Two sisters, married into the same household in Sindh’s Khairpur district, were ‘rescued’ and their husbands arrested after the women alleged that they had being been subjected to sexual and physical violence for last five years. The two sisters ordeal was a story of many other women we have over time witnessed and either we forgot or chose to be mute spectators.

A rights activist, Sarim Burney, helped in the recovery of the victims ─ told our freelance journalist, that he had been informed by an anonymous source four days ago about the ordeal of the two women. He had subsequently rushed to their residence in Gambat, where the “poor women were labeled as “Kari” and were being subjected to the worst form of torture”.

Protests against Rape & Torture of Women In Pakistan

The two women were later taken to the Hyderabad Press Club, where they narrated their ordeal to the media.

Sisters Ordeal: A story of Real Horror


Pakistan: Unsafe for its women

According to the younger sister, who spoke on behalf of both: “We were forced to sleep with our husbands’ brothers off and on by our own husbands ever since we were married.”

While showing visible marks on her arms, face, and head she alleged, “Whenever I raised a small argument, my mother-in-law asked her sons to take me to the room, strip me and then beat me. My sister and I were often denuded before the entire family including our husbands’ brothers. Whenever our brothers visited us, our husbands and mother-in-law would always sit with us so that we do not share anything.”

Furthermore, she claimed that the two sisters were kept locked in the home whenever their husbands left.

“I finally fled from the house with my daughter after scaling the walls on 6 April 2018,” she said adding that she had since spent one night at the police station and two nights at her aunt’s house.

The woman’s son was rescued later on 9 April 2018, along with the older sister and her daughter from a previous marriage.

SSP Khairpur Shabbir Sethar confirmed that four men accused in the case had been arrested on 9 April 2018, saying that a case had been lodged on the complaint of one of the victims.



Women in Pakistan are silently taking on the ill-treatment from their own in their very own households. A day when Pakistan backed and funded JKLF staged a protest outside Indian High Commission in London against brutalities of Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir, the brutal inhuman treatment of women in Pakistan is going unnoticed. Protesters demanded international community to intervene and save the innocent lives in Kashmir.

Rape: A reality for many women in Pakistan

Women in Pakistan working as Constables also undergo sexual harassment

Today i.e. 11 April 2018 at least three Police officials of Islamabad police have been suspended and detained at the Police Lines on complaints received from female constables. Some female constables had alleged that their male colleagues sexually abused them on different occasions under the pretext of inquiries and explanations, official sources informed on Tuesday.

The three suspects including Ishaq, Orangzeb, and Arshad have been detained in Quarter Guard at the Police Lines and are being interrogated by their superiors. However, one senior officer nearing retirement, also accused of harassment has not been detained to shield superiors.

An anonymous letter supposedly written by the lady constables of Islamabad police went viral on 08 April 2018 evening. Soon after the letter went viral on social media, IG Islamabad police held a Darbar (Open Forum) at the Police Lines to listen to the grievances of the lady constables.

In the anonymous letter, the victims have sought the help of Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Justice Saqib Nisar to save their lot from sexual abuse at the hands of operators and readers of the police high-ups. The female colleagues had alleged that the readers and operators of the senior police officers used to:

  • Sexually abuse them on the occasion of their appearance before the high ups in connection with minor charges.
  • They would offer to settle the issue at their own against some “favour”.
  • The DSP (Headquarters) and some of the readers and operators were involved in the entire dirty game.

This complaint of women in Pakistan is stigma to our nation.

Raping of Children

A self-employed garbage collector, Hammad in Naushera of Pakistan— had coaxed the child into accompanying him into an under-construction site by offering her sweets on Thursday, January 18, 2018. When the three-year-old girl’s calls for help were heard by passersby, therapist attempted to escape but was roughed up by people who came to the child’s rescue. Hammad, who originally belongs to Pak Pattan, was living in a rented accommodation in Nowshera for the past five years.

The case is one of the numerous incidents of child abuse and murder in Pakistan, that have been highlighted in the media. After the recent rape and murder cases of two minors — Aasma and Zainab — sparked widespread condemnation across the globe. The brutal rape and murder of seven-year-old Zainab in Kasur and four-year-old Aasma in Mardan highlighted the deep-rooted issue of sexual abuse.

As many as 11 cases of child sexual abuse are reported from across Pakistan every day. Kasur was centre for massive child abuse in 2014-2015. According to data collected by non-governmental organization Sahil; in the past twelve months

  • 12 minor girls have been raped and murdered, all aged between five to eight years,
  • Aimaan Fatima, Fauzia, Noor Fatima, Sana, Asma, and Laiba were among minors kidnapped from the suburbs of Kasur in 2017 and whose dead bodies were later recovered from different parts of the city.

The list goes on and on.

General offense on women in Pakistan

Women in general in Pakistan cannot freely work, step out of their house or be independent. They have to be always on guard. The video below shows the concerns raised by true Pakistani scholars and learned men. Any Pakistani boy or girl who wants to be progressive and open-minded is cursed by men in the street as if they have sold their soul to the devil. 

Here are a few questions we must ask ourselves:
  • With this outlook how can we progress into a developed nation?
  • Will our daughters & sisters ever feel safe?
  • What kind of future are we building for our daughters?

The life of women shows the countries outlook. Women are the pride of any society. They are guarded by the society with their life. There are scores of instances in our history where communities chose death but did not surrender their women. Pakistan has to learn to respect and free women of clutches of middle ages. People who preach us Quran are themselves exploiting women. We have to allow them to grow freely and intellectually for our nation to progress in a uniform way. These vultures should be hanged on gallows as early as possible. There should be no mercy shown to those who molest our children.



Whom to blame in  Pakistan? Failed governance or Army?

Seven-year-old Zainab from Pakistan’s Punjab Province’s Kasur District could not have foreseen her life cut short this way, but the Pakistani Government and law enforcement were aware of the statistics; which unfortunately revealed that 12 girls aged five to eight were killed in the same area in the last one year. But the issue is much larger than one case. According to Sahil, an NGO that works on the specific area of child sexual abuse, statistics for the first six months of 2017 reveals that in Kasur alone, a total of 129 cases of child assault were reported. Of these, 34 were abductions, 23 were rapes. In the last three years, a total of 720 incidents have been reported from Kasur.

What followed Zainab’s murder was an uproar in social media, jibes on the societal attitude to rape and sexual abuse but the big question is what is Pakistani government and Pakistan Army doing about it? Are they back to slumber? Child pornography, Is this the real face of Pakistan?

An evil closely associated with such incidents which remains oblivious to media frenzy is child pornography. Right after Zainab’s rape and murder, it was reported that about 280 children, most of them less than 14-year-old, of Husain Khanwala village, about 5km from Kasur, were sexually abused and filmed. The victims were forced to have sex, and the videos were then circulated for 50 Rupees (40 US cents, 36 euro cents). A journalist working for Pakistani website “The Nation” posted some information about the videos on Twitter: “”Abusers filmed young children, blackmailed them and their parents. Many children tried to hide from the camera.”



Whom to blame in Pakistan for providing a false sense of security?

Once the can of worms opened it hit the national chord, Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) then sheepishly admitted to the presence of groups involved in child pornography in the country stating that there is proof related to such cases. Khalid Anis, deputy director of FIA Cybercrime Wing had confirmed that FIA has been conducting three inquiries relating to child pornography in Punjab.One of the inquiry pertains to suspect Taimur Maqsood, held from Jhang, while the other is from Attock district and the third inquiry is related to suspect Engineer Saadat who was arrested from Sargodha last year. Around 65,000 videos of Pakistani children were recovered from Saadat, with the suspect himself involved in such violent films.

The fate of these inquiries is unknown. In all likelihood, these also will be brushed under the carpet since many things are at stake. As per ‘Dawn’ it is revealed that the higher-ups (Pakistan Army & government) most definitely want to downplay this issue fearing public outcry.
Signs of Qiyamah Pakistan’s children are being abused but no permanent safeguards exist to protect them. Who is the Pakistan Army safeguarding then if not the children of Pakistan? Or is it right to say that they are the reason why such hideous incidents are on a rise? Is deep state-imposed Islamism, instability, and poverty not the root cause of such evils like child pornography and child rapes? The rise in the civil-military divide, puppet government, global outcasting as a terrorist nation, fragile borders, and the list goes on.

Where has the Pakistani Army led the nation to? Are We Near Doomsday? Signs of Qiyamah are already seen in Pakistan! Honesty is lost and untrustworthy people have become our leaders. Child abuse and adultery have become widespread. People are indulging in riba, consuming alcohol and committing zinnah. However, in official imagination and records, no children have been raped. But an absence of statistics does not denote an absence of the crime. If only Pakistan Army stopped propagating radical Islam (jihad) and stopped turning Pakistan into an abnormal society (which it has already – fallouts of jihad ) only then can we hope that our children will be safe in our own homes.

06 March 18/Tuesday.