12 Jan 2018/Friday.   

Pakistan is well known for its tricks to lure Kashmiris in to believing that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan. With great fanfare Pakistan had announced that the Maritime Patrol Vessel being constructed in China for Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) would be named PMSS Kashmir. Pakistan wanted to project to the world through this naming of the Maritime Patrol Vessel that ‘Kashmir’ is its integral part. However, the destiny had something else in mind.

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) has already inducted and commissioned two Island class ships – PMSS Sabqat and PMSS Rafaqat. All preparations were made for commissioning of this ship named PMSS KASHMIR, weighing 1500 tons, biggest so far, on 20 Dec 2017. A crew of 10 Officers and 64 Sailors were deputed to China for training and bringing it to Pakistan. However, anything named ‘Kashmir’ is not destined to be of Pakistan. The ship started facing troubles during construction as soon as it was decided to be named as ‘Kashmir’. It developed serious problems in its brand-new engines and needed replacement. This is probably cautionary of misfortune for anything named ‘Kashmir’ that Pakistan would try to own. The crew of the Maritime Patrol Vessel have been sent back home from China and the commissioning has been postponed indefinitely. The name ‘Kashmir’ is unlucky for Pakistan and it should not try to claim or name anything called ‘Kashmir’.

Analysts have pointed out yet another reason for the postponement. China fearing India’s backlash has itself delayed the inauguration, as the time is not right for such provocative actions.