Fake Encounters Continue

Barbarism of the uniformed in Pakistan



Violence against a peaceful movement: Pakistan army and the PTM

The world has repeatedly witnessed the barbaric culture of the uninformed in Pakistan. With the Baloch revolting against the tyrant Pakistan Army, and unanimously pleading to the UN for intervention in view of  3000+ cases of forced disappearances in Balochistan, the Pashtuns repeatedly jeopardizing the government machinery by calling lockdowns, and the Sindhi’s too now slowly voicing out their pain highlighting systems bias against minorities, their respective heads living under constant threat to life, can Pakistan actually boast of being a free democratic country? 

Pakistan  Silencing the Minorities by using Force (#Justice4SPTahirDawar)

Mohammad Tahir Khan Dawar a Pakistani police officer was abducted in a similar fashion and then tortured and killed. His body was found on November 13, 2018, by the locals in the Dur Baba District of Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, close to the Torkham border crossing. His postmortem report revealed he had no marks of bullet injury but was rather killed by excessive torture during captivity. Tahir was an open supporter of the Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) and thus a sour eye for Pakistan Army and Pakistani intelligence agencies.

A new report by Human Rights Watch, amid growing allegations of rights abuses by Pakistan’s army, concluded that Security Forces in Pakistan are responsible for custodial torture and other serious human rights violations.

Cold Blooded Murder

Once again exposing the barbarism of the uninformed against the innocent is the killing of the four family members in cold blood, under the garb of an encounter. Police shot and killed a middle-aged couple, their 13-year-old daughter and another man in what they initially claimed was a shoot-out with insurgents.

What is even more disgusting is that the killing of Mohammad Khalil, his wife Nabila, their teenage daughter Areeba and a family friend, Zeeshan Javed was carried out in front of three toddlers who saw their parents and sister hacked to death by security personnel.

The nerve-wracking video of these traumatized children has caught social media by the storm, with nothing but hate-spewing for the Pakistani Security Forces from all over the world. Another case of fake encounter killing, done in the most inhumanely, dastardly way; with not even an iota of humanity for these three unfortunate children.

No End to  Fake Encounters in Pakistan

Standard Operating Procedures seem to have little or no place in the law enforcement system of Pakistan. Not very long ago on January 13, 2018, Naqeebullah Mehsud was killed in Karachi during a fake encounter staged by the senior superintendent of police (SSP) of Karachi’s Malir District, Rao Anwar Ahmed Khan.

On January 3, Naqeebullah was kidnapped along with two of his friends, Hazrat Ali and Mohammed Qasim, by Rao Anwar’s men in plainclothes from Gul Sher Agha Hotel in Sohrab Goth, Karachi. Naqeebullah was kept in captivity, tortured, and then killed on January 13 in a fake encounter in which he was shot twice in the back.

This fake encounter had sparked countrywide protests against extrajudicial killings in Pakistan. Rao Anwar Ahmed, the senior superintendent of police(SSP) who led the team staging the fake encounter, was already known for carrying out controversial police encounters in Karachi.

He was known as the “encounter specialist” of the Sindh Police. Apart from his controversial police encounters, Rao Anwar has also been notorious for being involved in land grabbing and gravel and sand mining in the Malir and Gadap areas of Karachi.

It further stated that the members of the downtrodden sections of Pakistani society are not being able to file a report because of its “financial cost,” which referred to bribe-taking or the fear of harassment or threat.

emale victims of sexual assault found it particularly difficult to report the crime committed against them because of the “misogynist and biased attitude” of state institutions, the report said. Interestingly, Sindh is on top of the list in killing maximum people in police encounters from January 2014 to May 2019. It is pertinent to mention that the statistics are based on the monitoring of newspapers from across the country. The actual incidents and figures of Army & Police encounters is much higher.

Therefore,  for all those supporters of Pakistan in Kashmir & PoK, it is high time to realign for good, put a united front against the atrocities and put a full stop to the proxy war waged by Pakistan at the cost of your blood.  As you can see the powerful in Pakistan have no remorse bleeding its own, you are far from own, only being used over the years.

14 Nov 19/Thursday                                                    Written by Azeema