Pakistan’s Terror Quad Rugby in South Asia

UNSC report indicts Al Qaeda-Taliban Nexus: Pawns of Pakistan Army

A report was released on June 02, by the Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team to the UN Security Council on Afghanistan, and it had some startling revelations on how Taliban is in close collusion for its terror activities, with the Al Qaeda.

It is a known fact, that post-Afghanistan dismantling of Taliban, Al Qaeda has been handled by the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) wing of the Pakistan Army. After initial cadre reshuffling to Taliban, Pakistan had redistributed cadres to Islamic State of Khorasan Province(ISKP) by 2018. This was once ISI was successful in penetrating and disintegrating the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan(TTP), and drafting it as its Proxy.

We shall pursue here how this has all been made possible, where we now look at Taliban, ISKP, TTP, and Al Qaeda have been most sinisterly put together by the Pakistan Army, to serve its interests and that of Xi Jinping. 

Pakistan Army’s ISI and Al Qaeda

Made to Buddy Up with Lashkar e-Tayeba (LeT)

Post US dismantling of Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan, LeT assumed a different role under directions of the Pakistani Army and ISI, changed its name to Jamaat-ud-Dawa to escape the consequences of the order banning it, issued by Musharraf on January 15, 2002.

It continues to be referred as LET. Since the beginning of this year (2003), it was prepped and tasked to perform the role previously played by Al Qaeda as the co-ordinator of pro bin Laden networks all over the world, as the supplier of funds to the networks in different countries and particularly in South East Asia and of suicide volunteers, arms and ammunition and explosives to the surviving Al Qaeda operatives in Pakistan, etc.

With explicit instructions from Pakistan Army, assisted by previous ISI chief, Gen Hamid Gul, it has reportedly re-organised its structure on the pattern of Al Qaeda and has vastly expanded its activities to the business field in order to augment its sources of income. napping up properties across Pakistan. Sources claim that real estate purchases by the JuD amount to about Rs.300 million. “It has reportedly bought four plots of land in Hyderabad division (of Sindh) and six others in various Sindh districts. The total price tag is about Rs.200 million with purchases in Lahore have cost it Rs.100 million.”

Hence Al Qaeda was amalgamated into LeT, by the Pakistan Army, as a master stroke. 

It helped them to gain trained and motivated cadres, to reach to not only in India but to South East Asia and Chehnya.

Interestingly, in July 2019, Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri, who took over the reins of al Qaeda after the death of Osama bin Laden, said, “I am of the view that the Mujahidin (armed terrorists) in Kashmir, at this stage at least-, should focus with single mind on inflicting unrelenting blows on the Indian Army and government so as to bleed the Indian economy and make India suffer sustained losses in manpower and equipment.”

While the LET’s headquarters in Pakistan co-ordinate its activities in North India, including J&K, the Central Asian Republics (CARs) and Russia (Chechnya and Dagestan), its headquarters in Saudi Arabia coordinate its activities in Mumbai and South India, the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka and in the countries of S. E.Asia( Since 2001, there have been a number of arrests of LET cadres in Mumbai and South India, who reportedly claimed to have been trained, funded and directed by the LET set-up in Saudi Arabia and not directly by the LET headquarters in Pakistan).

This shall prove to be the bedrock of relationship that shall mushroom fifteen years later, with arrival of ISIS.

ISKP brought to Afghanistan by the Pakistan Army

On Apr 4, Afghan forces capture top ISKP commander Munib Mohammad, a native of Pakistan. Immediately Pakistan Army asked to turn him over for prosecution in Pakistan. Smelling a rat here, Afghanistan’s probe revealed that he was the link between ISKP and Pakistan Army’s ISI.

This was what Indian had been claiming since long, of the intricate link between Pakistan Army and the ISKP and the collusion of proxies in Kashmir, in form of Waliya al-Hind. 

This was revealed in capture of an aide of Munib Mohammad, a 55-year-old Ali Mohammed.

In the early rounds of his questioning, he identified himself as Ali Mohammed from Islamabad. And it was taken at its face value.

By corroboration of counter-terror files in Delhi and Kabul, it was later discovered that the April 4 raid had also netted one Aijaz Ahmad Ahangar, the 55-year-old chief recruiter of the Islamic State Jammu & Kashmir(ISJK)/Waliya al-Hind. He was arrested in late nineties for terrorism support in Kashmir, and upon release, was taken underwings of LeT. ISI got him married in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(PoK) and drafted him to become a link between LeT and the ISIS(later ISKP).

Fielding ISKP and Al Qaeda Experiment in Kashmir

Before unleashing in Afghanistan and South East Asia

Zakir Musa took over as Hizb ul-Mujahidin (HM) commander after elimination of Burhan Wani by Indian Security Forces. With gaining popularity of Burhan Wani wave, Pakistan Army decided to launch a new model of terrorism, the wave of Al Qaeda. That was to provide new color and fresh enthusiasm to died down HM-LeT driven Terrorism in the Kashmir Valley.

Zakir Musa replaced Kashmiri Struggle for Independence with Sharia, and in an ISI created twist, called for beheading of Hurriyat. Pakistan Army’s staged drama continued and he proclaimed formation of Ansar Ghazwat ul-Hind(AGH), with allegiance to Al Qaeda in Indian State(AQIS).

It was well known that Pakistan Army’s ISIS-controlled and managed all assets of Al Qaeda, hence was not surprising.

Pakistan Army tried to project AGH and ISKP’S Waliyat al-Hind as separate, however in 2018 after elimination of terrorist Abdul Hameed Lakhani and subsequent tightening of the noose by Indian Security Forces in Kashmir Valley on terrorists, AGH and ISKP were told to launch operations together, which was revealed in terror attacks in Shopian and Bijbehara.

This experiment of the Pakistan Army, to field Al Qaeda and ISKP failed, mostly due to relentless operations by the Indian Army in Kashmir Valley. However, this did not deter them to continue with it in Afghanistan and the rest of South East Asia, including Sri Lankan bombings and in Malaysia.


ISI’s grand plan to Manage Al-Qaeda and ISKP for its Benefits

A prominent media house had “The international community is yet to take serious notice of the emergence of the LET as a co-ordinator of the activities, to make up for the organisational disabilities of Al Qaeda. Next to Pakistan, where the headquarters of the LET are located (in Muridke, near Lahore, coordinated and handled by the Pakistani Army’s ISI), the second most important infrastructure of the LET is in Saudi Arabia.

Above very well implies, what was the relationship of Al Qaeda with Pakistan Army. Since the last decade, Pakistan Army has owned assets of Al Qaeda, sources claiming, the next chief Al Zawahiri was a puppet in hands of the Pakistanis.

After amalgamating Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in ISPK in 2016 and claiming those assets, Pakistan Army has been trying to supply them to fight Americans in Afghanistan (filling up ranks of Taliban), Iraq and systematically diverting them to support the Radical Islam theme to the South East Asian countries, majorly India.

It is known that Al Qaeda was supporting the terrorist Zakir Musa, declaring faith to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) Province, in Kashmir, and to ally with or give allegiance to ISIL and wage Jihad in Kashmir against the Indian state.

UNSC report gives the facts of the collusion of Al Qaeda and the Taliban. We know how Pakistan Army intricately controls both Al Qaeda and ISKP. Is that to give us an idea of Pakistan Army’s plan to use the old link between Taliban and Al Qaeda to continue to gain affiliation with Taliban in Afghanistan.

Presently China shall want US to stay in Afghanistan as much, so that US cannot deploy forces in South China Seas.

Pakistan was unhappy with India’s inclusion in the peace process, fearing India’s role in fostering Afghanistan Government-Taliban co-existence, which Pakistan fears.

Is Pakistan playing Al Qaeda and ISKP across to Taliban, to ensure US-Taliban peace process does not come through, so that US is kept engaged and not commit resources in South China Seas, at the behest of China?

06 June 20/Saturday                                                                                                        Written By: Fayaz