India at UN: ‘World doesn’t need lessons on democracy, human rights from Pakistan’

India on Tuesday said it was ironic that Pakistan, a country founded on religious fundamentalism, spoke of communal disharmony and religious intolerance. India was exercising its right of reply after Pakistan raised the UN report on Kashmir in the Human Rights Council.

“The world does not need lessons on democracy and human rights from Pakistan which has not enjoyed any true democracy since its existence,” First Secretary in the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva Mini Devi Kumar said. “The real problem in Jammu and Kashmir is cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan.”


“The nature and extent of cross-border terrorism is evident from the number of Pakistan terrorists who have been apprehended by our security forces, the huge amount of arms and ammunition recovered and the continued existence of an infrastructure of support for the internationally proscribed terrorist groups in Pakistan controlled territories,” Kumar added during the 39th session.

A real problem in Jammu & Kashmir — cross-border terrorism emanating from Pakistan|Pakistan should stop misusing the Council & focus on its own dismal human rights record| world does not need lessons on democracy & human rights from Pakistan.

India also criticised Pakistan for its “repeated and malicious propaganda” to distract the world from the human rights violations in its own territory. India has repeatedly rejected the UN’s report on Kashmir, calling it “fallacious and motivated”.