The Slow Death of Democracy

he entire nation of Pakistan came to a standstill on Friday as people across the country came out in support of Kashmir. Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the nation in Islamabad and vowed to continue fighting for Kashmir.

While it is important to show solidarity with Kashmir, what Pakistan should really be focusing on are its own internal issues. Without respect for human rights on home turf, such campaigns would be meaningless. When the Prime Minister announced the “compulsory” participation in the “Kashmir Hour”, it seemed more like an attempt for distraction from all the failures of a dilapidated government than a genuine concern.

Kashmir has always been the best topic to divert the attention of the suffering people away from their everyday problems. Now Pakistan has understood that there can be no solution to the Kashmir issue. Many have even criticized the Imran Khan Government for its weak policies leading to the current state of affairs. Opposition leader of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto has a valid point in showing concerns over the current policies of the Pakistan government. He even made a statement that  the Prime Minister should now focus on saving POK and Muzaffarabad and forget Srinagar.

After realizing that there will be no chance of a successful composite dialogue between the bureaucratic heads of the two nations, Pakistan’s new propaganda is to gather the international support by observing this “fraud” Solidarity hour.

Interesting to note here is that as soon as the announcement for Kashmir hour was made, it was the Army spokesperson, DG ISPR, Maj Gen Asif Gafoor who sprung into action, passing necessary instructions for conduct of the same. A matter that involves no defense involvement and should in fact be handled by the civil administration, automatically found its way into the Army’s hands. More and more participants were urged to join the movement, school children were asked to be out of schools,all  gathered by the massive Army of the boys in boots. It seems as though the country is headed towards a political coup, while hypocrisy beams out of this facade of hourly protests every Friday. Until then, Pakistan’s imperfect democracy will move along shoddily while the wheels of government continue to turn on the erratic whims of the men in uniform.

31 Aug 19/Saturday.                                Written by Naphisa