Xi Xinping Extends Tenure of Bajwa

"Governer General" Imran directed accordingly

Come September 2018 Pakistan’s army chief General Bajwa completed successfully a three-day visit to China, days after a Pakistani minister stirred unease about Chinese Silk Road projects in the South Asian nation. The minister in an interview, also suggested the CPEC contracts had been unfairly negotiated by the previous government and were too favorable to the Chinese. Later, post a rap by Pakistan Army, he did a volte-face and said the comments were taken out of context but did not dispute their veracity. What happened as a result of the visit was even more striking. Pakistan’s government volte-face got bigger while the government said: “it wanted CPEC to include more projects (in contrast to line taken just a week before) with a focus on socio-economic development, something which would align more with the populist agenda of Khan’s new administration”.

That was the first drift of the scheme of things, coming out in open. China since this decade has been accused of drafting the ominous Pakistan Army through backdoors for CPEC, now then it seemed, Xi Xinping wants Pakistan Army to come out in open, and take reins in their hands, comprehensively. And that was Sep 2018.

Bajwa Doctrine: The First Nail

In a few simple lines, Bajwa Doctrine 2018, is an open interference in the democratic govt and democratic system of Pakistan to crush down the remaining resistance from civil structure against military dominance. Technically he has the government subdued, and since then has regularly interfered in small political problems to discredit the government,  subdued key political leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari, got the Judiciary of Pakistan dance to tunes of military and has an ISI stooge as a Prime Minister.

As a direct consequence of the 2007 Judiciary-Military confrontation, systematically the  Pakistan Judiciary has been utterly compromised. In 2018, an Islamabad High Court Justice impugned the state intelligence agencies for disappeared persons. He stated that the phones of the judges are tapped, that their lives are unsafe, and that the military manipulates judges for obtaining favorable verdicts in the cases of missing persons. The Justice was fired for maligning the armed forces, conduct prohibited under the 1973 Constitution (article 19 limiting free speech to protect “the integrity, security, or defense of Pakistan).

All major military efforts are it fencing the Afghanistan border, Operations against Baloch people or subverting Pakistan Occupied Kashmir against wishes and interests of people, have been in direct orders and interests of Xi Xinping.

Unprecedented but going with how China wants it to play, Pakistan Army and Bajwa directed business leaders how to fix the economy and what would lead them to make investments. Urgent prompt decisions including sending instructions to top government officials were effected at his behest. They said the general was concerned about restoring confidence among the business community, however, it was clear why the directions were CPEC bound. Government press release: “Many business leaders and economic analysts in Pakistan actually welcome a greater role for the generals” not only sounds obnoxious but highly intimating. They view Imran Khan’s party, less than halfway through its first term in office, as inexperienced compared with the military. Laughable it may be, it does convey the fact that Since this decade who calls the shot and who stands to gain with this farce of a democratic process that Pakistani common man goes through, much painfully and bearing dishearten.

Beginnings of the Chinese Imperialism of Pakistan

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a media briefing that the Pakistan Army chief has made a “robust” contribution to China and Pakistan relations. “We noticed the decision by the Pakistan government. Gen Bajwa is an extraordinary leader of the Pakistani army. He is also an old friend of the Chinese government and the army,” he said. “He has also made robust contributions to China Pakistan relations. We believe under his leadership, the Pakistan army will continue to make contributions to upholding Pakistan’s sovereignty, security interests, and regional peace and stability,” Geng said in response to a question from Chinese official media.

These are typical statements given in favor of the “Rogue Regime” changes, the overthrow of governments at the behest of powerful nations/players and to support illegitimate support of governance. In this case, its a seismic shift in the political platform in Pakistan, definitely not in favor of Pakistan.

Bajwa ensured elections keep out Zardari and Nawaz Sharif in the political arena and staged a clueless Imran Khan as his puppet. Khan meanwhile is a so-called  “fiery nationalist and economic populist”. He has repeatedly gestured to the “China model” as something Pakistan should emulate. There have been many Bajwa visits to China with Imran Khan at his heels, playing up to the game of China in the region.


While Bajwa Doctrine was widely criticized, however it has been essentially a journey of Pakistan as a state, into the Chinese backyard. The lapdog is there to service the dragon’s hunger, rather than any other end. Beginning this decade, the process which covertly started has now come out in open very overtly. China has arm-twisted Pakistan to step up on the investment as far as CPEC is concerned. Bajwa has made good on his efforts to undermine the Government: Imran Khan was selected as a hapless, clueless toeing the line of Bajwa. Simmering political dissonance by Zardari and Nawaz Sharif clans have been effectively sidelined by the Staged rise of Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s Azadi March as a diversionary tactic, successfully executed. Pakistan’s economy, despite CPEC and China propelled armament industry(incl JF-17 aircraft exports), has already fallen flat on its face. Judiciary is very well dancing to the symphony of Bajwa, creating a fog of effective challenge to military hegemony fake narrative. Giving a: Quasi-Democratic challenge to the extension of tenure of Bajwa shall later ensure this design is given an interesting “Democratic flavor.  Bajwa is now the chief architect and in charge of handing over Pakistan as the Economic Colony of China. What was feared, is now a reality, much of its effects are visible, and more is yet to come. Pakistani public shall be kept entertained using various narratives like animosity with India as well as Azadi March like short term antics.

30 Nov 19/Saturday                                                                                            Written by Fayaz