It is has been seen recently that killing women has become a trend in Pakistan as Men go Scot-free while women will languish in Jail for decades even for crimes they have not committed. In Feb this year Actress Sunbul was killed not Its Reshma. This is security for Women in an Islamic country like Pakistan.

A stage actress, Sunbul, was killed in an armed attack by three men on 03 Feb 2018, in Maltoon Town residence in Pakistan. They shot after she refused to leave with them killing her.

Her grandfather added that the accused came from Peshawar and wanted to take the actress for a private function. Sunbul expressed her inability and repeatedly refused. Enraged the accused shot her fatally and fled. Her relatives have also alleged that the actress was shot by former police official Naeem Khattak. As per their narrative, he had accompanied by two other men, Jahangir and Naseeb Shah.

Police officials confirmed that three attackers entered the actress’s residence and opened fire, fatally injuring the actress. The attackers managed to flee after the attack. An FIR was registered in the local police station and police have started investigating the case.

On 8 Aug 2018, a Pashto singer and stage actress Resham was shot dead by her husband on Tuesday, police informed our freelance Journalist over a trivial family dispute.

Reshma was the fourth wife of the suspect (her husband), and she lived with her brother in Hakimabad area of Nowshera.

The suspect entered the house with an accomplice and opened fire on his wife, the police said, adding that the initial investigation revealed that the husband shot the singer following a domestic dispute. The suspects managed to escape the scene of the crime, the police added. The case has been registered and further investigation is underway.

This has become a trend in Pakistan and has to be curbed at the earliest. People are killing women to impose their will. In the name of punishing families women are being raped, honor killing and other forms of the murder of women is rampant in entire Pakistan. Ruling parties time and again have refrained from taking sides so as not to enrage Islamic Clerics. In a way, the entire country of Pakistan is controlled by Pakistan Army and it follows the dictates form Lal Mosque from the days of Zia-ul-Haq. Women in today’s Pakistan do not have any place. Women in Pakistan are only safe in their graves.

PTI female members face constant harassment within the party

It is alleged that would be PM of Pakistan Imran Khan was a Playboy of Pakistan for years. It is told that he has been exploiting women around him in his party.

Ayesha Gulalai

Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) MNA Ayesha Gulalai exited from the party citing ‘ill-treatment’ of women in the party. Gulalai alleges inappropriate behavior, corruption in PTI.  “In our meetings, Imran Khan tells us how to attack our opponents and how to besmirch their names,” she alleged.

Naz Baloch

Another female politician, Naz Baloch, had also quit the party claiming that only male members were given importance and women party workers were kept at a distance.

Shireen Mazari

In September 2012, Shireen Mazari decided to leave Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) due to rude remarks that were being passed around by ex-party members. She, along with her daughter, was called ‘prostitutes’. In an interview, State Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Sheikh Aftab, replied to a question asked by Shireen Mazari as to what international standards of security were being observed at the airports by saying, “In airports abroad, they also strip-search you. Is that the international standard she wants?”

Indirectly he has come up the ladder in politics using women. It is time to see how he protects women whom he used as Prime Minister of a Terror torn and propagating country where fundamentalists are having a free hand.

09 Aug 2018/Thursday                                                                Written by Mohd Tahir Shafi