It is no hidden fact that whenever Pakistan is unable to justify a wrong in its homeland it cleverly resorts to the blame game, accusing India, Afghanistan or the US, despite having no concrete evidence most of the times. And why not, since it is so much easier to convince people against a negative sentiment which would help its failed state cover up for its own follies.
Most recently Pakistan’s interior minister Ahsan Iqbal alleged that India could be involved in the targeted killing of a Chinese national Chen Zhu, a Managing Director of a shipping firm in Karachi. He did not state any facts but just blamed India for this cold-blooded murder, as an attempt for sabotaging CPEC. Well, it appears that the said minister is aloof of the prevalent situation in his own country where the local newspapers regularly report about the rise in abductions and killings of Chinese nationals by homegrown militants across the country.
The situation between our friend China and Pakistan may appear to be calm at the surface but there is cold-blooded murder no denying that an undercurrent has built in due to various factors, the brunt of which is faced by both of us now. CPEC was a bone of contention between the Baluchs and Pakistani government, however with the Chinese market and now Chinese culture taking over Pakistan, it has definitely got our religious tentacles up. Also, there have been reports of Chinese nationals (so-called missionaries) involved in illegal preaching activities in Pakistan.

On the other hand, the state of Uighur Muslims in Pakistan friendly (really?) Muslim unfriendly – communist China are making headlines world over. What makes the Chinese think that it won’t have any repercussions on its Chinese nationals in our country where religion rules above all. The situation is much more complex Than it looks; with reports of CPEC in trouble, major projects withdrawn by China and our no-go to Yuan in Pakistan things have hit an all-time low but we are comfortable putting up a facade because we no more have the US backing us.
Pakistan government may brush away all these developments and as always blame others for all the wrong that happens in Pakistan due to its own inability to run a stable state primarily because of its skewed Foreign policy, but for how long does it think can it fool its public.
On digging through old news, what I found was hilarious and wanted to share the same with you all to help get a perspective of things and think twice before trusting our caretakers. From what is seen it is clear that our government thinks of us to be plain foolish to trust it blindly.
What happened in Kasur was shameful, a dozen girls being raped and killed in a district over a year and the police is clueless. It was a pity to see our countrymen blaming Bollywood for this toxic masculinity giving rise to rape culture in Pakistan.
Is it not true that we are now the 4th most dangerous country for women as per GIPWS index? Are the Indian or US agents raping our women or killing them mercilessly for horrid age-old practices like honor killing and dowry?
Does blaming Bollywood absolve Pakistan of everything?

When our under 19 team loses to India, the team manager Nadeem Khan defends the crushing loss by saying that the team could be possessed by evil as a result of magic art by the Indians. This did not make me laugh but I felt miserable thinking how stupid a Pakistani can get and why is he making a fool of all of us?
Similarly, after terror attacks in Peshawar, some Pakistan lawmakers blamed an Indian ‘astrologer’ a man called Anirudh Kumar Mishra – whose Twitter handle is @Anirudh_Astro – who had tweeted saying “terrorist attacks may happen in Pakistan in November.” Rather than pulling up own socks and ensuring law and order in our country, these lawmakers are cracking up on the Pakistani public in the most ridiculous way. There is no value of a life of a common Pakistani. Whenever these lawmakers or caretakers fear life they fly out and take exile overseas.
A report in Pakistani English daily, Dawn, blamed the Indian states for the “alarming situation in south and central (Pakistan) Punjab” as the region warms up to winter. However, an official report refuted the above and said that emissions from the coal power project at Sahiwal were causing pollution.

Likewise, blaming India for floods decreases the pressure on our government to address its own incompetent water management. Don’t we all know that Pakistan has experienced floods every year since 2010. Experts blame our weak water management policies, poor flood control systems and lack of water storage facilities, however, our government blames India for it. No sooner will it blame India for earthquake, droughts, and epidemics. However, the Pakistan Meteorological Department has refuted claims stating clearly that floods were due to heavy rainfall, not the actions of India upstream.

Furthermore, our Pakistani Army has long blamed India for fuelling the insurgency in troubled Balochistan by funding Baloch insurgents who target security forces and economic installations. Even though India doesn’t share a border with Balochistan, the forces believe that it operates through Afghanistan. Considering the capability of the militants it is safe to conclude there isn’t any massive support by the foreign powers as the source of this militancy is completely homegrown. Infact in a video interview with BBC Baloch guerrilla commander, Dr. Allah Nazar displayed a small cache of arms and weapons ironically made in China. These are just a few snippets of our Aziz government which has left us with no face. What Sabah Qamar (tele actress) feels is what is felt by most of us, just that the feeling is somewhere not voiced out because out of the love for our beloved country we are not ready to overlook the mess that bunch of our countrymen are creating.

10 Feb 2018/Saturday