26 Dec 2017/Tuesday   

It is common for an elected political leader of a ruling party in any Government to visit his constituency and other public places and promise infrastructures and other facilities to them. It’s done less for the welfare but to cement their vote banks for the future duel with opposing parties. Bureaucrats and Government officials may do so, but within their own organisation and for their own employees.    

However, promises made by Chief Justice of Pakistan during his recent visit to an hospital and by Army Chief of Pakistan to his hometown has raised many a hackles, many of them with frown, as it is seen stepping over the toes of so called public servants. Visits are been seen as remarkable for Army Chief promising a Stadium at his home town and Chief Justice’s vow to improve healthcare to the patients.

These incidents have not gone too well with the think tanks of the country and have been taken as interference in the local governing mechanism. Lately, particularly after the Faizabad’s sit in incident Pakistan Army came under lot of criticism and people voiced concern about the Army’s involvement in politics. During the incident it was said that the negotiations by the army on behalf of government was unconstitutional resulting in Pakistan government kneeling down to an ultra-religious party TehreekeLabaik (TYL) which ended with the resignation of country’s Law Minister Zahid Hamid. It is even alleged that Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the leader of TYL had the backing of army chief who refused to act against the protesters even after being requisitioned by the elected Government.

It is felt that the elected government may be however incompetent and wanted, the authority and ability to govern must remain with them. There is a certain need to constitutionally, as well as in the interest of drawing clear lines of responsibility, to ensure such incidents must be avoided at any cost as it doesn’t behove a Chief Justice, or an Army Chief of the country.

As the country is already in disarray, such activities will further erode the public standing of the elected government and may lead to serious consequences. Country, having history of army rulers in the government, certainly do not want a repeat of Zia or Pervez Musharraf.