Will India take back the Pak Occupied Kashmir?

Pakistan’s desperation, after the August 5th master stroke by Narendra Modi, has been anything but normal. The entire Pakistani leadership, civil as well as military has been behaving completely rattled and reason for such behaviour seems to be more than just the revocation of Article 370 and Kashmir. So, what could be the reason?

Reasons are aplenty. It could be diplomatic failure of civil government or losing its long-cherished dream of #KashmirBanegaPakistan or failure of Pakistan Army’s strategically important “Mission Kashmir”? Also, it could be losing its face to many Kashmiris who perhaps expected much more from the Pakistani government. However, these reasons may not be responsible to send the country’s leadership on a warmongering frenzy. So, what could?

Beside bifurcation of J&K, another reason, which is being talked about is the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) and in all probability it could the only reason as to why Pakistan is rattled about. Defence Minister of India Rajnath Singh has said that any future talks with Pakistan would not be on Kashmir but will be on POK and Vice President of India Mr Venkaiah Naidu opines that Pakistan Occupied Kashmir must be taken back. Even India’s External Affairs Minister, S Jaishankar has pointed out that POK is very much an integral part of India and India expects to have physical jurisdiction over it one day. So, for Pakistan it is not how to save Kashmir but it is how to save PoK.

India has always claimed the PoK as part of the whole of Jammu and Kashmir. Even the both Houses of Indian Parliament, on February 22 1994, has adopted a resolution that J&K is an integral part of India and Pakistan must vacate portions of the state that is under its occupation. With this as the background, India has also objected to the cessation of part of PoK to China by Pakistan and has also termed the CPEC projects in PoK as illegal. Therefore, it is logical as to why India is asking to take back the PoK.

But can India take back the PoK?

General Bipin Rawat, the Chief of Indian Army sounds pretty optimistic in this matter but that could be at a very high cost to the present and future generations. If a war happens no one knows how and when it will end? So, war as an option could be ruled out as even Imran Khan has called it a no option for Pakistan. If not by war than how can India take back the PoK?

Many Indians feel that one day India would have physical jurisdiction over PoK and best way to do that is to let the people of PoK realise the difference in the standard of living and infrastructural development on both sides of the LOC. And for further impact Indian government should go all out for an all-round development of the region, providing the public with all possible facilities and opportunities. This is bound to agitate the people of PoK and fuel the ongoing protests against the Pakistan authorities. Residents of PoK have always been complaining of poor governance in the occupied region. Pakistan has been exploiting the natural resources for the mainland and depriving the locals of their own assets. It is appreciated that the moment development peaks in Kashmir, the movement of separation and merger with India will begin picking up steam in PoK. And this phenomenon cannot be prevented by Pakistan as they cannot match up with India due to the Pakistan’s national policies based on religious militancy and their deteriorating economic conditions.


Pakistan has been calling the Indian Kashmir by many names: Unfinished political agenda, Pakistan’s jugular vein, Pakistan’s moral responsibility and Part of an Islamic country. It is also one of the main political agenda which every Pakistani political party has been playing to secure their berth. However, after the change in the definition of Indian Kashmir on August 5, entire focus has now shifted to PoK. So, why Pakistan is so rattled is quite obvious.

Pakistan may hide anything and everything about PoK but it would be very difficult for it to resist and suppress anti establishment rebellion in the region. The development of Kashmir is going to create a serious problem within Pakistan. And on the other hand, as is evident with ongoing protests at the Times Square, in New York, Balochistan would agitate more aggressively which will be very hard to contain. And that is what giving Pakistan all the sleepless nights.

28 Sep 19/Saturday                                   Written by Azadazraq