As Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI) has announced having secured the simple majority to claim on forming the Government, once again the questions are being asked….. Is PTI really having the majority? How did Khan manage to bring about his political foes to form a coalition? Did Pakistan Army once again influence the independents like they influenced the General Elections? So the controversy remains.

With this background, even if Imran Khan forms the Govt, it won’t be wrong to say that he not only be fishing in the troubled water but even the fishes will be troublesome too. And the biggest trouble, IK can expect from is his own biggest well-wisher (as of now), the Pakistan Army.

Voices of protest against the military’s meddling in the election have already reached its crescendo and are refusing to die down. This has also been manifested in all other opposition political parties including PPP, PML-N, MMA, ANP, Pakhtunkhwa MAP, NPB and Qaumi Watan Party, threatening to form a grand alliance to stop PTI’s run to PM’s house. However, it is only the Pakistan Army which can stand in between this grand alliance & Khan and help latter form the government. But other, bigger questions doing the rounds in National and International forums are “Will this association will continue post formation of Govt? Will Imran toe the line of Deep state?

Imran Khan, during his interview in 2012 with Julian Paul Assange, editor of WikiLeaks, had sounded very critical of Pakistan Army blaming them for training Jihadists and terrorist like Osama Bin Laden. Going by that it looks as if the military is in for a surprise as Imran Khan’s followers will expect him to shrug off the army’s shackles and act independently. This may herald the wrath of the military, which is quite capable of pulling the carpet below the Imran’s feet and remove him from his office on charges similar to that against the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

 Is Imran Riding Two Boats?

Yes, he is for sure. Criticising military at one hand and chanting pro-military statements during the election campaign. Ridiculing Nawaz Sharif for his efforts to improve ties with India and speaking opposite in his victory speech.  He talks soft about Afghan Taliban, terming their struggle as genuine and in the same breath calls for having good relation with the USA. He even considers the Kashmiri struggle as Jihad and wants to improve relation with Delhi.  So, there are huge chances for him to err and may soon be in a confrontational mode against his own creator. Such scenario is likely to land him in trouble with the Army and most certainly bring an early end to his stint as Pakistan’s prime minister. So, it will be very interesting to see whether Imran Khan becomes the 18th Prime Minister of the country who have failed to complete the full term or otherwise?

09 Aug 2018/Thursday                                                            Written by Mohd Shafi Khatana