19 Feb 2018: Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has arrived in Germany to attend the 54th Munich Security Conference (MSC) on 17 Feb 2017. The three-day conference, which started on Friday, 16 Feb 2018 and ended Sunday, 18 Feb 2018. The general spoke on Pakistan’s perspective of global and regional security. The gist of the speech in a way was the betrayal by COAS himself. He put forward the ISPR well-researched speech on the Dias. Unlike General Kayani’s speech on 06 Feb, 2011 General Bajwa littered the entire speech with Jihadism and terrorism origins and sealed the fate of Pakistan forever. He spoke about Jihadism after Caliphate.

Status of Pakistan

Meanwhile, Pakistan is on the verge of being listed into the grey list of the country which is aiding and financing Terror around the world. Already the US and its European Allies have started the proceedings for the same. This situation is going to break the back of Pakistan. The handful of banks operating in Pakistan will be forced to leave. They will not be able to manage their risk to reward ratio. In Sep 2017 a Pakistan based Habib Bank Ltd was fined in the US. A fine of $225 million of the Habib Bank almost wiped out its ability operated in the US. Pakistan has already started lobbying for support, directly and indirectly, to avoid listing its name back on the greylist.

US Senators are pushing Trump Administration to impose sanctions as Pakistan is not ready to accept dictates of the US government. Already Pakistan has taken steps like banning a number of religious and militant organizations including Jamaatud Dawa of Hafiz Saeed. However, the Corps Commanders’ conference held at GHQ Rawalpindi last week is said to have vowed not to accept any Indian military role in Afghanistan. The US is believed to have informed that it is going ahead with Indo-US strategy in Afghanistan.

Speech of Blame Game

After the general thanking of the audience, the general went on taking on the Jihadi idea being propagated contrary to Lal Masjid of Islamabad. He gave totally new definitions of Islamic Jihad to wade off the Islamophobia of the western world. He referred to Jihad as a word of truth in the face of a tryant ruler, this is against tenets of Islam. Prophet has taught that one should never go against his own ruler even if they are unjust. He was correct on the other hand about comparing armed Jihadis with Qitaal. He is seen as quoting that caliphate is a nostalgic dream of Muslims. With this, he went against the idea being propagated by the Islamic clerics of Lal Masjid of Islamabad. Even after Ten years after the military raid on his mosque made international headlines and shocked his country, Abdul Aziz remains influential, overseeing a network of seminaries as he calls for a “caliphate” to be established in Pakistan. Pakistan government has never been able to punish anyone from the religious extremist groups due to lack of willingness to punish them. The army even refused to go after him during the recent siege of Islamabad by Abdul Aziz and his followers. It is widely rumored that Pakistan Army was behind the Lal Masjid and had brokered their deal. In this regards the Islamabad High Court slammed Pakistan Army for stepping out of their shoes and not following dictates of the court.

Frankenstein was from the Western liberal world

General played the victim card on the highest pedestal which he could get by trying to convince the world that the Mujahedeen’s where the creation of the west to fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan. He forgot to tell that the US had withdrawn from any Afghan strategy once the Soviet Union collapsed. Pakistan hunted for ousted President Najibullah Ahmadzai till he was killed on 27 September 1996. The US support for Afghan struggle till Soviet withdrawal is well understood by the western world. However, the meddling of Pakistan in Afghan affairs after Soviets is the section of history that was totally not understood. General Bajwa also kept himself out the section of history to avoid all controversies.

Pakistan a Progressive Nation

To the domestic audience in Pakistan, it would have been patriotic to listen that Pakistan was one of the most dynamic and progressive nation in Asia in 1963. The economy of Pakistan was limping till the separation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan. It actually started accelerating once the US government started giving funds which were siphoned off to fuel economy of Pakistan. He forgot to mention how his army conducted ethnic cleansing in East Pakistan, a touchy subject in present-day Pakistan. He even blamed western countries for Radicalisation which is continuing in Pakistan even today.

He forgot to mention the way ISI of Pakistan is meddling in India and Afghanistan in the name of Good Taliban and Bad Taliban. The economy of Pakistan never was in green throughout its history. It is always in need of external funding. India and Pakistan took shape almost the same time and Pakistan had all the advantages, unlike India. India being diverse was envisaged to break into pieces. But the converse is true today. No state wants to get out of India unlike in case of Pakistan. ISI already created disturbances in Indian states of Kashmir and Punjab which is against the tenets of Islam.

Struggle against Extremism

Mentioning the fight against terror he gave numbers for training camps in Afghanistan but never gave out the figures for Pakistan. He played the helpless card by telling the audience that Pakistan was left high and dry when the US withdrew prematurely for Iraq war. Pakistan is looking for funds for maintaining credibility and General Bajwa was alienating the audience by blaming them for the mess in Pakistan. He mentioned about Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad in 2017, which is aimed at destroying residual terror groups.
He blamed the present state on to the 2.7 million Afghan refugees living inside Pakistan. It seems if he gets a free hand he will these refugees out of Pakistan as a solution for this remedy.

Betrayal by COAS of Pakistan

It seemed that Pakistan was playing a foul card against its former western allies. It has already been proven that behind all the ills being faced by Pakistan, Pakistan army is present. It has been seen and proven time and again. Pakistan is not allowed to be a free and liberal country like the west or be a purely Islamic country. The people of Pakistan are paying for the grind between the greed of Pakistan army to control and western fight against extremism. It would be better for Pakistan Army to guard the country against external aggression if any and leave the governing part to the civilian elected government.

Pakistan this time around has missed narrowly from getting listed into greylist on 21 Feb 2018. This was not because the Member states of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) did not come to a consensus. With the Chinese coming out in open for adopting Jaish-e- Muhammad after Pakistan banned it, we can presume that Chinese are behind the terror snakes and not the ISI.This shows that ISI of Pakistan which is wanting Kashmir on fire but Chinese who are pulling strings in Pakistan to keep Kashmir on the simmer. Hope the people of Pakistan do not repeat the mistakes as in the past. By giving such unforgiving speeches full of lies and being against Islam Pakistan would surely be one of the most hated nation in the world inspite of it doing so much for the same world. This is in a way betrayal by COAS of Pakistan to his people and country.