Pakistan’s propagated Intifada in Kashmir

Many people, more in Pakistan feel that India is moving towards another intifada in Kashmir. However, most of the people in India totally disagree with agencies thinking or advocating such a thing. As per them Kashmir is neither a Palestine nor it can become like one.

Intifada is basically an Arabic word which means a rebellion or uprising. As per the history it is a key concept in contemporary Arabic usage referring to a legitimate uprising against oppression. And to term Kashmir as oppressed, which had no problem whatsoever like Palestine, will be grossly incorrect.  

Pakistan’s Confusion

It is believed that in modern times, it was in 1952 that intifada was perhaps first tried out in Iraq to protest the Hashemite monarchy. However, it is perhaps more associated with Palestine to protest against the Israeli occupation of West bank and Gaza Strip. But how Pakistan is connecting Kashmir issue with that of West bank and Gaza Strip to call an insurgency movement as Intifada is bit confusing. Right from day one after the state of J&K acceded to India; it had its own governance mechanism without any major problem. It is only after, Pakistan who started a proxy war after having lost three conventional wars to India on Kashmir; problems began to surface.   

Recent abrogation of Articles 370 and 35A by India was perhaps long coming. It was as late as 1964 when there was a proposal in Indian Parliament to revoke the same and surprisingly almost all members of the parliament, ruling as well as opposition, supported the proposal. But it could not be done then for certain unexplained reasons. The abrogation was carried out now, may be because India, had no alternative left. Ladakh and Jammu reason are celebrating but what effect the change will have in Kashmir will only be clear once the curfew and ban on internet is lifted. Whatever it may be but it will certainly be not the same as expected by the Pakistanis i.e. an Intifada.

Pakistan feels and vehemently expresses that the entire population of J&K is against the Indian government without any consideration to the fact that Kashmir is not Jammu&Kashmir.

Is India at the Cross Roads?

It will be wrong to say that India is missing the mega blueprint to absorb the shocks of the measures it has taken to fix the Kashmir issue once and for all. A big challenge indeed but going by the current situation on ground it seems that entire mechanism is appropriately placed and are in control of things which of course is only possible with the support of local Kashmiri population. Undoubtedly there will be protests fuelled by anti-India elements but nothing of the sort being imagined or predicted by Pakistan.

So, Pakistan talking about intifada seems to be just a rhetoric and age-old tactics to sabotage the prevailing environment. Painting a picture of possible intifada in Kashmir and brood over how it can be controlled by Pakistan, shows somewhere he is worried too. It is obvious that any future violent incident in Kashmir will be attributed to the master perpetrator Pakistan, whose National Assembly is rocking with anti India sentiments post abrogation of debated article.

In such a scenario Pakistan needs to be careful and may be forced to think twice to support any incident in Kashmir with FATF and IMF hovering all over Pakistan like a vulture.


As per Pakistan the possible intifada will be different from the earlier movements. Pakistan wants it to have pro-independence, pro-Pakistan and anti-Indian sentiments. Even encouragement and possible collusion in violent incidents is not ruled out. To be on the safer side it may also try to organise various militant groups in Kashmir to form an independent jihad alliance against India as suggested by Ansar Ghazwat-ul-Hind for long-term resistance movement, as any active support to the resistance movement in Kashmir may not be feasible due to poor state of Pakistan’s economy, internal political crises and struggling diplomacy. On the other hand, Kashmir as usual will look for political, moral and financial support but Pakistan has to be really careful this time as supporting any kind of protest or terror incident will have very serious consequences unlike earlier ones.

So, it is very important for the Pakistan to weigh its options in Kashmir as the world at large, whether friends or enemies of Pakistan, are least receptive to any violent actions in Kashmir. Choosing of any wrong option, especially when Pakistan is facing multiple challenges and trying to regain its geopolitical importance through facilitating the peace process in Afghanistan, will prove counter productive and will have far reaching consequences.  

14 Aug 19/Wednesday      Written by Azadazraq