Misbah Rani : Wife of 3 men at the same time in Pakistan

Three men approached the Lahore High Court on Wednesday, seeking directives for police to recover their ‘wife’, Misbah Rani .

Misbah Rani: Wife of 3 men simultaneously

Gujrat residents Khalid, Sabir and Atif filed the petitions in the court, alleging that at the same time Misbah Rani tied the knot with them separately, looted their homes and fled. They claimed that their marriage was according to the Sharia law and local tradition.

The petitioners said that they had come to know that she had married to another man and had been living with him after robbing them of valuables and cash.  Khalid said she married him, and just within the three days of their marriage she took everything from his house and ran way.

He said she took money and ornaments from the home. Sabir said she looted Rs 600,000 after their marriage and then she disappeared. Atif, the third husband, alleged that Misbah Rani took huge amount from the home and ran away.

Meanwhile, Misbah also approached the Lahore High Court for quashing an FIR lodged by Sabir against her over charges of looting his money.

27 Apr 18/Friday.                                                                            Written By: Mohd Tahir Shafi