Pakistan finds US missiles sale to India disturbing

Whereas its Terrorism and Radical activities are Business as Usual

The US State Department notified Congress of its moving ahead to sell Harpoon air-launched anti-ship missiles and Mark 54 lightweight torpedoes worth $155 million to India, to enhance its deterrent capabilities against regional threats and to bolster its homeland defence.

With President Donald Trump’s visit to India recently and subsequent agreements on Defence cooperation, especially in the view of establishment of Indo Pacific, this was one of the many defence deals including a Missile defence system, the Integrated Air Defence Weapon System (IADWS) worth $ 1.86 billion, which are to be inducted as part of Indo US  defence cooperation.

It is very understandable that Pakistan, on behalf of China and its interests  in the Indian Ocean, find themselves up against a formidable  Indo Pacific, however, what was bizarre,  was the blatant manner  in which it was bespoken.

“The sale of such missile systems, along with technical assistance and logistic support at the time when there is a global effort to fight the pandemic is particularly disturbing. This will destabilise the already volatile situation in South Asia,” Pakistan Foreign Office spokesperson Aisha Farooqui said.

This is while  Pakistan has been increasingly violating the ceasefire agreement with India and interfering in its internal affairs, even as the focus of the world is to fight coronavirus pandemic.  Despite being a  global fight, for survival of mankind,  Pakistan has been found to be prioritizing terrorism in Kashmir,   fermenting ISI-paid Tablighi Strife in India to formalize brainwashing of Indian Muslims, in a bid to sow communal discord,  court ISPK terrorists in Afghanistan and appease the Chinese at the cost of their own citizens.

Pakistan: a Nation devoid of Character

 While the Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc globally,  Pakistan has been up to its familiar,  however inconsequential and incomprehensible tactics of terrorism. In March, Minister of State for Defence Shripad Naik told Parliament, that Pakistan violated the ceasefire at least 646 times between January 1 and February 23. Subsequently, It had upped the intensity,  as subsequent weeks saw, that it fired small arms and mortar shells along the LoC in Poonch district, Sunderbani Nowshera sector and despite the wake of international emergency on coronavirus,  tried to infiltrate terrorists.

Subsequently, Indian Army retaliated “effectively and strongly” to the ceasefire violation in Keran sector in Kupwara district, with precision targeting of gun areas, terrorist launchpads and ammunition dump across the LoC, with reports of heavy damage on the enemy side,” defence spokesperson revealed.

However it is for all to see, how positioned, Pakistan sees itself in the juggernaut of the Global spirit of defeating the deadly virus.  Nowhere about!

ISI’s Tablighi Rendition

Tablighi Jamaat, the global organisation of Islamic Puranitic version of Islam,   has a long history of courtship by the Pakistani Army‘s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Pakistan supported-based banned terror outfits like Harkat-ul-Mujahideen (HuM).

ISI has been found to be intricately involved in providing logistic as well as superintending support, putting together riots using quasi-mercenary connivance of rohingyas, ISKP as well as Popular Front of India(PFI) affiliates and providing a preposterous Radical Islam narrative( it can be well believed, that Pakistan is similarly exporting its nefarious agenda of Radical Islam in the rest of South-East Asia).

Now, amidst Coronavirus Pandemic, it has been found that ISI has again, in the name of Radical Islam, has gone out of its way to prove to be inhumanly detrimental to Muslim community. ISI fully knows, that the criminal act of spreading Coronavirus, using Tablighi jamaat meeting as a religious congregation in falsehood of radical Islam,  shall result in 90% casualties of Indian Muslims themselves.  Is it a  ploy to inflict casualties on Indian Muslims and showcase it as apathy of Indian state towards its own Muslims,   though this looks like taking it to an illogical extreme, however since when has Pakistan been found to be sane enough.

China-Iran-Russia-North Korea

Military Posturing in the shadows of Epidemic

China is implementing the largest military build-up the world has seen, since the end of World War II, by militarizing the South China Sea via a chain of reclaimed reefs that now host runways, ship berths, and military facilities. As far as Taiwan straits are concerned, China has an arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as anti-ship missiles, that easily outrange those on US Navy warships.

With coronavirus creating unprecedented upheaval in the US, it is widely speculated that China may take it as the opportunity to land on Taiwanese shores. Despite Clinton’s 1996 order of keeping two US Navy carrier battle force in the region, Chinese superiority is in terms of it positioning as a Chinese anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD) force close to its mainland, as tactics of swarming enemy force with anti-ship missile firepower from the smaller crafts, here PLA Navy(PLAN) holds an advantage(given PLA Navy is in excess of over sixty Frigates and Eighty fast attack crafts viz the US Navy).

In second week of April, Russian military had tested a missile capable of “destroying” U.S. satellites in low Earth orbit. Not long afterward, 11 Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) gunboats “conducted dangerous and harassing” actions against six American warships operating in the Persian Gulf. North Korea has blasted off a wide range of missiles in recent weeks, and China has announced military bases in the East China Sea, as well as allegedly aggressive posturing by penetrating Taiwan airspace, ran military exercises across the Taiwan Strait, and damaged a Taiwanese Coast Guard vessel during harassment by a Chinese speedboat, forcing Taiwan to announce initiation of actions to resist Chinese land invasion.

Indo Pacific Posturing

While China may have an advantage of securing Taiwan near its shores, it knows in long term it jugular veins the Straits of Hormuz, off the coast of Saudi Arabia, as well as straits of Malacca, off the Malaysian waters, will be denied access for next two decades.

Despite Coronavirus affecting America, the US has been quick to adapt and give a recoil in the region, as an indication of its resolve. On April 8, the U.S. Air Force scrambled F-22 fighter jets to intercept two Russian IL-38 submarine-hunting above the Bering Sea just 50 miles off Alaska. North American Aerospace Defense Command General Terrence O’Shaughnessy said “COVID-19 or not, NORAD continues actively watching for threats”.

Similarly the Carrier battle force of the Eisenhower and the Truman are in the Persian Gulf off the Straits of Hormuz, a sign of American resolve, while joining the Roosevelt in the western Pacific is the Ronald Reagan, which is based out of Yokosuka, Japan. Though China’s sole aircraft carrier Liaoning has been conducting manoeuvres in the Yellow Seas, it knows this can’t deter the US Navy to stonewall the Chinese mainland, to even breakout from the Philippine Sea, Russia or no Russia in the region.

India’s Flex in the Indian Ocean

Made formidable with P8i Neptune airborne anti-submarine and anti-ship weapon Platform

China’s Type 001A, the Shandong aircraft carrier, has been long touted to be projecting in the Indian Ocean. However it is unproven due to the fuelling dilemma, in case of blocking of the Philippine Seas and the Straits of Malacca, as well as unproven and limited capability of J-15 aircrafts that it carries.

This is where the P8i Poseidon aka Neptune (with upgraded radar assembly from Griffin) plays a cameo. Presently, only challenged by the P3 Orion available with Pakistan Navy, with the recent delivery of torpedo platforms, the latter is outclassed, rendering it no challenge in the region, off the west coast of India.

With refuelling, P8 i Neptune of Indian Navy shall threaten the only available Chinese energy supply route via Gwadar Port, in case of hostilities, as well as denial of the Straits of Malacca and even the future touted Chinese circumvention of Straits of Malacca using the Kyaukpyu port in Myanmar (Australia, Malaysia, and Indonesia also has the same weapon platform for similar purpose).


Pakistan for long, has been tied down by this airborne weapon platform system P8i Neptune, since its induction in 2013. This is evident in its purchase of the dubious Zargana torpedo countermeasures system from ASELSAN Turkey (similar to India’s Maareech Advanced Torpedo Defence System (ATDS) and some impotent psychological aspects of safety thrown in), which also is rendered futile and ineffective given the P8i assembly of weapon platforms.

With India receiving a batch of another five, for its western naval operations, Pakistan as well as China finds themselves tied down, when the same is projected in conjunction with the two US carrier based battle fleet of the Straits of Hormuz. While straits of Malacca have been long cordoned off by the P8i squadron in Andaman Islands, Chinese navy and supply lines have been sandwiched between the two straits.

While China may have, for a brief moment of time, thought of using the Pandemic as an strategic opportunity to pounce on Taiwan, it by now, understands that it has not got the eagle by the scruff of its neck. US Navy has been on the move, after the USS Theodore Roosevelt debacle, and while US Navy has presently no answer to PLA Navy’s swarm warfare in the South China Sea, US Navy is fully capable of placing the noose around China’s neck, for next twenty years, rendering it virtually a landlocked nation.

This helplessness has been voiced by Pakistan, mostly on behalf of China, while paradoxically indulging in Terrorism and fostering Radical Islamic terror on Indian Muslims. This is no less baffling than the Chinese bid, to militarize the South China Sea and Taiwan straits, while the US and the world has been grappling with global pandemic fight.

It is only clear that both China and its crony Pakistan, have used these testing times of human race, as an opportunity to gain tactical (in no manner strategic or long term) advantages, however it is a glaring fact that, at stake are the numerous fatalities and wilful sacrifice of Chinese populations and Muslims. Is the world to understand, human life of even their own people does not count and stand in the way of Chinese and Pakistani dreams of misplaced grandeur and world domination?

This in a first, showcases a Jihadist mentality of the Chinese, and makes us wonder, does the sort of company China keeps, counts?

This forever dents the communist ideological driven Chinese bid, to be counted as a great civilization, which it had all the ability to be, and to be counted alongside the murderous short-lived barbarian rules in history like hordes of Mongol-Turkik tribes. All this while Pakistan shall continue on its path of self destruction.

19 Apr 20/Sunday                                                                                       Written By: Fayaz