Pakistan Army sponsored militancy in Kashmir

From the earliest years of the conflict in Kashmir, militant outfits fighting for independence or accession to Pakistan have committed grave violations ofinternational human rights and humanitarian law.

The militants’ military operations are generally characterized by ambushes of security force patrols and convoys and hit-and-run attacks on security force bunkers and pickets, for which they generally use AK-47 and AK-56, LMGs, grenades, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and anti-personnel mines.

 Arms Pipeline: Pakistan Army to Kashmir

It is a known fact that much of this weaponry reaches Kashmir from the arms bazaar in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province a vast black market for weapons, Inter Services Intelligence and other quasi official sources.

 The Arms Pipeline: The Chinese connection

Inquiry reports by security, intelligence agencies into CRPF camp attack in Lethpora on 31st Dec 17, have revealed startling facts. It is now ascertained that Pakistani terrorists are using Chinese steel bullets to target Indian forces in J&K.

The bullet proof jackets used by the CRPF jawans were fit to repel bullets having copper head. However, JeM terrorists used bullets made up of steel which forensic reports suggest is being supplied to Pakistani ordinance factories by China.

Chinese weaponry now mainstay of  Pakistan Army

China has become the world’s third largest weapons exporters with Pakistan emerging as the top recipient of its arms at 63%. China-made equipment and weaponry jointly developed and manufactured by China and Pakistan are now the main force of ground equipment in Pakistani military.

As per reliable sources, it is revealed that Pakistan had recently ordered new weaponry including snipers & over 2000 ground-based launchers from China. These are now being used by Pakistan’s notorious Border Action Team

Pakistan Army is a cache of Chinese weapon

Small arms  Type 56 Assault rifle, Type 54 HMG, QLZ87 Automatic grenade launcher, Norinco Type 63-1

Armour  600 x Al Khalid tanks (variants of Chinese Type 90-II tank), Al 500 x Zarrar, Type 85-IIAP MBT, Type 69-IIMP MBT, Type 59, Type 69-IIMP, W653 recovery vehicle, Baktar-Shikan – anti tank

Arty A-100  Multiple rocket launcher, Type 83 (Azhar)

Air defense system China LY-80 LOMADS, China FM-90  Surface-to-air missile   China HN-5A      

Aircrafts  CAIC Z-10, 300 x JF-17 fighter planes, UAV very similar to the “CH-3” by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), K-8 trainer aircraft, 04 x Karakoram Eagle airborne early warning & control aircraft (AWACS)

Navy (new purchases)

08 x conventional diesel-electric submarines

04 x 2,5000-ton Zulfiquar-class frigates

04 x 560-ton Azmat-class fast attack craft, essentially missile boats armed with eight C-802 anti-ship missiles

09 x HQ-16 medium range surface-to-air missile systems

Human right violation, Pakistan Army’s unethical practices

It is hard not to see the mood of brutality connected. The professional ethics of Pak Army on the lines in which Pak’s Ordinance Factory, Wah work are once again out in the open. However, nothing much can be expected from a military establishment which believes in jeopardizing its own state and is busy fooling its citizens.

Pakistan is declared a terrorist haven by the west, and is no more an ally of the US.  While Pakistan is jolted from all corners nearing its end, it is heard that China is having a hearty laugh close doors and same time sheepishly voicing support to a failed state, knowing that now Pak has nowhere to go but succumb to China.

Pakistan bleeding but Chinese interests in Pakistan succeeding

The two countries see eye to eye on an array of political and economic issues that make them natural partners as they both seek to enhance their regional influence and protect their strategic interests.

Firstly, they are united in their distrust of India’s strategic intentions and growing power. Seeking to challenge US hegemony across various areas and with enough heft to keep India unbalanced, either directly or through Pakistan.

Secondly, China is close (has succeeded) to supplanting the US as the major supplier to Pakistan of military equipment.

China also casts covetous eyes on Pakistan’s fine saltwater ports as a strategic option for the transshipment of oil and other natural resources. To this end she is investing heavily in Pakistan’s transportation and communication infrastructure development.

China has tactfully managed all of the above with a blinded ally who is on a self destructing mission.

12 Jan 2018/Friday