Allah save Pakistan and its people from this self-presumed savior ~ Pakistan Army!

Pakistan is passing through one of the most dangerous periods of instability. This instability goes far beyond Al Qaida, the Taliban, and the war in Afghanistan. A net assessment of the patterns of violence and stability indicate that Pakistan is approaching a perfect storm of threats, including uncontrollable extremism, a failed economy, chronic underdevelopment, intensifying war, resentment in people, deepening divide between state and the army resulting in unprecedented political, economic and social turmoil.

Police clueless , instability in Pakistan . It’s a pity that even when police officials opened fire, scores of demonstrators continued to protest the rape and murder of a seven-year-old girl in the central Pakistani town of Kasur. Incidents of rape, murder, extortion, terrorism are flooding Pakistani cities in a blood bath on an everyday basis.

Police was aware of the Paedophelia ring in Kasur

Al Jazeera reported that, in 2015, more than 200 children were targeted by a criminal gang operating a paedophilia ring in the village of Hussain Khanwala, about 10km south of Kasur. The children were sexually exploited and recorded on video, with footage being sold and used to blackmail their families, according to a fact-finding report by the Human Rights Commission Pakistan. It is a pity that only two people have been convicted so far.

These rapists act because they know they won’t get caught. This lackadaisical or rather blind attitude of the state (which is neck deep in corruption) towards a series of such incidents, indicate a dangerous culture in which such hideous acts are acceptable in the Pakistani society. Repeatedly, Karachi in Pakistan is bagging the position of the second most dangerous city for women in the world. Women in Baluchistan are seeking help worldwide, as atrocities committed on them by Pak Army, ISI and state agencies are now beyond humanity.

Travel warnings issued by the West due to instability in Pakistan

Various TV channels, news reports suggest that the current law and order situation Pakistan is akin to that of an uprising. It appears that the people of Pakistan are charged and wanting to overthrow the state machinery which has repeatedly failed to provide safety to their children and women.

There are reports of demonstrators ransacking all government and civil establishments and targeting all uniformed men. In this context the US and other countries in the west have issued travel warnings to their citizens, urging them not to travel to Pakistan for the time being.

Military coup knocking Pakistan’s door next

There are monstrous shortfalls in the states capacity and willingness to provide for its citizens in ways that have swept the country in a tide of violence. These failures intermix with a growing wave of Sunni-Deobandi radicalization that manifests in anti-state violence, sectarian intolerance and violence against women.


Why coups will keep knocking in Pakistan

This is driven by a mix of ideology, religion, politics, governance, economics, and demographics that make a concoction of all the ingredients that caused instability in Middle Eastern regimes, therefore the coups will keep knocking in Pakistan.

12 Jan18 /Friday