18 Jan 2018, Thursday: 

Atrocities on women  in Pakistan are on a rise and cases such as that of  Zainab of Kasur have exposed Pakistan to the world as the most dangerous place for young girls and women. Acid attacks, rapes, murders, infanticide, sexual exploitation the list of atrocities on women is shameful.   The big question is that, are the women in Pakistan supposed to live in fear forever?

Gender inequality root cause for atrocities on women in Pakistan

Is it gender inequality the reason why women in Pakistan are subjected to violence and abuse which is almost inhumane? There is no denying that men and women who grow up in a system of inequality will harbor unrealistic expectations which would eventually encourage exploitation of the vulnerable  sex by the other. Devaluing lives of women from the time of her birth, is a dangerous practice which has created a diabolical society full off heinous activities commited on women.

The recent case of rape and murder of a dozen girls in Kasur  Pakistan is just one of the many horrid stories which get buried under the recurring atrocities on women all over Pakistan. If we see the timeline of just past six months it will be a nerve wracking to read through the horrifying acts committed by men over Pakistani women.

Marital Abuse : Atrocities on women in Pakistan

Jan 2018: A Pakistani doctor Fatima Shireen took to Twitter to talk about her medical experience when she came across a patient who was brought in because she was suffering from excessive post coital bleeding  since she was treated most inhumanely.

Jan 2018: 26 year old Saniyah Ahmed succumbed to her burn injuries in Rawalpindi, Pakistan in a pre-planned murder during her honeymoon. The young bride was charred to death in a planned murder by family members who put her ablaze in the kitchen. 

Nov 2017: 19 year old

Khanzadi Lashari was strangled by her groom Qalandar Baksh Khokha. Qalandar killed her after finding out that she  was not a virgin.

Nov 2017: Some 20 people from Multan, Pakistan, have been arrested for ordering the rape of a teenage girl. This heinous act was in revenge for a rape her brother had allegedly committed.

Sexual Exploitation and abuse :  Atrocities on women in Pakistan

Jan 2018: The seven year old girl, Zainab Ansari, disappeared while going to a nearby home for Quranic studies and her body was found in a Kasur waste-yard. Reports confirmed that she was raped and brutally murdered and it was further revealed that this was the 12th such case in the district of Kasur in the past 12 months.

Honor Killing : Atrocities on women in Pakistan 

A strong tradition exists in Pakistan to kill a woman who dishonors her husband or father through a even a suspicion of improper behaviour, specially sexual so that family honor can be restored. The number of such killings are on a rise connected to perception of honor. A case was reported where in a man dreamt of hs wife cheating on him and that prompted him to murder her. Sadly perpetrators of such crime are rarely prosecuted or punished with very light sentences.  It is seen that by and large in Pakistan even the educated and urban persons approve of such heinous traditional practices. Those who oppose are silenced by the threat that the  honor of their religion will be questioned.

Oct 2017: Teenage Pakistani couple, 15 year old Bakht Jan and her 17 year old  boyfriend Rehman, were murdered in cold blood – electrocuted in yet another case of honor killing in Pakistan. Police say the couple were planning to elope but their families found out and tribal elders ordered them killed.

Qandeel Baloch, 26, a tele star was allegedly strangled to death by her brother, Muhammad Waseem, in a suspected honour killing. A high-profile cleric, Mufti Abdul Qavi involved with the actress feared exposure and instigated brother to murder her.

Such atrocities on women in Pakistan are a routine affair with another case of  a girl torched in Pakistan reported by BBC.  Village elders, the 15-member jirga ordered the girl, named as Amber, to be killed and set alight as punishment for helping her friend to marry of her own free will.

Some 80km (50 miles) west of Dera Ismail Khan city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, armed men forced a 16-year-old girl to walk half-naked through the village, claiming it was to redeem their family honour.

 Atrocities on women in Pakistan need to stop

Cases like these are common in Pakistan but are rarely ever reported since the very mention of them supposedly brings great shame to the name of the family and country. Which is why there is a dire need to address these issues to come in support of helpless women living in fear in Pakistan.