Armed men forced a girl to walk around her village naked in Pakistan, claiming it was to redeem their family honour.

The girl was taken by a gang of men before she was stripped down and forced to parade through the streets near the remote town of Chaudwan.

She was targeted because of her brother’s secret affair with a woman from the assailant’s family, according to local residents.

Police have arrested eight men and are searching for a ninth.

According to witnesses, the girl was attacked in broad daylight before the men cut off her clothes with scissors.

Her ordeal lasted for nearly an hour before she was let go.

Family honour is a sensitive issue in Pakistan, where nearly 1,000 women are killed by relatives each year for violating conservative norms on relationships and marriage.


Usually, the plight of Pakistani women is associated with religious oppression, but the reality is far more complicated. According to a poll by Thomson Reuters Foundation Poll Pakistan is the second most dangerous country for women in the world. It cited more than 2000 women and girls murdered in honor killings every year and 90% of Pakistani women suffer from domestic violence.

There are enough barbaric stories of Pakistani women suffering at the hands of their own in the electronic and print media, which clearly reflects that the atrocities plaguing Pakistani women are far too many and nothing is done to protect their honor and safety.  Pakistani women are not safe in their own homeland which is rather alarming.


06 Nov 18/Tuesday                Written by Afsana