Mrs. Mushaal Mallick, the wife of JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik on Wednesday held a one-day commemoration in the memory of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat in Pakistan administered Kashmir, Mrs. Malik announced on Twitter.

The commemoration was organized by Mushaal Mallick and her mother Rehan Mallick at Thada camp in Pakistan and prayed for the departed soul.

“Maqbool Bhat shaheed’s Barsi A Quran Khawani and Surah Yaseen Khatam @ Thada camp AJK was organized by @Mushaal Mallick and @ Rehan Mallick and baby Raziyah Sultan also participated. There was congregational dua that Allah blesses the soul of Maqbool Bhat,” Mashaal Mallick wrote on Twitter.

Real facts of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat forgotten by Mushaal

She forgot to mention that when Muhammad Maqbool Bhat escaped to Pakistan from Srinagar Jail in 1968. While staying in Pakistan started advocating for the armed struggle and branded AJK rulers as puppets of Pakistani rulers and mortgaging the freedom of Kashmir for money. 1970 during the Gilgit week When Muhammad Maqbool Bhat tried to visit the event he was thrown out into the forests outside the state boundaries. He was arrested in Pakistan after being accused of masterminding hijacking of Indian Airlines flight in 1971 by Pakistan. He was released and was forced to sneak into India by Pakistan. Pakistan was in a way responsible for the death of Muhammad Maqbool Bhat. Initially, he too believed that Pakistan was a well-wisher of Kashmiris. However, when he went to Pakistan he found that Pakistan has its own agenda. Pakistan did not raise a word when he was being hanged as it wanted Kashmiris to forget his true cause first. Mrs. Mushaal is forgetting the facts that Maqbool never trusted Pakistan and wanted independence and not annexation of Kashmir by Pakistan. Pakistan supported JKLF with arms and started the struggle only after five years. Mrs. Mushaal should also explain all these events while remembering a Kashmiri brother.

Mrs. Mushaal a Pakistani

Mrs. Mushaal being a Pakistani will always speak for Pakistan. Yasin Malik is playing to be a good puppet. He will see the end of the days by his own wife and so cannot speak for Maqbool even though he knows the truth. She is playing up the agenda of the ISI. 

Maqbool Bhat, the JKLF co-founder was hanged in Tihar Jail in Delhi on February 11, 1984, and his mortal remains were buried within the jail premises. We as people of Pakistan should not get involved in her speeches or get agitated. She is bad luck it is because of her and her handlers that our soldiers are being killed along LoC. She cries foul and Indians shell us more. She is giving indirect indications to Indian leaders about soft targets about Pakistan. We should not forget that Indians always shelled on Pakistan Army posts. From the time Mrs. Mushaal started crying for civilian people along LoC Indians have started targeting terror camps adjacent to civilian areas.  These civilian casualties are all Kashmiri blood. She seems to be doing it on purpose. She should really confine herself to her home and not come out as she is a real danger for Pakistan and Kashmir as well.

Mrs. Malik, however, did not offer any idea why she remembered Bhat, almost 20 days after his anniversary. Kashmir across the LoC observes the anniversary since 1984. Maybe that her handlers in ISI headquarters forgot to send the mail in time or the courier got delayed from Pakistani embassy in Delhi.

Why is she hiding truth and facts? Who knows what her inner story is? 

04 March 18/Sunday.