineral Loot in lieu of Non Payment of Loans

Baluchistan, FATA and Khyber Pakhtunwa Sold to China

With relationships souring with traditional mineral and raw material exporter Australia, China is very less bothered. This is because it has struck goldmine in the same minerals and raw materials, with a negligible cost to pay, in lieu of debt trap.

Balochistan, FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provinces are the richest in mineral resources, which host deposits of antimony, arsenic, polymetallic sulphides, radioactive minerals, scheelite, graphite, asbestos, chromite, serpentine, magnesite, lead-zinc, hydrocarbons and gemstones along with platinum group of minerals.

Pakistan’s foreign currency reserves and foreign capital flows are falling, making it increasing likely that Pakistan will seek to reschedule its debt to China. Definitely, by swapping debt with equity, which in essence will hand over CPEC to Beijing.

That’s the same model China applied in rescheduling Sri Lanka’s debt, turning the country’s Hambantota port officially into China’s own port, for 99 years(which gives China Merchants Ports Holdings, an arm of the Chinese government rights to the Port).

As was the case with CPEC, the Hambantota port expansion began with loans from China. But when Shri Lanka could not pay back the loans, Beijing converted these loans to equity, in essence turning Sri Lanka into a “semi-colony,” in a subtle way.

China’s brilliant plan, in lieu of non-payment of CPEC loan, is to acquire the right to mine all these areas, with labour available from the locals. Locals will be kept in control by the authority of the Pakistan army and systematic conversion to communism.


It is evident that Pakistan does not expect it’s manpower to be employed for any role other than labour class. Hence there has been no systematic up-gradation of educational and HRD infrastructure in Pakistan.

Pakistan Army has been using deadly force in Baluchistan and Pashtun areas, to ensure subjugated population, who will not interfere in mining and loot of mineral wealth in years to come.

PoK is now being prepped to be handed over to China, to ensure correct regulated supply of water resource, to Chinese hazardous chemical and polluting industries all along the CPEC route. PoK will be nothing but an avenue to harvest the water requirements of the Chinese Colony – “Pakistan Autonomous Industrial Zone”.

While PoK residents, Kashmiris, Gilgit-Baltistanis, Balochis and Pashtuns are fighting for their rights, against the oppression of Pakistan Army and sell out to China, local Pakistani are blissfully kept ignorant of the Slavery they are walking into.

Common man Pakistani is kept embroiled in Radical Islam, infightings, religious factionalism and hatred against India (as fraud Prophet’s call for Ghazwa-e Hind). What they fail to realise that they are slowly being drafted into slavery, by their own elite Pakistan Army masters, for generations to come.

While India stands firm, for the liberation of PoK and Baluchistan from Chinese, the US is standing firm for refusing to let Pashtuns and Afghanistan to fall into trap of China. It is time for common Pakistani, to realise the quickly shifting sand from below their feet. And it was never India but the dragon who has designs for their land, using its successful policy of keeping powerful, in their pockets; here the Pakistan Army.

12 Jul 20/Sunday                  Written By: Fayaz