Taliban and Pakistan Army Persist with Terror Campaign

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Covid-19 outbreak has not deterred Pakistan Army and its terrorists, from making incessant infiltration attempts, while ceasefire violations by the former on the LoC, continue amidst the global pandemic that has hit both India and Pakistan severely.

Similarly, Taliban has turned down calls for a cease-fire in Afghanistan, during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, considering the COVID-19 threat to Afghani People. The Afghan government and others, had hoped to enable health officials to better respond to the “common threat” of the coronavirus pandemic.

Megalomaniac Framework of a pseudo-Professional Force

Pakistan Army a Militia?

Around 5 pm on April 12, at least 13 artillery shells landed on Chowikbal and the neighboring villages of Tumina and Hachmarg of Kupwara district. According to an Indian Army statement, it was an “unprovoked ceasefire violation” by the Pakistan Army.

“Pakistan is now targeting the civilian population in Kupwara sector near the Line of Control resulting in the killing of three innocent civilians including one woman and a child,” said Rajesh Kalia, the army spokesperson in Srinagar. It is widely believed, that this is a payback, that Pakistan Army is wishing to hand out to Kashmiris, by not protesting against administration since lockdown of last August. Residents claim, it is a similar manner of revenge, as was the systematic killings of  Bengali Muslims of East Pakistani in 1970-71.

More than that, what ensued was a total disregard to careful social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “When the shelling happened, the lockdown vanished into thin air,” said a farmer. “Everybody huddled together in huddles. Cars with a capacity for 5 people squeezed in seven or eight people in order to escape the village.”

Pakistan Army knowing outcome this very well, had decided to go ahead with shelling civilians,  probably in a twisted bid to spread Coronavirus in the State, other than the increased bid in pushing terrorists across to cause bloodshed in Kashmir. Does it reminds of the ruthless, inhuman attitude of Tabhligi Jamaat members. This is not religion, this is a madman’s cogitation.

Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane reacted over the continued violation of ceasefire by Pakistan. The Army Chief said that while whole world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, on the other hand, Pakistan is only exporting terror. “While we are busy not only helping our own citizens but the rest of the world by sending medical teams and exporting medicines, on the other hand, Pakistan is only exporting terror”.

Taliban puppet mastered by Pakistan Army

Since March, the Taliban begin conducting awareness campaigns in controlled provinces of Afghanistan. “They are asking people to use masks and gloves, talking about washing hands with soap, those kinds of things,” a villager told the media, in a phone call from his village in the Taliban-controlled Darzaab district. “They have cancelled all public gatherings, weddings and have asked people to pray at home instead of the mosques,” he added.

Incredible and very much less Taliban like. Very much humanistic, finally. As surreal as it was for many Afghans, the Taliban’s initiative was acknowledged by the Ministry of Public Health.

“We noticed photos circulating on social media that show the Taliban’s campaign, and regardless of their intention, we appreciate the cooperation from anyone or any group that supports the fight against coronavirus,” Wahidullah Mayar, an adviser to the Ministry of Public Health, Afghanistan Government said.

However, come three weeks ahead, the seemingly altruistic streak gets turned into “all prayers to continue in mosques, and radical Islam to continue proliferation” and resumption of terrorist actions in Afghanistan, and is a just reminiscent of the premise which is currently being pursued by Pakistan Army in Pakistan. We are aware of the tailspin, that Pakistan health care system is in regarding Coronavirus, with unrecorded multitudes of deaths, patients turned away from hospitals, and hence unreported illness.

It is understandable; as in the case of Islamic State of Khorasan Providence (ISPK), which is wholly owned and directed by Pakistan Army, there is a Teutonic leverage that latter bears upon Taliban too.

And why not, Pakistan Army had been the godfather of Taliban since the eighties, and imposed the theological identity, based on their farce and twisted version of Islam. The one, that enables Pakistan Army to hide behind real issues of governance and societal identity. That is apart the fact that, this vile version of Islam has fragmented and mauled the Pakistani society, seemingly beyond reprieve.

Pakistan Army’s Decades old Push towards Jihadi Islam

Quran addresses fighting, permitting Muslims to fight in self-defence. The permission given in Koran 22:40-41 to fight was only given to “those against whom war is waged”, implying someone attacking one’s land. That’s so logical and expected of any nation, irrespective of religion.

Additionally, Koran 2:193-194 declares that Muslims may only fight active combatants. Meaning, even if during battle an enemy combatant asks for amnesty, you must grant it. In Islam, there’s no such thing as “collateral damage,” mutilation, or torture.

Is this fact wasted upon Pakistani religious Islamic Scholars, Imams, mullahs and terrorist organizations, even while it is understandable, why the Pakistan Army needs to push its agenda somehow? They are very well aware of this, however the sense of Power that comes with twisting it, is too lucrative to be let go of.

Way around Koran teachings? Answer is The Hadith!

Prophet Mohammed died in 632 CE, and the now famous collection of hadiths by Sahih Bukhari was written in 846 CE.

846 – 632 = 214 years after demise of the Prophet.

The hadith are false because they were constituted by rulers, who wanted to consolidate power. So they made hadith up. Often, rulers would encourage false hadith to justify their power. Imagine you want to do something and people won’t support you, as the actions are morally and logically despicable. So you fabricate a hadith, claiming the prophet prophesies that. Now people will follow for any and every inhuman misdeeds.

That is exactly what Pakistan decided to encash upon, since late seventies.

In 1977, when General Zia-ul Haq took power: the influence of the Jamaat-i Islami was propelled to the highest spheres of the state, although the General himself never publically accepted to be member of the party. Politicization was firstly a consequence of the development of the madrasa networks.

Immediately after the communist coup in Afghanistan in 1978), the Pakistan Army’s propelled Jamaat and both played a big role in determining the Government’s policy towards Afghanistan. The radical Islamist tendencies of both was displayed in insistence of having new leader or amir, as Myan Tufayl (appointed 1972), assisted by a religious Qazi Husseyn Ahmed (who was to become his successor in 1987). Husseyn Ahmad kept close personal connections with the Afghan Islamist parties who were kept in fray by Pakistani Army and the Jamaat, while in exile in Peshawar. The idea was to channel the incoming US and Arab support to the Islamist parties of the Afghan resistance and particularly the Hizb-i Islami of Hekmatyar.

Fostering of Radical Islam of Afghanistan, while in exile in Pakistan, needless to say, resulted in islamization of land of Pakistan itself, gradually. Jamaat and Deobandi modules were nurtured, encouraged, and given powers in regions. The uncontrollable chain of folly could not be controlled by the Pakistan Army. To make matters worse, by the 90s, the same heinous mullah network instead of being stripped down, was promoted to fuel terrorism in Kashmir.

Now we are at the crossroads, that we witness a frail sectarian failed state Pakistan, exporting Markaz-Deobandi-ISKP theology to the whole of southeast Asia. Jihadi training, planning, and execution of Terrorist killings are being done explicitly by Pakistan Army on both east and west borders, while it has forgone the fate of its population’s wellbeing, to this madness.


Interestingly, The Zia regime encouraged the development of the madrasa by granting official recognition of their diplomas, which allowed their graduates to enter government service. Thus radical islamization permeated the social fabric, and sadly fake and fabricated lies became part of minds of people. Hence a nation, collective of humanity of that nation and human lives do not take precedence over a concocted form of religion, to further somebody else’s agenda.

What was concocted lies, became the belief system for Government policymakers and for many a common Pakistani citizen. Hence, when there is a call to maintain social distancing, instead prayers take precedence, while public safety takes a beating. Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Shias, and Ahamddiyas are openly discriminated against, during this struggle of humanity, very contrary to teachings of Islam. If this a reality now in Pakistan society is difficult to tell, however, given the thronging of Muslim citizens to mosques and uncontrolled religious congregations, this madness definitely has a subscriber base.

While above may spare few sane, level headed Pakistanis, the Pakistan Army, fostered religious madrassas based groups and its terrorist organizations are the driven zealots, devoid of compassion and humanity, the rest of the world is displaying at present. Who else has not joined the single-minded effort to fight off the coronavirus pandemic.

With exception of another currently belligerent nation, China!

It’s a pertinent question now, is Pakistani endeavour to push in Terrorists in Kashmir, as well as Chinese aggressive militarization in South China Seas and threatening Taiwan thus, a much of muchness in the tunes of lunacy, defying the sacred universal bond of humanity and brotherhood?

01 May 20/Friday                                                                                         Written By: Fayaz