Ten days into government and the ruling party has already been embroiled up by events that have made it a punching bag for critics. 

The critics of Imran Khan, who have remained at the receiving end of PTI criticism, appear in no mood to show a soft corner for the nascent government on social media. They have taken the offensive on the new PM with full throttle. Most of it is based on true facts everyone has since noticed. Nothing here is Fake or propaganda which generally is the case in Pakistan.

Let us have a look at some controversies which have earned PTI scathing criticism on social media: 


Supporters of opposition parties and some journalists poked fun at the former cricket hero as he stumbled over some Urdu words of the oath. Imran Khan has been portraying himself as an Islamists to befriend the Islamic scholars and clerics who indirectly control the vote bank and are holding popularity tags. He not only fumbled on the Urdu words but was found have a smirk on his face.

There were embarrassing moments as President Mamnoon Hussain was administering the oath to Khan, 65. The new Prime Minister, clad in a traditional grey-black sherwani, smiled sheepishly as he fumbled over Urdu words while swearing allegiance to the finality of Prophethood. The Oxford-educated Khan mispronounced 'khatim-un-nabiyeen (the Last Prophet) even after he was corrected by the President. Seconds later, he made another gaffe, misspeaking ‘Roz-e-Qiyaamat’ (day of Judgment) as ‘Roz-e-Qiyaadat’ (day of leadership), completely changing the meaning of the sentence.

Honour Guard

It seems the ISPR has left him to fend for himself or must not have gone into details. While taking guard of honour the new PM was totally clueless.

Mike Pompeo call 

A congratulatory call from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Prime Minister Imran Khan stirred controversy when Pakistan Foreign Office rejected the statement issued by the State Department about what was discussed between Pakistani prime minister and the top US diplomat. The Pakistan State Department statement denied that there was any talk on terrorism. It even called for the US to amend its statement, however, US State Department said it stands by its account. This comes before a planned visit by Secretary Pompeo to Islamabad in the first week of September. The US Spokesperson even read out the call said Pompeo wished Khan success and also asked Khan to take “decisive action against all terrorists operating in Pakistan”.

Critics were of the view that PM should not have taken the call from the Secretary.

Austerity drive

During his first address to the nation, the prime minister gave his plan to adopt austerity measures in order to save nation's money. The opponents took it upon themselves to prove that the address was nothing but rhetoric from a populist leader. Since his TV address, the critics have shared every photo and video on the social media to make their point that there were glaring contradictions in the words and actions of ruling party leaders.

Karachi slapping

All hell broke loose after a newly elected PTI lawmaker slapped a citizen in broad daylight and the video of the incident went viral. Not only the critics but the supporters also urged the government to take action against MPA Imran Ali Shah.

Punjab Chief Minister photo

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has invited ire of the supports and opponents alike after a picture of him sitting in a plane went viral. According to critics he was not supposed to be using the luxurious plane for daily errands.

PM’s use of helicopter 

A group of journalists, civil society activists, and rival parties have targeted prime minister for using a helicopter for his daily traveling between the Prime Minister House and the Bani Gala. They call it a stark contrast between his words and actions.

Saleem Safi

A senior journalist has been subject of attacks on social media since he disclosed that Nawaz Sharif paid his own bills while staying in the Prime Minister House. The PTI supporters and government came under severe criticism for what many journalists called harassment of the journalist.

Removal of senior Punjab police official

A District Police Officer was relegated to sinecure post of OSD (Officer on Special Duty), after he reportedly intercepted Khawar Farid Maneka, the ex-husband of Prime Minister Khan’s wife.  IG Police, however, rejected the media reports that his department was influenced by some top government functionary to get DPO Rizwan Gondal removed from his position. 

Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Indian PM letter

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi was also criticized for wrongly interpreting a letter Prime Minister Imran Khan received from his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi.


29 Aug 2018/Tuesday             Written by 

                                                Mohd Tahir Shafi