A paradigm shift in India’s tackling of terrorism has baffled the perpetrators of jihad. Perhaps the time had come to shed the cloak of soft diplomacy with hostile neighbors and execute measured responses to our national security issues. 
Honestly, we should have known a long time ago that our western adversary will not change as by now their grievances are deeply rooted to forego their most effective instrument ~ Jihad. Therefore India should have prepared better.
I have no qualms in penning that the hogwash fashion in which our polity had been dealing with terrorism is what encouraged the Khaki’s to carry out very many Pulwama like attacks. 
To undo the losses is beyond anyone. However, a fundamental change not only of policy but also of national psychology is the course that needs to be set. This new vision when extended will surely cave-in the adversary for the better. 
The non-stop bickering of the political parties which earlier failed to evolve a consensus on geopolitical realities needs to stop. The fact that this has caused many delays in emboldening our military with technology is no longer acceptable to the taxpayers. A free hand that we hear of now is the need of the hour. Let the prioritizing of action against immediate threats or enemy centers of gravity and critical enablers be left with the concerned agencies/heads. Our polity needs to buckle up and let the right man do the right job! 
Additionally, the media ruckus needs a real whipping. Let the poisonous quiet on the India-Pakistan border prevail and stop creating a War hysteria. In fact, if you stop showing your low maturity levels on the idiot box, you too will then be contributing as a force multiplier against the adversary, which unfortunately is not the case for now. 
Undoubtedly, this new course has finally set-in, in a direction which would change the dynamics, in the long run, ~ for the better. This new wave of patriotism is certainly contagious and feared by many. But let’s not forget, it has finally surfaced after incurring heavy losses at all fronts. Therefore there is no reason to be apologetic about it. 
This will remain the land of the free so long as it is the home of the brave. Jai Hind! 
Yours sincerely ~ Soul of a Martyr!


05 Mar 19/Tuesday                                                         Written by Afsana