Baloch National Movement (BNM) condemned Pakistan for its state terrorism in Occupied Balochistan. Pakistan Army took offensive on BNM on all the strong holds in Balochistan. Recently ISPR teamed up with twitter to block Baloch activists handles to hinder their struggle. 

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) condemned Pakistan for its state terrorism in Occupied Balochistan today. The spokesperson was referring to the latest military operations in Occupied Balochistan, especially the recent crackdowns in the towns of Gomazi and Kharan where the Pakistani Army targeted civilians. This time no one was spared. They even rounded up women, children, political and human rights activists as well as social workers.

The houses of the people including prominent leaders like Ghulam Nabi Baloch, the vice chairperson of the BNM, Hussain Baloch, a senior leader of the BNM and Bibi Gul Baloch, the chairperson of the Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO) were torched and razed to the ground by the Pakistani Army.

Pakistani soldiers killed Jamal son of Bux Rasool, a resident of Gomazi  and abducted Said Muhammad, Fakir Muhammad, Shambe, Adil son of Rehman, Ashfaq son of Sabzal, Mahm Jan son of  Nusrat, Zubair son of Asa and four school-going students whose identities have still not been confirmed because of the security situation in the town. There are reports that many homes have been burnt by the Pakistani Army in Kullan area of Kharan. In Gresha area of district Khuzdar, the Pakistani army torched shops and homes. BNM member Rashid Baloch son of Dost Muhammad was killed by the Pakistan Army and a civilian Abdul Ghani wounded.

The spokesperson of BNM said that the barbarism of Pakistan Army will not affect resolve of the Baloch people or the BNM to win their freedom. He also reiterated that BNM has and will continue to fight for Baloch freedom, undeterred by State Sponsored Terrorism of Pakistan on Baloch people. The spokesperson BNM was briefing the media regarding its Human Rights Day activities, including its campaign in Amsterdam, Holland.

Social Media Blackout

Many of the Balochistan leader Social Media handles were blocked just two days prior to the death ceremony of Shahid Nawab Akbar Bhugti. Balochistan activists wanted to celebrate it as the Black Day of Pakistan and Martyrdom Day. The same was successfully foiled by DG ISPR by blocking the Baloch handles from tweeting. Twitter has lost its relevance in giving true images of Pakistan as the narratives given are fully prepared and propagated by  DG ISPR. Recently the International Press Institute asked Government of Pakistan for freedom of Press.

BNM rejects Pakistan backed Provincial Home Minister’s statement on the Gomazi operation

The central spokesperson of the Baloch National Movement (BNM) rejected Pakistan backed Puppet Provincial Home Minister, Sarfraz Bugti’s statement on the Gomazi operation. Sarfarz denied any military operation to have taken place in Gomazi and dismissed reports of the torching of the homes of Baloch Human Rights Organization chairperson Bibi Gul and BNM vice chairperson Ghulam Nabi.

The BNM repudiated the home minister’s rejection calling it a lie and requested the media, once again, to visit the killing fields in Occupied Balochistan and verify the home minister’s claim. However, members of the media have chosen to stay aloof and ignore the gross human rights violations perpetrated by the Pakistan Army as those who have dared to report have been killed by the Pakistan Intelligence Apparatus headed by Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

The spokesperson said that the BNM acts responsibly and does not disclose any news without verifying it. The spokesperson also disclosed details of the latest Pakistan state brutalities against the Baloch people. In Raghai, a suburban village of Beseima, the forces of Pakistan Army burnt twelve homes and abducted Ibrahim, an old resident of the village. The Pakistan Army, employing scorched earth tactics, immolated crops and livestock along with the residents’ homes.

The spokesperson also disclosed news of attacks on the towns of Toba and Solair by Pakistani gunship helicopters. The spokesperson said that the BNM has not been able to carry out a damage assessment of the destruction caused by the Pakistan gunships due to the on-going military operation and siege in the area. The Pakistani army has also abducted Umar Sajidi, Asif Sajidi and his younger brother from Raghai Garahi.

BNM is demanding Independence which Balochistan enjoyed for 277 days and lost due to the invasion by Pakistan Army

BNM is fighting for the independence which was lost within 277 days of Brexit in 1948. From then on all the noted leaders of Balochistan including their Khan of Kahlat have been suppressed with force. Even women activists who spoke on women’s issues like Dr Shazia Khalid were not spared. She was abducted in the middle of the night from her house and brutally raped on the night of  2nd January 2005 by Pakistan Army Officer Captain Hammad. She was forced later to seek asylum in Western countries. Her case and the unusual comment by then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf about the controversy, stating on national television, that the accused officer was “not guilty”, led to the violent uprising by the Bugti tribe, disrupting the supply of gas too much of the country for several weeks. The Pakistan Army had to launch a massive operation to suppress the unrest in entire of Balochistan.

All the while ISI was feeding American Intelligence during this period that except Bhugti tribe there is not much support for the insurgency which again is a complete lie.

It is now time for the international community to come together to raise concern for the Baloch people and help them to get their long-awaited freedom from Pakistan.


27 Aug 2018/Monday               Written by 

                                                 Mohd Tahir Shafi