Wuhan Apathy: A Pathetic Pakistan yet Again

Pakistan’s government has decided not to evacuate its citizens from the coronavirus hit Wuhan city to show “solidarity” with its all-weather ally, a Pakistani government official announced last week as news came in of four Pakistani nationals, who have contracted the deadly disease in China. There were up to 800 Pakistanis studying in various universities in Wuhan, a city of 11 million people that has been quarantined by the Chinese authorities in an effort to stem the spread of the deadly virus that has killed over 300 people and infected nearly 8,000 others.

Pakistan’s decision not to evacuate its people from Wuhan did not mean that it didn’t care about them, a Pakistani spokesperson says. He said Pakistan’s embassy in China was in contact with the Pakistani citizens. He said that the government believes that China’s policies to contain the virus were adequate. “Government cares about its citizens just as much as their own families. But we don’t want to take an emotional decision and become a reason for the spread of this disease,” he said.

However, many worried Pakistani students in Wuhan have complained that they are not being taken care of by the Chinese authorities and demanded immediate evacuation.

What’s the appreciative context which Pakistan possesses, which no other country has in the world.

We know Pakistani Political-Military nexus can put their personal monetary gains ahead of the National Interest, justice, Religion, common sense as well as their own people.

Going with the above logic, and the previous precedence in this regard, Pakistan is ready to send another Thousand few to Wuhan, to bear solidarity with China. However illogical it may seem, the Pakistan we have come to know of, very well can.  We shall explore that now.

Historical Apathy of Military regimes of Pakistan

“…… we were told to kill the Hindus and Kafirs (non-believer in God). One day in June 1971, we cordoned a village and were ordered to kill the Kafirs in that area. We found all the village women reciting from the Holy Quran, and the men holding special congregational prayers seeking God’s mercy. But they were unlucky. Our commanding officer ordered us not to waste any time, these are the orders from above.” – Confession of a Pakistani Soldier

After occupying the territory in East Pakistan during the 1971 war, East Pakistan during the 1971 Indian armed forces were shocked by the presence of inappropriately dressed Bangladeshi women and girls, some pregnant, such was the state inspired propaganda towards their own people.

Nearly 1,600 dead bodies of political activists and suspected armed separatists have been found in Pakistan’s restive Balochistan province over the past six years- According to an independent news agency.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons (VBMP) says it has recorded 1,800 cases of dumped bodies and there are many more it has not been able to document.

Nasrullah Baloch, the head of VBMP, told the BBC most of the bodies “are of those activists who have been victims of ‘enforced disappearances’, people who are picked up by authorities and then just go missing.”

Human Rights violations are the extreme end of the spectrum, while for Pakistan butchering and terrorizing own people is a norm. This has been seen in cases of Sindhis, Baluchis, Pashtuns,

Kashmiris of the Occupied territory. In case of latter, half was gifted away to Chinese, way back, and balance of the Occupied Kashmir has now been served on platter, in CPEC.

Hence National identity has never been a holdback in Pakistan’s sinister designs against its own people, which has been self-defeating journey. Wuhan apathy just highlight

ViewPoint: At the Dragon’s Feet

While Four Pakistani students studying in the Chinese city of Wuhan have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, Pakistan is in no hurry to take a lead in the safety of its own citizens.

PPP Senator Raza Rabbani deemed measures taken by the government as “insufficient” and demanded that Pakistanis stranded in China be brought back in a special plane.

He said that a parliamentary committee should be formed to review the measures taken by the federal government to deal with the situation.

The former Senate chairperson said that the government had failed in sharing information with the families of citizens stranded in China.

The reason for this is the fact that China has been covering up the issue since October last year, and is being termed as irresponsible by all. To refute this claim, China is using the Crony support to counter such facts. For that, it needs the support of countries.

Who better than the gullible Pakistanis, after all, right from Imran Khan till Bajwa, everyone sings to its tunes. Why won’t they, China is the architect of their personal wealth, to stack up in various accounts outside.

Hence the way Baluchis, Pashtuns, Kashmiris are all up for sale, now the era of the whole of Pakistan is to be at the disposal of the Chinese. This is the classic example of Colonialism that Pakistan has willingly chosen, chosen for by its Mullah-Military Rulers.

03 Feb 20/Monday                                                                     Written By: Fayaz