21 Feb 2018, Wednesday: The spate of incidents (ceasefire violations, BAT actions, heavy firing across LoC) in the Kashmir Valley confirm that despite all the hullabaloo,

Pakistan’s dubious good-bad terrorist theory is being exercised in full swing  and the much talked about Gen Bajwa’s doctrine (which is actually no different from that of his predecessors) is also put into play.  With heavy casualties along the borders ( with both Afghanistan and India) Pakistan is sitting at the tip of the iceberg however, it doesn’t fail to reassure itself that it is certainly doing the best it can to stay relevant,  no matter if it is coming at the cost of its own people. The question is for how long? Isn’t it high time to carry corrective measures,  swallow false pride and stop humiliating own people, (since Pakistan has now become synonymous with international terrorism).

By continuing with such unprofessional tactics , not only have they suffered  a loss of face internationally,  but  in carrying out their primary task i.e., the process of recruiting, training, arming, funding and launching of radical extremists ( in J&K & Afghanistan) over the last so many years, Pakistan’s army, and ISI have bled much more and same time have got their exchequer paying heavily which has now left the country in a dire state.

The murder of Pakistani polity by the Pakistani Army made it shaky

The figure illustrates murder of Pakistani polity by the Pakistani Army.

If the Pakistan Army ever musters the courage to carry out a dispassionate analysis of the actual payoffs of its policy of giving State patronage to terrorist groups within Pakistan, it will realize that it has created a monster that is gradually but inexorably spinning out of control. Not only has it corroded Pakistan at a global level, (since it has now become synonymous with international terrorism), it is now staring Pakistan straight in its face giving it sleepless nights and bloody (referring to blood) mornings.

The Balochs, the unbridgeable Shia-Sunni sectarian divide, the blurred future of $54 billion CPEC, the debt trap, dangers of Pakistan’s nuclear warheads falling into jihadi hands through subversion or possibility of a military coup around the corner, the situation is worrisome for both; its citizens and the global community. In October last year, Gen Bajwa had echoed the same issues: no fiscal discipline, country’s sky-high debts (Pakistan’s foreign debt and liabilities are around $58 billion (Rs 3.7 lakh crore)), external flux and internal lawlessness in the country.

The fulcrum appears shaky and is swinging the country dangerously. Sadly a vital relationship is under pressure as never before. The two countries (US-Pakistan) need but no longer trust each other. If they ever did.

The bubble of a false sense of security that exists in Pakistan has burst not once but on many occasions, leaving the lawmakers and caretakers red-faced. Therefore it would be in their favor to not trigger situations along the borders which would dig their own graves and rather take measured steps in favor of the country by putting country before self.

Does Pakistan Army fear religious extremists? 

If  Pakistan government or Army was genuinely concerned about the growing  strength of the Taliban and other militant organizations inside of Pakistan, who seem to have been multiplying fast,  growing their numbers and their presence to an extent that  Pakistan government cries that they have become a threat to them, then why  religious extremists like Maulana Aziz, Hafeez Saeed and likes enjoy Pakistan Army’s empathy? The roots of Red Mosque have spread far and wide and even though Gen Bajwa does realize it now and talks about bringing a reform in the teachings at madrassas, it could be too late.

With the above background; terrorism, militancy, assassinations, military coups, corruption allegations, fiscal debt and much more leading the way for Pakistan’s  shaky puppet democracy, it is difficult to acknowledge the ‘two to tango’ theory recurringly brought out by Pakistan (earlier by Pakistan COAS, Gen Bajwa and recently by Pakistani columnist (for The Nation), Dr. Rizwan. To tango both parties need to be on the same plane, with a clear aim of protecting its people,  therefore Pakistan first needs to get its own house in order, and stop offering lip service to rejecting terrorism, else a bad fall trying to tango is inevitable!