04 Jan 2018/Thursday.

High level National Security Committee (NSC) of Pakistan has issued a weak counter narrative in response to various anti Pak actions taken by US Administration in the recent past. The entire essence of this narrative is to show Pakistan’s innocence and sincerity in fighting terror. Pakistan laments that its war against terror is not being appreciated by the US. What Pakistan needs to understand that in absence of any credible evidence no nation will accept what Pakistan wants it to believe. No major country except China and Russia has shown convergence with Pakistan’s view. These countries also have only chosen to say that Pakistan has done its bit and refrained from confronting Trump, which essentially says that Pakistan should end the double game with US and do more on terror. The stand taken by US Administration and Pakistan is confrontationist and will lead to only deterioration geo strategic sit in the region. The US want s Pak to do more and Pakistan says it has already done enough and wants US to desist from threatening.  Overall it definite that Pakistan has not been successful in convincing US of its viewpoint on the complete issue of counter terrorism. So far Pakistan has chosen to show only disappointment over US President’s anti-Pakistan statement and decided not to take any aggressive measure in haste in reply to US accusations. The response is confined to only issuing press notes and interviews in various newspapers and TV channels.

Pakistan’s counter narrative came soon after the meeting of hurriedly called National Security Committee attended by the PM Abbasi, Director General Military Operations and Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Chaudhry. The gist of the counter narrative is as under:

 . Pakistan is undeterred in its resolve for establishing peace in Pakistan and has fought the war on terror with         unflinching resolve.

 . Trump’s comments “struck with great insensitivity” and “negated the decades of sacrifices made by the Pakistani nation”.

 . Pakistan can not be blamed for failures in Afghanistan and accusing allies will not lead to the establishment of peace in the neighbouring countries.

 . Large areas of Afghanistan are outside the government’s writ and have become safe havens for terrorists which endanger the region.

 . Pakistan’s anti-terrorism operations have wiped out al-Qaeda from the region.

 . Pakistani nation knows how to defend itself and vowed to continue efforts for stability in the region.

Recently Pakistan’s Defence Minister gave an interview to BBC Urdu Service. It only proved Pakistan’s arrogance in dealing with the whole issue. The Defence Minister was categorical in its statement that Pakistan is a responsible and reckonable power and the US cannot threaten it the way it is doing. He was quite vocal in saying that there are no safe sanctuaries in Pakistan and the US should provide sound and actionable intelligence rather than resorting to rhetoric. Ironically the same was being said for years, before US hunted down Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

From Indian perspective Pakistan’s theory of “Good Terrorists and Bad Terrorists” is not sustainable as at some point of time the paths of these terror groups converge and it becomes very difficult to single out and take action against them. Pakistan now finds itself in the same quagmire and is unable to extract itself honorably. Its policy of nurturing, so called “strategic assets” is back firing on them and if it does not learn from past; it is destined to doom.