(ISI) Inter-Services Intelligence of Pakistan was employed to procure key material against Nawaz Sharif’s daughter, Maryam Nawaz, and her husband retired Captain Mohammad Safdar, was confirmed by Chief of the JIT (Joint Investigation Team) constituted in the Panama Papers case. The Accountability Court hearing the Avenfield Apartments reference was informed of the same on 12th April 2018.

On 4th April 2018, the JIT head and star witness in the reference againstMr. Sharif, Wajid Zia, had testified that evidence related to the Capital FZE, which ultimately led to the former premier’s disqualification as a parliamentarian, had been collected by two members of the probe team — Brigadier Kamran Khurshid of the Military Intelligence (MI) and Irfan Naeem Mangi of the National Accountability Bureau. ISI is an agency that is looking after interests of Pakistan overseas mainly from its enemies. However, this is the first time that it has been tasked with an internal investigation that too on Politicians. This is against the charter of ISI, Pakistan.

Also this is not the 1st time ISI has been questioned on its role in an internal investigation.

The Court Drama reveals ISI’s involvement

Panama Papers Case Hearing

On 11th April 2018, the ousted prime minister had rightly criticised the inclusion of personnel belonging to the ISI and MI in the team investigating his case, which did not involve issues of terrorism or national security.

Responding to a question during his cross-examination on Thursday, Mr. Zia told the court: “We utilized the services of Brigadier Noman Saeed [of ISI] to deliver the relevant material to Robert W. Radley.” Defence counsel Amjad Pervez had asked the witness, “how did the JIT access the copies of trust deeds and other documents signed by Maryam Nawaz, Mr Safdar, and others.”

It was on the basis of Mr. Radley’s report that the JIT had concluded the trust deeds of the offshore companies were not genuine.

The defence counsel asked Mr. Zia if it was possible for him to hire Mr. Radley directly because, under the Supreme Court order of May 5, 2017, every state institution was bound to extend assistance to the JIT. Mr. Zia admitted that Mr. Radley could have been hired directly through Pakistan’s High Commission in London. Mr. Pervez then asked him why the JIT felt the need for engaging for the purpose Quist Solicitor, the law firm of his cousin Akhtar Riaz Raja. The star witness was thinking of a suitable answer when lead prosecutor Sardar Muzaffar Abbasi interfered and said the Supreme Court had allowed the JIT to hire experts. Mr. Zia then replied that because the investigation team was working under a tight deadline, the law firm was hired to save precious time.

In response to a question, Mr. Zia said that Mr. Raja had called him to congratulate him on his appointment as head of JIT of a high-profile case. “Did anyone ever call you upon such an assignment in the past?” asked Mr. Pervez.

The witness remained quiet for some time before prosecutor Abbasi said it was routine to receive best wishes from relatives on such occasions.

Annoyed over the interference by the lead prosecutor, Mr. Pervez complained to Judge Mohammad Bashir that the prosecution was “depriving the accused of their legitimate right to fair trial”.

Earlier the lead defence counsel had alleged that prosecutor Abbasi had met forensic expert Robert Radley in the UK “to influence his testimony”, an undesirable practice in legal proceedings. Advocate Pervez also said the JIT procured the forensic record and other material related to the trust deeds in violation of the relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code and that the statements of relevant officials had not been recorded as per the legal practice. This clearly indicates that the military top brass wants to implicate the Sharif’s family are all cost.

Mr. Sharif with Media

Nawaz Sharif Panama Papers Case

Talking to journalists after the proceedings, Mr. Sharif said that with the passage of time truth was coming to the fore.

He said the identity of the 40 “unknown persons” working in the JIT secretariat must be revealed who he said had prepared a “false report”.

The former PM Nawaz Sharif termed the reference “a blessing in disguise” and said he was thankful to Allah because the truth “is finally emerging”. The decision of the Supreme Court to disqualify him as a parliamentarian on the basis of an Iqama had already been proved wrong, he claimed.

Pakistan: Military vs democracy

This shows how the military is plotting to gain complete control and supremacy in Pakistan through legal channels. They now have successfully implicated a former PM and might be able to use their influence in the international arena to get hold of evidence or generate false evidence to aid and nail him further. This will be a sample case for future PMs in the country. Already military top brass is trying to get the terror masterminds into the political arena but failed as the Supreme Court did not allow their plans to fructify.



A sharia controlled formally recognized Islamic state with 6th-century laws awarding death for blasphemy, apostasy. This is what ISIS aspires to be.

ISIS Aspires to be 

Terrorist state Pakistan is a threat to the international community;  more than North Korea. We should also note that this terrorist state has a nuclear dimension. North Korea is only a nuclear rogue state, not a terrorist state unless proven otherwise. As Pakistan has radical Islamists, the nuclear bomb, virtual military dictatorship and fragile economy all when mixed up makes an excellent Molotov cocktail of death for the world. It is a proven fact that the most hardcore ISIS members are from Pakistan. Unless the world comes together to dismantle at least few ingredients on this list the danger would persist. First one should be the radical Islamists followed by the virtual Military dictators. 


Pakistan is a caliphate without a caliph

And Pakistanis are made to believe that Pakistan is not isolated like North Korea. It has friends like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, China and others (Russia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Maldives) on its side. And many other nations with good ties. These friends of Pakistan have recently put Pakistan on grey list of FATF for terror financing. Let us hope that we the people of Pakistan dismantle these fundamental Islamists and the corrupt Military dictators ourselves before others around the world start coming into Pakistan. Others will also do what we desire but it would be like what Iraq and Afghanistan are today. Let us not become the cannon fodder and practicing ranges for advanced weaponry of the west. Let us come together for containing the situation. It is now or never for all of Pakistan. If other countries come in they will dismantle not only the ingredients but also the break us into Baluchistan, Sindh, and Punjab etc. Let us not let the world break the Quaid’s dream

It is now the point for us to think

05 Mar 18/Saturday.