Adil Javed son of Lt Gen (R) Javed Iqbal requests for an open trial

Who is Lt Gen Javed Iqbal?

Lt Gen Javed Iqbal Awan hails from Chakwal. The son of a major, he is an Alamgirian, having studied at the popular Military College at Sarai Alamgir, Jhelum (alma mater of former army chief Gen Kayani).

His elder brother too was in the army and retired as a colonel. Javed joined the 9th Battalion of the Frontier Force Regiment, otherwise famously known as the Fiffers Regiment, the same regiment of previous Army Chief, Gen Raheel Sharif. He was regarded as a suave, soft-spoken officer with consummate networking skills. Sometime during his service career, Javed attended the US Army War College course in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Lt. General Javed Iqbal Awan had an illustrious military career and was the pride of Pakistan Army at one point. He held key positions  during his active service and served as Bde Cdr of 111 Brigade (Coup brigade, which means he was a trusted man),  General Officer Commanding (GOC) of two Infantry Divisions (at Bahawalpur and Jhelum), Director General Military Operations DGMO (this is big!), Corps Commander of Bahawalpur based 31 Corps and  Adjutant General of the Pakistan Army.

ISPR director general Major General Asif Ghafoor confirmed the arrest of this senior officer in a press conference on 22 February, alleging charges of espionage. However, his statement did not contain any further details of the offenses committed by the top general. He was tried under Pakistan Army Act (PAA) and Official Secrets Act by separate Field General Court Martial (FGCM) and is sentenced to 14 years of rigorous imprisonment for espionage. 

Adil Javed son of Lt Gen (r) Javed Iqbal who got 14 years jail for espionage, screams of a conspiracy against the former DGMO of Pakistan Army and urges for an open trial.

Extract of his thread on Facebook  : 

“O’ you who have true faith! If one who publicly and openly commits sins brings you any news (concerning another person) then ascertain its truthfulness carefully (before you spread it) lest you harm people through (your own) ignorance (through accepting and following false reports) and then regret what you have done. (Verse 49:6)

I have remained silent since 6th December 2018, when my father himself took an appointment and was called to GHQ, but now after reading messages that have been solely spread on social media by Brig (R) Mehboob Qadir and Lt Gen (R) Shahid Hamid, I cannot remain silent any longer.

Yes, I am the son of Lt Gen (R) Javed Iqbal. My father has been systematically labeled a traitor, a booze drinker and a corrupt and evil individual. But, in actuality, he is Javed Sufi (his college nickname), the son of a Major, the son-in-law of a Navy Commodore and the great son-in-law of a Havaldar who was awarded the Indian Order of Merit. He was the head boy of Military College Jhelum, one of the top 10 graduates of his PMA batch and topper of his Staff College Exam.

He is the one that led operation Rah-e-Rast and Rah-e-Nijat while being DGMO, saved Askari Bank and DHA from bankruptcy as AG and got back illegally allotted lands as Corps Commander Bahawalpur and handed them back over to the army.

I am not here to testify about my father’s character or give a list of his services to this great nation. Anyone, who has ever known or met him, knows about the type of person my father is. However, I am here to put an end to all the mindless messages I’ve been getting and make an attempt to make anyone who reads this realize that the accusations against my father, which have been written by worthless old timers who have never even met him, are simply false.

The messages being spread are from low-life, good for nothings who for their own popularity are willing to comment about someone they have never known or met. It frustrates me that how one-sided information is being spread where anyone questioning the Army is censored, but anyone talking against Gen Javed is allowed to write whatever he wills.

When pathetic people who wrote these messages could not use their rusty old links to find details about my father’s case, they started attacking his character as if they knew him from the time of his birth. These Brigs and Maj Gens are only here to throw around filth just to show themselves as true patriots. If this is how retired army men “bleed green” then they are truly losers.

I also plead the masses to think about the information they are spreading. I won’t be sharing my family’s side of the story on social media yet, because of all the threats we received. However, I just want to highlight some pointers for everyone to think about. My father had remained in MO (military operations) for almost 10 years and to top it off, he had remained DGMO (a highly sensitive position handpicked by the COAS), and as Lt Gen, remained AG. He was also in charge of the Abbottabad commission (Osama bin Laden investigation).

These are only a few of the appointments/tasks which showcases that my father was a trustworthy individual. I truly believe, that he knows more than enough to shake the roots of this country, YET, none of those secrets were actually leaked as the ISPR proudly announced that my father “was caught” before any harm could be done to our country. So, in essence, my father was a spy, who never actually shared any information inimical to the security of Pakistan, however, has done a crime so big, of which the details have not been released, that he was awarded 14 years rigorous imprisonment.

If this man, who knew such sensitive information, was working against Pakistan, how is this country and institution still surviving?

Just to set straight some of the many lies deliberately being spread, I’d like to answer a few misapprehensions:

– My father retired in 2015, after six months of investigation beginning from 6 December 2018, his 36 years of service was found to be spotless.

– He had kept the army and the system in the loop about the work that he was doing. He had informed the Ex-CGS (current 10 Corps Comd) and did the work on his go-ahead.

– My sister herself is serving in the Army and is married to an Army officer.

Yet, ISPR claims that “catching” Lt Gen Javed was a massive success. Has our elite intelligence agency come to a point that it labeled catching a man after 4 years of his retirement, and who had already informed the system about the work that he wished to purse a success? Additionally, who in their right mind would want their own child to serve in the same army that he decided to commit espionage against? If my father was affiliated with the CIA, would it not have been beneficial to have his daughter settle in America?

Currently, all the property owned by my family is that given to us by the army and has been bought through legitimate means. If my father had any malintent, he would have seized the earliest opportunity to dispose of these benefits and settle abroad. However, he decided to cultivate those lands and settle in Islamabad. If he was so cunning, why would he have kept his hand in the lion’s mouth while poking it?

Like I said before, currently, my family cannot come out into the media. However, for anyone who wants to hear the truth, they can come to our house and listen to the story. They can listen to the “HIGHLY TOP SECRET” charges against my father. I challenge you not to laugh while I read the charges because of how childish they are. And even these childish charges were signed by my father under threats of abducting his wife and children.

His own life was also under threat as he was facing constant mental and sometimes even physical torture. My family attended each and every court proceeding so we know each and every single detail about this case and if anyone has the guts, they can ask us directly rather than sitting behind a screen and sharing messages about a person they have never even met.

Finally, I want everyone who reads this to realize that your gossip over tea and biscuits is severely affecting the lives of real people and their families. After all, this gossip is what forced the army to punish my father, because holding a 3 Star General in close arrest for 6 months who would later be declared NOT guilty, would call into question the credibility of this ‘elite institution’.

So please, stop spreading false rumors/news. No one and I mean NO ONE has the slightest clue about this case and thus, they do not have a right to talk about it. If anyone can tell me at least one charge against my father which was raised in the court, that is when I believe that you know at least some of the truth. I was shocked to find out that even the hierarchy had no information about my father’s charges.

Many friends and relatives who truly knew my father and know the genuine facts are still by our side. They have helped us to navigate the situation and became a shield for us. They know and realize that my father was victimized. However, the people of 59 Long Course (my father’s batchmates) and some senior ranked friends did not have the guts to ask us directly about the situation.

They ran away like cowards even though in the hearts of their hearts, they knew my father would never commit this crime. As a family, we still refuse the charges imposed on my father and the decision given against him. We believe that since this has been the first Court Martial of a 3-Star, the whole nation needs to know his crimes. We still want an open trial and if we are found guilty, everyone in our family should be hanged.

Thus, it is my plea, do not be such cowards. No one will assassinate anyone who comes to us to hear the truth. The whole family is still settled in Islamabad and we have no reason to run away anywhere. So please, either find out the truth about the situation or just stop talking about it.”

The plea for an open trial by General Javed’s son will not surface in any media outlet of Pakistan and the only way the family can probably plead ‘not guilty’ is through social media platforms. 


Usually, it is the politicians and diplomats who are labeled as traitors without pieces of evidence by the tyrant military in Pakistan.  The irony is that General Ayub to General Musharraf were all loyal to the West than their own country and countrymen. Pakistan Army carrying out closed trials with no transparency is a sour deal; it is actually drawing more flak upon itself for blatantly undermining democracy – by suppressing the fundamental rights of its citizens. These unlawful penalties (including death penalties) violate the right to a fair trial and are akin to cold-blooded murders.

One of the many reasons for this hasty trial by Pakistan Army could be to save its own skin at the first place. This case is not an isolated incident (ongoing cases of corruption against 400 officers of Pakistan Army), it is a known fact that Pakistan does carry out Military Intelligence sharing with foreign agencies working in FATA, a Taliban stronghold.  An officer who was at the helm of Military Operations is found guilty of working hands in gloves with a  foreign agency since 2004 (as claimed by Pakistan Army) is a complete showdown for the Pakistan Army, which claims to be the only national saviour. 

Fearing that if the lid of this dirty can of worms is opened publicly, it would take down many more from its elite brigade (including Raheel Sharif, Pervez Musharaf) and severely dent Pakistan Army’s image in its home turf; Pakistan Army therefore cleverly awarded penalties, including death penalties to two of its high ranking officers (basically made them scapegoats), announced it loud through ISPR and once again was successful in attaining false moral ascendancy upon its own citizens.

14 Jun 19/Friday                                             Written by Afsana