Imran-Trump Meet Davos bonhomie of the Fool and the Hardy

Interesting headlines on Imran Trump meet, as per the official statement, the two discussed ‘issues of mutual interest, regional security, Kashmir issue, and the Afghan peace process’ during the meeting. Imran these days, can’t even suckle up a lollypop without word Kashmir inscribed on it, seems like that.

While Trump knows better than that, what is Imran Khan’s game, or is there any. Does seems like, it is not any other than flogging a dead donkey.

Recent Developments

Khan had accepted Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s invitation to the summit which was held from December 18 – 21 but pulled out of it at the eleventh hour reportedly due to Saudi pressure. The emerging Triangle of Malaysia-Turkey -Pakistan was quashed at its bud.

A Turkish newspaper quoted Erdogan as saying that “Pakistan was pressured to stay away from the summit in which leaders of Malaysia, Turkey, Iran, and Qatar participated”. Saudi Arabia, however, dismissed the Turkish newspaper’s claim as “baseless” and insisted that its relationship with Pakistan was beyond the realm of threats.

This was followed by the routine troupe parade of Bajwa calling on Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan, who is the Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces as well as Foreign Minister Qureshi also visited Saudi Arabia and met  Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal Bin Farhan Al Saud.

Shows how much Pakistan is driven by the old age allegiance. This was also an indicator of the impending Trump-Iran squabble, over Iran’s reaching a bit too far out in the Middle East, riding on the maverick Soleimani.

It was a clear indication of the shift in Trump-Saudi policy towards the Middle East, from bystanders to active participants, once again.

Once again Pakistan was to be kept ready, to don the American-Saudi leash, and that is what is now on the anvil.

Undercurrents and message from Saudi Arabia and Trump

It’s obvious that Trump’s effort to build an Arab alliance to isolate Iran, along with Saudi Arabia, has an earmarked role for Pakistan to play. This is given a remote control that  Pakistani ISI has, on the terrorism in Afghanistan, where Soleimani’s and Iran’s Quds force is actively engaged in fermenting trouble with Taliban, albeit to bear distraught on to Americans troops.

Pakistan knows it can’t be neutral between Iran and Saudi conflict. Hence in a DW news interview recently, Imran openly calls Iran as a neighbor and Saudi Arabia as a friend. This underlines an important fact that Pakistan can never be a discreet neighbor with Iran.

Iran is divergent to present Pakistani army-mullah driven theme of governance, while the geo-economic rivalry shall forever exist. Hence now Pakistan has chosen sides, and it is not Iran.

While Trump-Imran meeting in Davos, made headlines as “We will discuss the situation in Kashmir,” said by Trump. However, no official press release to that effect was made. Another popsicle for Imran to feed his delusionary Public.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) meet on Kashmir

While A prominent Pakistani newspaper had reported, that Saudi Arabia has conveyed to Pakistan that it was planning to convene a meeting of foreign ministers of members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to discuss the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, at foreign minister level, in end December 2019.

This was later found to be false. In what seems to be a diplomatic achievement for India, very soon the OIC downgraded the level of participation for the meeting from ministers level that could take place to discuss the issue of Kashmir, that too not in Saudi Arabia, but at an extraneous venue.

This watered-down meeting shall have no effect, but for Imran to build some sort of legitimacy to show to the domestic audience. Lollypop Number Two, which Imran shall have to suckle on.

Monetary bailouts shall follow, which is the only concession Saudis have agreed to give, however a little later, to appear inconspicuous.


All in all, this has been a cover-up by Imran, to a clear message by both Trump and Saudis, to stop clamor on Kashmir. This validates Kashmir as an integral part of India, while “taking back Pakistan Occupied Kashmir(PoK)” line from India, has been acknowledged by the world. Mind you, not even a sneer from anyone, except Pakistan’s rogue back alley boys Malaysia and Turkey. This is evident in recent press releases and interviews.

Islamabad’s pitching the CPEC corridor to Iran, Saudi Arabia and other countries that might benefit from faster trade routes into and out of China, has already been dismissed by both and all. Pakistan sellout to laps of China, while is a fact, Pakistan is caught up in its fidelity act with Saudis. On both accounts, Kashmir as an issue exists within its internal media discourse. We now know, Trump and the United States have now realized, that with India they share the aspect of establishing a  Geostrategic pivot in the Indian Ocean, as the gateway to Pacific and to negating the Chinese assertions in the South China Sea.

24 Jan 20/Friday                                                                     Written By: Fayaz