“Bajwa’s Pakistan” Era Begins Pakistan cabinet extends Bajwa's tenure

What was expected to be an Abbas Mastan thriller, is turning out to be a Sajid Nadiadwala cacophony, however as expected, and predicted on multiple occasions by us.

The farce of Maulana’s protests, Pakistan Army-orchestrated Pakistan Judiciary’s emboldened challenge stands exposed, by the manner in which tenure extension of Bajwa was effected, at the behest of China. The process of decimating any serious political opposition, by propping up Candy Candidate Imran as a quasi-serious political entity, arm twisting the economic bulwark of Pakistan, to align with Chinese interests was effected. All this while keeping Pakistani public entertained with Maulana Fazlur protests amidst the deep economic woes and staging a WWF styled democratic Judiciary facade, has been nothing short of a thrilling screenplay. Alas, the story is the same battered, decades-old one.

Pakistan’s most Powerful Man

Public institutions stand no Chance

Many consider Pakistan’s chief of army staff to be the most powerful man in the country, as such. In August, more than three months before General Bajwa’s three-year term was set to end, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, citing an emergency in the “regional security situation”, issued him a three-year extension beyond November.

Many naive argue it as the regional security issues at play viz India’s revocation of Kashmir’s autonomy and Pakistan’s ongoing help in the U.S. Afghan talks. But many less naive however dunce, still argued at the time, that by granting Bajwa an extension, Khan was ensuring smooth sailing for his government for another three years, given the ways in which the army, under Bajwa, had paved, or perhaps primed, the path for Khan to become prime minister last year.

Judiciary with Teeth?

For all their claims and pretensions of being independent, the fact of the matter is that the Pakistani judiciary is lions under the thumb, working as handmaidens of the deep state. Every time any judge has tried to take on the military establishment, they have been unceremoniously ousted. The example of the Islamabad High Court judge Shaukat Siddiqui who called out the ISI for trying to influence him to fix Nawaz Sharif or that of Justice Qazi Faez Isa who has passed strictures against the ruling party and the intelligence establishment for their complicity and incompetence in handling of the Faizabad Dharna should be enough to figure out what happens to judges who dare to take on the ‘establishment’. All the talk of the judiciary having emerged as a power center on par with the military and government is just that.

Clearly, it is quite inconceivable that the Pakistani judges have suddenly acquired so much courage and fortitude to take on a sitting army chief without some sort of backing from some very powerful quarters. The entire sequence of events leading up to the hearing on the extension question, as well as the timing, suggests that there is more to it than meets the eye, facilitated by the absurd theatrics of the judiciary A good Broadway show was belted out for the consumption of the public. How very much the other way are the things are, and plot more sinister.

Maulana’s Azadi March, Its Showtime

Maulana Fazlur Rehman announced his Azadi March. Despite entreaties from other opposition parties to postpone the said march, the Maulana insisted that it will be held in October, weeks short of the original retirement date of Bajwa. It didn’t take long for insinuations that the stated march was linked to the extension. It is wondered, that while the ouster of Imran Khan was the excuse, the real aim of the Maulana was simulated need of Bajwa, which shall also allow subsequent visits of Bajwa, along with Imran, to give a false sends of things in Army Hands now. Suspicious is the manner in which Maulana Fazlur Rehman is reported to have defied Bajwa, who tried to dissuade him from the March, something that almost never happens, as when an army chief tells a politician something, it is followed, period. An army chief is defied only if he has nothing to offer, or no power to hurt. And that land is not Pakistan. Later the Maulana ended his dharna packed his bags and left abruptly. He surprised everyone by exuding confidence, that there will be a big change in December – January. That change is here, making headlines, as  Bajwa’s extension, sanction by the democracy oozing parliamentary process, albeit so-called.


In September last year, Xi Jinping met Bajwa, a rare gesture, generally assumed to be the ratification of Bajwa extension and his role to further the holed up CPEC projects. This is subsequent to Bajwa’s arm twisting Pakistani businessmen, to play up as desired by China.

While being called as an “extraordinary leader of his military and an old friend of the Chinese government”, lacking credentials, other than acknowledging the capability of the Pakistan Army under Bajwa, to orchestrate a seamless transition to Pakistan Army handled state, without being under Army rule taboo.

Sellout of Pakistan to China is in second gear, with Pakistan Army available to ensure that.  The rest of the belligerent players of Pakistani society, Political Space and administrative setup are already acquiescent to Bajwa. Pakistan is going to witness drastic and irrevocable changes in its policies and economic setup, mainly to prepare itself to cater for the Dragon’s economic abuse of Pakistan. The first Chinese colony is on the anvil, ready to be melted, reforged, reshaped and redesigned according to its exploitative needs of the Dragon.

10 Jan 20/Friday                      Written By: Fayaz