Pakistan Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, admitted that Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) chief Masood Azhar is “unwell to the extent that he can’t leave his house”. Media reports also stated that Azhar is undergoing regular dialysis for renal failure at a Pakistan military hospital in Rawalpindi. Interestingly, the statement of Qureshi and then these media reports that too coming in the wake of air strike in Balakot appears to be suggesting that ‘JeM chief is no more’.

According to a senior official, Masood Azhar is undergoing treatment and is severely unwell, reported PTI. Moreover, nobody has seen him or heard him since the February 26 air strike. Earlier, whenever India had taken any pre-emptive actions against terrorism, the ‘head of terror organisation’ came out all guns blazing against India. However, he seems to be in “deep sleep” this time and is really ill in a hospital. Is it so or Pakistan is laying the ground to announce his death?

There is no doubt in the fact that JeM camp has been hit by the air-strike and it has been substantiated by Masood Azhar’s brother Maulana Ammar in a rally in Peshawar on February 28. Speaking at the rally, Ammar stated that the targets that were bombed in the air strikes were not the safe houses of Pakistani Army or ISI but the centers where recruits were trained for Jihad in Kashmir. Maulana also added that these were the centres of Jihad preaching and by attacking the seminary; India ensured that a Jihad should be restarted and should not be stopped till Kashmir is taken over.

Not to forget the fact that terrorism is an integral part of the Pakistani economy and society. Terrorism is the only source of bread & butter in Pakistan. The Pakistan economy is largely based on donations from foreign countries to curb terrorism. Pakistan can’t admit Masood Azhar’s death because if something happens to these terrorist leaders the foreign aid will be blocked. On one hand, they get donations from the USA for keeping a check on the Taliban and on the other hand financial help from China to protect Chinese infrastructure from terror attacks. Pakistan seems to be doing a massive cover up to tell its gullible people that he is on the death bed due to renal failure. However, facts strongly suggest that he is most likely already dead.

Jaish-e-Mohammed, an organization founded and led by the dreaded terrorist Maulana Masood Azhar is responsible for many attacks in Kashmir and many other parts of India. JeM was found to be involved in the Parliament attack in 2001, the Uri and Pathankot attack in 2016, and the Pulwama attack in 2019. It is designated as a terrorist organization by India, UK, US, Russia, UAE, and the United Nations. A noteworthy fact is that Kashmir is like a bet for Pak administration to distract their civilians from the real issues of poverty and debt-ridden economy. And terrorist organisations are state machineries, which help the administration to achieve it.

The world has realized that Pakistan army sponsors terrorism. They protected Osama bin Laden, Mulla Umar and used terrorist like Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar for proxy war against India. Pakistan Prime Minister is nothing but a puppet of the Pakistani terrorist army. People of the rogue nation should protest against its establishment and should force the government to act against terrorism.

03 Mar 2019/Sunday                                                    Source: Rightlog.in