Exploitation of Pakistani Populace Betrays the Sentiment of the Phrase

“Higher than mountains, deeper than the ocean, stronger than steel and sweeter than honey”that is how Pakistani politicians have been describing the relations between Pakistan and China.  But is the Dragon spewing only benign fire?  Is the cause of China investing its foreign reserves into Pakistan through China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a noble one? Does China really want to eradicate Pakistan’s poverty and empower the downtrodden of Pakistan?

A recent news item suggests otherwise, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) got a whiff from their sources, regarding immoral trafficking. FIA promptly acted on the information and arrested Chinese nationals accused of indulging in devilish crime. The FIA busted a racket on 6th May 2019 of Chinese nationals involved in trafficking Pakistani girls to China by contracting marriages.

Deputy Director of FIA Jamil Ahmad Khan Mayo elucidated that the authorities, as part of their drive against foreigners involved in illegal activities in the country, nabbed a total of ten Chinese nationals on the allegations of trafficking young women to China after marrying them.  The suspects were apprehended during a raid, the FIA official said, identifying some of them as Wang Hao, Shui Sheli, Wang Yezho, Chang Shel Roy, Pan Khowajay, Wang Bao, Zoathi and a woman named Ken Dis.

According to the FIA officials, the suspects, with the assistance of Pakistani agents, conducted contracted marriages.   Unsuspecting local girls were then trafficked to China where the victims were forced into prostitution.  The accused include a Chinese woman as well.  The FIA also apprehended four Pakistani accomplices of the arrested Chinese nationals, officials said.

The Pakistani facilitators were identified as Qaiser, Kashif Nawaz, Ismail Yousuf, and Zahid Maseeh.  The suspected leader of the ring is the son of a Punjab Police officer, who had fled when the raid was conducted for his arrest. In order to trace the traffickers, FIA officials had also attended a wedding and collected particulars of the suspected Chinese nationals. They said the suspects would send Rs 50,000 each to families of the girls, who were trafficked.

Modus Operandi:

Pakistani families used to be approached by Chinese nationals and were told that they wanted to acquire Pakistani citizenship for which they needed to marry Pakistani brides so that they could invest into CPEC corridor. Advertisements to attract Pakistanis include posters proclaiming “Poor and Good Families are Required for China Urgently, Chinese Family will Take Care of All the Expenses.  Pak-China Dosti Zindabad”.  They lure a girl’s family by offering them money and then take the girl away from the unsuspecting family to induct her in human trafficking.

Genesis: Pakistan on the Brink of Bankruptcy

According to an estimate, Pakistan owes an astounding $90 billion to China, abating Pakistan’s economic ability to service a huge amount of national debt. Now Pakistan has approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF), for the 13th time for a bailout package. IMF has asked Pakistan to share with them the details of the debt, they owe to China under the provision of CPEC. 

With the appointment of Dr Reza Baqir who is working for IMF in Egypt,  as Governor of State Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan is expecting a favorable package.  But opposition particularly Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) is crying hoarse over the appointment. The adverse feeling was well enunciated in spokespersonMarriyum Aurangzeb’s rhetoric wherein, she equated IMF with East India Company. Under the given circumstances Pakistan appears to have been caught between the devil and the deep sea.

Organ Harvesting

Organ transplantation is a legal medical procedure that is highly regulated. The World Health Organization produced a publication called the Guiding Principles on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation to standardize the practice of organ transplantation. For example, Principle 1 requires consent from the donor to organ removal for the purpose of transplantation. Principle 10 requires traceability of organ transplants and Principle 11 – that donation activities be transparent and open to scrutiny.

By contrast, organ harvesting is the illegal practice of removing organs from individuals (whether dead or alive) without their consent. It is common knowledge that Chinese government is in the practice of killing prisoners of conscience (particularly, religious minorities, including Falun Gong, Tibetan Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, and Christians) to supply the organ harvesting industry.  Possibility of utilizing Pakistani girls for organ harvesting cannot be ruled out. 

The Reaction of a Pakistani Common Man

People are still reeling under shock.  They feel that the Pakistani army is not only willing to get into indebted servitude of China but also suggesting that it is okay to buy Pakistanis, exploit them, sex traffic them and authorities will continue to look the other way.  A common Pakistani feels that slowly, gradually but surely Pakistan is turning into a subservient alliance or rather a de-facto colony of China.  Expressing deep anguish over the present state of affairs Pakistanis are dismayed at the helplessness of their country. 

The root cause of things reaching such a nadir perhaps lies in the miserable fiscal state of the country.   China on the pretext of giving financial aid has a plan of acquiring major assets including ports, road, and rail networks.  Large tracts of Pakistani soil will be ceded to China. Pakistanis will eventually be reduced to a helot class in their own country.  When Pakistan’s PM Imran Khan was asked in a recent interview about atrocities inflicted on Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang he chose to feign ignorance about the issue.

It is an established fact that concentration camps euphemistically called internment training camps are being held in Xinjiang wherein Uyghur people are brainwashed, forced to eat pork and consume liquor reviving the long forgotten practice of gulag.  A chest-thumping Prime Minister is refusing to acknowledge the existence of these so-called internment camps is really despicable and exhibits his servitude to China.  The threat to Pakistan is actually emanating from China.  Pakistan is on the verge of losing its identity.  Pakistan womenfolk are getting insulted and humiliated by China.  The credulous ladies are duped and taken to China for prostitution.

It amounts to backstabbing by a country which has time and again been hailed by Pakistan administration as an all-weather ally.  This so-called all-weather ally is changing the character and identity of Pakistan. Even the development in the name of CPEC is benefitting China more than Pakistan as maximum orders are going to Chinese companies.  The complete province is being taken over by China.  The country seems to be destined to doom. 


When we look at the figures,  a mere  50,000/-  or at the most up to 2.5 – 3 Lakh rupees in some cases, is the amount being quoted, which is offered to Pakistani girl’s family.  This is a paltry sum for the modesty, dignity, and life of a human being? Are daughters of Pakistan so pregnable?

Furthermore,  is the motive of crime only to derive physical pleasure exploiting a helpless human being?  Is there a bigger plan that is to change the demographic profile of Pakistan?  China,  they say,  plans for the next 100 years and they follow that plan to the hilt, come what may.  It seems taking a leaf out of Genghis Khan’s book, the Dragon in their quest of realizing Great Chinese Dream of dominating the world has devised a heinous method to conquer its naïve and vulnerable neighbour, who is in no position to resist its economic overtures.  If Dragon succeeds in its sinister designs, within a short span of 2-3 decades complete Pakistan would be infested with faces with Chinese characteristics ie Mongolian features. 

07 May 19/Tuesday                                                               Written by Naphisa