In a shameful incident, 3 Pakistani nationals were arrested in Malaysia for kidnapping an Indian citizen. The Indian identified as Sanjeev by Indian High Commission in Malaysia was later saved by the Royal Malaysian police. The Indian national Sanjeev hails from Madhya Pradesh as per sources in Indian High Commission in Malaysia.

“Abducted man Sanjeev has been released from his kidnappers. The Royal Malaysian Police has apprehended three Pakistani abductors in connection to this case. Indian ambassador Mridul (Kumar) and his team merit praise,” the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj tweeted.

This is not the only incident where Pakistani citizens have been committing offenses in Malaysia. In another incident last year in November, a Secunderabad-based businessperson was allegedly murdered in cold blood by a Pakistani national in Brickfields Police limits of Royal Malaysian Police.

Last year, Secunderabad-based businessman Vasudev Singh Raj Purohit had gone to Singapore on a vacation on 28 October 2018, along with his two others friends, Venkatesh and Srinivas. From there, the trio left for Malaysia on 31 October 2018.

The victims family claims that as per the investigators in Singapore, Vasudev Singh Raj Purohit had been chatting with Khan (killer pr accused) on Facebook.

“It turned out that Khan used a fake ID to keep in touch with Vasudev. Khan is Pakistani,” as per information was given by MEA. Vasudev was the owner of a gift shop named Geetha Enterprises.

This is another jolt to the international image of Pakistan wherein Pakistani citizens are mucking the image of Pakistan by their own greedy deeds. There have been instances where Citizens of Pakistan have been involved in heinous crimes against women in Western countries. They generally refrain from doing these acts in Islamic countries as punishments are very harsh. However, in liberal countries, they indulge in crimes as penalties are more humane. This is the first instance where Malaysian Police have successfully saved Indian and also arrested the abductors with full proof.


31 July 2018/Monday.           Written by 

                                              Mohd Tahir Shafi