08 Feb 2018/Thursday: A record number of coups occurred in the recent past, with one common characteristic of human race i.e. religion. In the last century, we have seen the bloodiest civil wars. These civil wars have taken place in Muslim countries, and a large majority of the victims have been Muslims. This is not a “clash of civilizations.” It is a battle within the Muslim world. Prophet had condemned such a war and had already told us that fighting within and inciting trouble in other countries will spill the Islamic blood. It gives rise to a question, Is a war on the mind always in Ismalic countries?

Wars around Islamic Countries

Interstate wars or wars between nations have become rare events. They have been replaced by civil wars, which are largely concentrated in an area from Central Africa to the Caucasus as shown on the map. Most of these countries in this zone are dominated by Muslims. Smaller armed conflicts occurred in 30-odd countries more widely spread over the globe.

As per Mr. Joshua Goldstein and Mr. Steven Pinker war around the world has been declining, both within and between countries with an exception of Syria. Though the last bloodiest wars have been in Vietnam and Korea. However, the Syrian conflict is brewing and becoming more brutal. It may go down in human history as the deadliest war.

Today all the civil wars are in Islamic countries. After 2012 there were six countries which underwent civil war where human blood was spilled and all of them were Islamic countries. Muslims make up only 25% of world population but they contributed to a large amount of bloodshed, their contribution to violence is very high. Latest being the cleansing in Saudi Arabia in the name of weeding out corruption.

Other forms of Violence

The picture is grim if we look at other forms of violence. After the Cold War, Muslim countries have hosted more than their share of the world’s the death penalty, genocides, political killings of unorganized civilians, government political terror, conflicts among groups and factions that do not constitute part of governments and interstate wars. Countries with Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and Jewish majority also have than their share of several of these kinds of violence. However, these are majority religions in fewer countries, and their conflicts are generally for their survival, localised and smaller in scale. Thus, forming a much lower share of global violence.

Clash of Religions

Christianity and Islam are proselytizing religions and may clash with each other but what we actually see is serious clashes within Islam. These clashes sometimes have had ripple effects on neighbouring countries. Pakistan, Nigeria, and Iraq — saw civil war in 2014. The other six — including Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, three of the five countries with the world’s largest Muslim populations — haven’t faced civil war for a decade or more. However, Muslims in these countries have been intolerant towards their counterparts.

Why Muslims are Violent

These countries are mostly located in the arid region of middle east and have meagre natural resources. The land is the only source and natural resources under the land are precious. At the end of colonial era retreating colonial powers left arbitrary borders, confusing the locals to fight for the land. With petroleum being a chief resource the world requires every now and then there is always intervention form global powers. These interventions have resulted in the removal of stable monarchies or dictatorships to unstable semi-democracies. Coupled with these interventions is the deeper factions within Islam which are otherwise not seen by others cause greater damage. These incidents are adding support to the argument for those who claim that Islam is innately more violent than other religions.


Almost all Muslim countries score dismally on social development. Notably the status of women, poor and religious minorities in their countries. Except for oil export, none of the Islamic countries are doing anything to improve. Same goes for Pakistan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Recently Saudi Crown Prince executed all his family members in the name of weeding out corruption. This indirectly consolidated his position inside the Saudi kingdom.

When we see the only Islamic nuclear power, Pakistan we see that Pakistan Army is in-charge of political decisions.


Whenever there is a loss of faith, the Pakistan Army increases skirmishes with Indian side. Now the Pakistan Army is inclined to remove major political obstacles and get in religious right wing into Politics. In other words, they want to get global terrorists into power. International opinion on Pakistan is on the negative side. Pakistan is considered as a country that supports terror organisations. It has the credit of having the maximum number of people designated as terrorists by international organisation and countries. The country is to go for general elections this year. All this gives rise to a feeling that Pakistan might go into a major skirmish to war like situation with India or Afghanistan. It seems that there is war on the mind of Pakistan.

Similarly, its major enemy India is going in for general elections by end of 2018 or beginning 2019. It would be to the advantage of Pakistan to initiate terrorist attacks and engage India in some form or the other.
The world has to wait and watch to see what is next for Pakistan and the Islamic world. This would be the first time when an Islamic Nuclear Power would be challenged for its survival.