05 Feb 2018: According to reports from Inter-Services Public Relations a suicide bombing left 11 Army Soldiers killed. The incident happened in an army camp in Kabal, located in Swat area. Apart from the dead, thirteen others (soldiers) were injured in the bombing that was carried out at the sports area of an army unit, the military’s media wing said in a statement. The bombing targeted the recreational facilities in the army camp.


Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed the responsibility of the suicide bombing. It had earlier also taken responsibility for various incidents which resulted in Army soldiers killed in action.

Pakistan army has launched a massive lockdown around the area. The Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) was in control of the Swat valley since 2007-09. TTP has a reputation of imposing the harsh Sharia laws. This imposition has resulted in public floggings and executions until military operation drove them out of cities and villages.

TTP has been in limelight for all the wrongs of the medieval period.  The group has been responsible for numerous militant attacks and murder of local leaders. This bombing is the first major attack after a period of three years.  After Pakistan army conducted its Operations in 2009 the Swat valley was peaceful. With large concerns of Police on security, several checkpoints are being manned jointly with the participation of Pakistan Army.

Army Soldiers Killed

Earlier ISPR had reported only three fatal casualties. However, after a leakage of information into media about additional fatalities the military’s media wing retracted and reported confirmed 11 fatal casualties. On inquiry, the officer confirmed that 7 critically wounded succumbed to their injuries raising the death toll to eleven.

As per our freelance journalist, the details of the 11 deceased and declared Martyred are

1.Capt Jazib

2.N Sub Zahid

3.Dfr Ibrahim

4.Dfr Nadeem

5.LD Asif Ijaz

6.LD Mehar Khan

7.Swr Asif

8.ALD Shakeel

9.Swr Nadeem

10.Swr Ziafat

11.NCB Munawar

Initial investigations had shown that a suicide bomber blew himself up while soldiers were playing volleyball. All the casualties were shifted to Combined Military hospital Saidu Sharif.

Suspected Immediate Reason

This attack came after police arrested one Siraj Khan on a tip-off in Kabal area. He was wanted in many cases. In another raid in Matta tehsil, Mohammad Ali Shah was arrested by security forces. These arrests may have triggered the critical balance in the area which may have forced the TTP to indulge in this drastic act of revenge resulting in Army Soldiers killed.

Points to Ponder

Pakistan ISI trained these militants to operate in Afghanistan and India and they are attacking now in Pakistan as they cannot bite in those countries. It is a matter of concern for Pakistan as to why such snakes are bred in the first place. It is not the first time that Pakistani blood was spilled by these snakes. These snakes have been killing our Young Army Officers every now and then. Pakistan Intelligence community had been doing un-Islamic activities of poking nose into other countries and formenting trouble. Hope the ISI chief and Pakistan Army chief have read Quran and not forgotten the teaching of Prophet. Prophet had warned Muslims against tormenting trouble even in countries where the ruler is not a Muslim. Maybe this is the reason why the snakes created by our government are now biting their masters. We will have to ask who gave this authority to the military top brass in Pakistan when Prophet himself did not have it.

We are losing our children in the form of suicide bombers and as young soldiers protecting us. Time and again these Politicians and Generals stay in air-conditioned rooms in Islamabad and making money from corrupt methods.

Let us rise to the occasion and pledge our solidarity to the grieving families of eleven soldiers. May Allah have mercy on their souls.