Minorities Unsafe in Pakistan

Minorities Unsafe in Pakistan.

Forced conversions became a national talking point in 2012 in Pakistan, when three Hindu girls were reported to have been forcibly converted to Islam and married to Muslim men. The cases went to Pakistan’s Supreme Court. After Kumari’s case and a wave of activism around conversionsthe Sindh legislature passed a bill in 2016 outlawing forcible conversions and conversions before the age of 18.

The landmark legislation faced instant criticism from hardline religious groups—including Jamaat-ud-Dawa, widely believed to be the public face of the militant network, Lashkar-e-Taiba. The outcry led to the Sindh governor declining to sign the bill into law.

Was this just part of election manifesto? For how long will the minorities suffer in Pakistan? 

Atrocities on Women in Pakistan

Pakistan has the highest percentage of dowry`deaths with nearly twice as many per capita as India. The Daily Times called it one of the most significant and prevailing problems of Pakistan.

The religious leaders have more power than anyone to prevent underage marriages and arrangement of dowries however, as is seen below on many occasions they are themselves exposed as predators. 

This is not Islam

Pakistan’s children are being abused but no permanent safeguards exist to protect them. Who is the Pakistan Army safeguarding then if not the children of Pakistan? Or is it right to say that they are the reason why such hideous incidents are on a rise? Is deep state-imposed Islamism, instability, and poverty not the root cause of such evils like child pornography and child rapes? The rise in the civil-military divide, puppet government, global outcasting as a terrorist nation, fragile borders, and the list goes on.

Signs of Qiyamah are here

Where has the Pakistani Army led the nation to? Are We Near Doomsday? Signs of Qiyamah are already seen in Pakistan! Honesty is lost and untrustworthy people have become our leaders. Child abuse and adultery have become widespread. People are indulging in riba, consuming alcohol and committing Zina. However, in official imagination and records, no children have been raped. But an absence of statistics does not denote an absence of the crime. If only Pakistan Army stopped propagating radical Islam (jihad) and stopped turning Pakistan into an abnormal society (which it has already – fallouts of jihad ) only then can we hope that our children will be safe in our own homes.

Atrocities on Women in Pakistan

Due to various factors, women in Muslim countries are at the receiving end for the failure of a state as a whole. Security personnel’s colluding with culprits is heinous and should be unpardonable. According to  Farzana Majeed Baluch, a Baloch human rights activist,  human rights violations committed by Pakistan in Baluchistan and the army targeting Baloch women was as bad as the torture and rape of women that took place during the Liberation War of 1971. It is unfortunate that the Pakistani government is a puppet in the hands of the military and the state machinery is a failure so the question is who will address the plight of these young victims?

The life of women shows the countries outlook. Women are the pride of any society. They are guarded by the society with their life. There are scores of instances in our history where communities chose death but did not surrender their women. Pakistan has to learn to respect and free women of clutches of middle ages. People who preach the Quran are themselves exploiting women. We have to allow them to grow freely and intellectually for a nation to progress in a uniform way. These vultures should be hanged on gallows as early as possible. There should be no mercy shown to those who abuse our children.


26 Mar 2019/ Tuesday                         Written By Rubeena Hajra