13 Feb 2018: In Anti-Terror Operations a senior Taliban deputy and other militants were killed in the border regions of close to Afghanistan border with Pakistan. These are suspected to be attributed to blasts from suspected missile strikes on Friday. The senior Taliban leader is believed to be Khan Said, alias Saina. This happened when his pickup was blown up when he was traveling along with three other militants.


The happened close to Margha village in Birmal district, Paktika province of Afghanistan.

Anti-Terror Operations: US not Involved

An official, under anonymity working with Operation Resolute Support led by NATO in Afghanistan, said it had no information about any such strike. He was not authorized to disclose any such information. The operational Headquarters said it had monitored militant chatter through phone intercepts which confirmed about Saina’s killing. The official informed our freelance journalist that they have informed on both sides of Pak-Afghan border and in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

Three more Pakistani Taliban commanders confirmed that Saina was an important militant commander of Pakistani Taliban. The Pakistani Taliban are directly under control of Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI.

Meanwhile, the US Officials were also unable to readily confirm another drone attack in North Waziristan on Pakistan side of the border.
The second attack was on a compound in Gurwek town of North Waziristan and Paktika province in Afghanistan. This blast killed seven militants. These two incidents have happened in a region long been home for local and Al-Qaida. The region is anti-journalists and hence incidents cannot be confirmed or verified.
Meanwhile, Pakistani military courts have sentenced seven so-called hardcore militants to death. The details of their crimes were given by officials from Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR).


All the seven were responsible for deaths of 85 and injured 109 others. ISPR official referred to them as “involved in heinous offenses related to terrorism, including the killing of innocent civilians. They are also involved in attacks on Law Enforcement Agencies and Armed Forces of Pakistan”. One issue to be noted is that the ISPR official never disclosed the organizations to whom all seven belonged even in their charge sheets.

Anti-Terror Operations: Egypt

In the meantime, the Egyptian army has informed that it has killed 16 terrorists during military operations in the resistive Sinai Peninsula and nearby areas. The Egyptian army and Air Force destroyed more than 66 target hideouts.

They also found a media house with computers and communication equipment, books and other documents related to extremist ideology. It is also reported that 34 militants have been arrested during a sweeping and raids in these operations.

Anti-Terror Operations: India

In India, ISI sponsored militants stormed into Army Camp, near Jammu Area. The Indian Army had to launch major search operations to kill all the militants. It seems Indians government has taken this strike as a serious incident similar to Uri camp attack last year. This will mean something big happening or some kind of attack already underway or being planned for revenge. This Jammu Army Camp attack was executed by the militants belonging to the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM).

Already Indian Defense Minister Mrs. Nirmala Sitharaman in a press statement accused Pakistan of this terror strike. She said Pakistan has Government is helping Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) militants group to launch attacks on India. She warned that Pakistan “will have to pay for this misadventure” as she visited the camp where five soldiers and a civilian were killed. In an apparent reference to surgical strikes, Pakistan government had warned India against crossing Line of Control.

New Anti-Terror Ordinance 2018

Pakistan on 11 Feb 18 endorsed that any organization or person on United Nations’ terror will automatically get banned in Pakistan. This ban came into effect after an amendment to Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) 1997 was issued by President Mamnoon Hussain. This has resulted in the amended Anti-Terrorism Ordinance 2018. according to the amended Section 11-B and 11-EE of the ATA, any organizations and/or personnel banned through the UN’s Security Council’s resolution will automatically stand banned in Pakistan. This will aid Pakistani youngsters who are losing their precious lives while fighting the menace of terror on Pakistani soil. As we know Pakistan Army is losing its soldiers to the ISI bred snakes gone rogue in Anti-Terror Operations across our western borders.

Whatever it is we the people of Pakistan will have to pay the sins committed by the few. We have to corner and alienate those in rogue anti-Pakistani establishment (ISI) and fundamentalist organizations (JeM).