Islamabad: Pakistan’s civilian government has been under the lens for its activities against its neighbours. The civilian government has been under pressure from its military which is using the civilian regime as a puppet for completing its own selfish tasks. Be it CPEC or relations with India the military pulls the final straw. These tendencies of being a Self-Harming Nation have not taken too far but Pakistan is already in a quagmire of debt and having a bad reputation in various world forums. Indians have been keeping quiet for the past five decades but now they are taking Pakistan propaganda by its horns. Pakistan on the other hand is proving to be a Self-Harming Nation.

Afghan accuses Pakistan a Self-Harming Nation

The Afghan government on 05 April 2018 accused Pakistan of air strikes in the Afghan province of Kunar, on Afghan – Pakistan, causing “huge financial damage”. This accusation comes ahead of a scheduled visit by Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to Kabul on 06 April 2018. During the visit, he and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani are expected to discuss cooperation in stopping militant attacks. PAF jets dropped four bombs in evening of 04 April 2018 in Kunar’s Dangam district, according to a statement from Afghanistan’s ministry of foreign affairs. It did not elaborate on the damage and made no mention of any casualties. “Afghanistan warns that continuing violations of international norms … will have further consequences on the relations between the two countries,” the ministry said. Pakistan as a self-harming nation has gone into a neighbouring country by violating its airspace and now if India does the same can it defend its stand?

Self-Harming Nation meddling inside Indian affairs

Punjab Police’s Counterintelligence Wing on 05 April 2018 claimed to have arrested Sikh youth Inderjit Singh alias Rinku From Mohali. He is allegedly trained by Pakistan’s ISI in making improvised explosive devices (IEDs). He is a native of Faridabad and is an engineering graduate with an MBA degree. Explosive materials, including advanced electronic remote controls, chemicals, and light remote controls, were seized from his car (HR 01 AR 5972). The state counter-intelligence wing had earlier this week (on 02 April 2018) arrested four youths from Gunachur village in Banga sub-division of Nawanshahr district. They were also allegedly trained by Pakistan’s ISI. The arrested youth were allegedly planning to highlight the Khalistan issue in IPL matches to be held in Mohali. It has come to light that ISI has been in touch with these individuals through Facebook. Such un-Islamic activities bringing disrepute to followers Islam and endangering their life is haram. Then how is ISI conducting such operations being from a country following sharia?

Extortion to fund Terrorists

On February 28, Anti Violent and Crime Cell (AVCC) conducted a raid on an empty house located in the outskirt of Karachi. The raid was conducted in the Mangopir locality, one of the areas dominated by Taliban and other militant groups. AVCC police raided with the assistance of Secret Security Agency and recovered a skeleton of a man from the basement house. Sources revealed that the raid had been conducted when two arrested militants unveiled the location of the house where they dumped the victims for ransom. The skeleton of the man sent to the laboratory for DNA and matched the details with the families of unsolved cases of abducted victims of kidnapping for ransom.

Militant groups remain engaged in terror financing using country’s commercial hub Karachi to generate funds through robberies, extortion, and kidnapping for ransom, our freelance reporter learned. In which progressive countries such brutal acts by terror outfits go unpunished except in a self-harming nation like Pakistan. Similarly, Sindh Ranger troops have recently arrested two suspected militants affiliated with the banned militant outfit – Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan in a targeted raid conducted in Kharadar area. This shows that the government of Pakistan is not understanding the terrorist groups at all. It is going into a quagmire of un-Islamic ways and fast dropping into a Self-Harming Nation.

Jamaat- e-Islami (JI) Offensive against India

Jamaat- e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq on 05 April 2018 called for a serious planning and budgetary allocation to launch a vigorous diplomatic campaign to highlight Indian brutalities in held Kashmir. He is forgetting how on the same day another Kashmiri Manzoor Ahmad Bhat was brutally beheaded by followers of Jamaat. We are not posting the images received from our journalist as their brutality is not fit for publication.

Talking to the media after addressing a religious event at the Mansoora mosque here, the JI leader said that Pakistan should launch a diplomatic offensive against India as occupied Kashmir could not be liberated through talks. Siraj said if New Delhi does not grant Kashmiris the right to self-determination, it would have to face dozens of revolts within the country. He said that India would break up because of more than 70 freedom movements going on in India. He actually seems to have not read the clauses under which a self-determination can be held. Pakistan side has already changed the demography of Pakistan occupied part of Kashmir whereas India has tried to maintain status-quo by giving it special status. If Pakistani citizens keep giving such inflammatory statements about a state like India where Muslims are not oppressed like in Pakistan itself then it would bring disrepute to Islam. This is a trait of Self-Harming Nation.

Self-Harming Nation jumping on to Salman Khan

Bollywood actor Salman Khan was convicted of breaking law in his country. Why should Pakistan be bothered about it? Indian courts have been supportive of all minorities even when a government of India wanted to enact a law supreme court of India came to rescue of the minorities many times unlike in Pakistan. In 1999, while shooting for a film in Rajasthan, Bollywood actor Salman Khan, was involved in a poaching incident concerning blackbucks. He and a few other film actors went out hunting and ended up killing two blackbucks and several Chinkaras.

It is already extinct in Bangladesh and Indians went on to protect it. While punishing Salman Khan the court remarked that he is a habitual offender. Pakistan foreign minister Khawaja Asif came out with a rather uncanny rationale behind Salman Khan’s conviction by attributing his fate to his religion. He said that ‘Khan was sentenced because he is a minority‘. If such things can happen in a Self-Harming Nation like Pakistan, not in a country like India. India has many examples where it punished criminals without gauging their religion or class or status. It’s a lesson we in Pakistan should learn if we do not want to be a Self-Harming Nation where minorities (like Hazaras even though Muslims) are targeted by the majority.

Point to Ponder

Pakistan is going for the general election and we have to decide whom do we want to bring to power. Un-Islamic leaders or Islamic. People have to decide and think. The Islamic clergy is known to be corrupt for power in every country. The army is busy making money from corrupt practices and retaining power over the government. People of Pakistan will suffer only due to their bad choices that they will make in the coming general elections.


Pakistan refuses to aid Afghan refugees

On 14 March 2018, Islamabad has confirmed that it has refused the demand of the international community to divert $200 million (Rs22.1 billion) pledged by it for development of Afghanistan. These funds were required to offer incentives to Afghan refugees in Pakistan for their repatriation. This was expected by the international community and hence they did not react with usual force. Their response was calculated calmness. Pakistan is plunging into a new low after this break of promise due to its financial mess created by its own wrongdoing.

A senior government official told our freelance journalist that the most of Afghan refugees had left for their homeland in 2016 due to the payment of US$400 (Rs44,248) per person by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to each Afghan refugee.

He added, “The UNHCR has now halved this incentive which has adversely affected the repatriation process. However, international agencies have now asked Pakistan to divert US$200 million out of US$500 million which it pledged to the government of Afghanistan for their development.”

Pakistan is of the view that the repatriation of Afghan refugees is an international issue and should not be dealt with bilaterally. Therefore, Pakistan will not be contributing another $200 per person to their repatriation as they are the responsibility of the international community, the UNHCR, and Kabul.

Self-Harming Nation refuses due to domestic BOP crisis

The official said this amount is being requested to be given from the $500 million that Pakistan had promised to contribute to the development of Afghanistan. However, Pakistan intends to use the amount for its designated purpose as its contributions to Afghan development will be more visible and project a better image of the country as compared to piecemeal payments to individual refugees. On ground, Pakistan wants to refrain from any drain in its foreign exchange reserves. Delays of any form are welcome for its own economy.

Pak Army’s original Plot

He said the return of Afghan refugees in 2016 was due to conductive conditions prevailing in Afghanistan, which have since deteriorated. This situation is likely to get even worse in the next couple of months and the refugees are not likely to be lured right now with a monetary incentive, he said. He was predicting after interacting with Pakistan Army which has directed Haqqani network to take armed conflict on ruling government in Afghanistan.

Exploitation of Jihadi Network

The government believes that return of Afghan refugees should be gradual and voluntary and with dignity and honor. However, this option of voluntary return is available to only to those who have a Proof of Registration (PoR) card. Others residing in Pakistan illegally cannot exercise this option. The Pakistan Army proposes to use those left out for their exploitation and systematic use into their jihadi networks.

Self-Harming Nation: Safron Meet

Safron (States and Frontier Region Ministry) submitted a plan to the cabinet in its meeting held on January 31. The meeting had approved an extension in the validity of the PoR cards and tripartite agreement till March 31, 2018. Cabinet meeting also directed Safron to resubmit other proposals in the next cabinet meeting.

Safron submitted different proposals in a meeting of cabinet held last month. The cabinet was requested to extend the validity of the PoR cards and tripartite agreement till June 30, 2018.

Saffron asked to approve diverting US$200 million out of US$500 million already pledged by Pakistan to Afghanistan for payment to Afghans as resettlement grant after three months of their repatriation.

Repatriation of Afghan refugees our of a Self-Harming Nation

It also requested to identify undocumented and unregistered Afghans immediately and deport them under section 14 of the Foreigners Act. Deportation plan should be executed by Interior division and provincial governments.

Safron proposed to form committees on federal and provincial levels for implementation and monitoring progress on deportation. It requested to provide funds to provincial governments and relevant federal ministries and departments of finance division.

15 Mar 18/Thursday.                                                                                                                                                    


23 Jan 2018: In this self-harming nation series of essays I had tried to bring out to the people of Pakistan that our country is heading to. Actually, we have reached back to the pinnacle of negativity. Our morally straight military leaders’, corrupt politicians’ spineless bureaucrats have sold their soul to either the un-Islamic clerics or the medieval male chauvinistic leaders in the society. Our leaders have been obsessed with Kashmir ( as if it is a Holy grail of all our problems in Pakistan.

Pakistan projects itself as a peaceful nation.

It may be peaceful but what about our army firing at Kashmiri civilians. In Kashmir, it is said more blood is being spilled due to our shelling rather than Indian army atrocities. Like in 1970’s we have alienated our Baluch brothers but want to help Kashmiris. I do not understand where in Islam is it written that spreading disorder in another country is Islamic. Our leaders have been doing un-Islamic activities due to which we as people are experiencing the wrath of Allah. We portray that we are Islamic and do not fear to be truthful however the same is not true on the ground. Our leaders have been spreading lies killing each other and spreading rumors.

Respect for women in India

Recently Indian actress died in Dubai. Entire media is after the authorities for giving out the details. This is not the first time that such a thing has happened. Sometime back when a leading politician from one of the southern states died then also the press made hue and cry on the issue regarding to death. Then there was a death of not so big personality such as a wife of another politician which is in news. In our country, Mrs. Benazir Bhutto was killed and no one is bothered. Even now we are not clear who was actually responsible for her death. It seemed to me in particular that she died in vain. This is in actuality respect the Indians give to their women. Under the Pakistani law, women are treated negatively.


Respect for women in Self-Harming Nation

We in Pakistan do not respect our women. There instances where daughters are killed inside their houses by electrocution. In most cases, these never reported as they are honor killings. Mostly the killings are due to suspicion about being in an affair with another boy. We have religious clerics who pass dictates that women of a state in Pakistan are war booty and public property. We have a history of disrespecting our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Women expect protection from their families relatives and friends. If they do not get it where will they go? This is the question we have to ask everyone.

Promoting Sharia leading to ISIS

We are an Islamic country and look at sharia for solving our issues. We have been promoting the same in other countries. The ISIS today has been promoting the sharia to letter and spirit. They have been brutally beheading and killing innocent men, women, and children in the name of sharia. These innocent victims were in cases were never involved in any kind of crimes in their entire life. They had never harmed anyone and in some cases were even Muslims. This promotion of sharia blindly without some modifications as per the times will hinder our countries growth. In the international sphere, if we follow sharia it doesn’t concern others, but when we see ISIS killing in the name of Sharia then people will see us with concerns. It would be better for our clerics to keep quiet and follow practices but not create noise. We have to learn to behave and change with time which these clerics are not ready to do and this is making lives of people of Pakistan miserable in near future. Pakistan is already listed into the Grey-list, shortly we are going to see Pakistan in Black-list.

Killings of government officials in Kashmir: Kashmiriyat or Sharia

Of late it has been seen that ISIS has been raising its head in Pakistan through its reverse route i.e. from Kashmir. The Indian government is totally unreliable when we say that they will be able to contain ISIS. As on date after every Friday prayer, the Kashmiri youth come out on streets with ISIS flags. Recently after killing of Burhan Wani Zakir, Musa took over. He immediately switched his loyalties from Pakistan to ISIS. So the entire obsession and effort of ISI to gain control of Pakistan will shortly go down the drain as was with ISIS is a completely different ball game. Now the people of Pakistan will have to choose between Kashmiriyat and Sharia. As a self-harming nation, we have to decide we will go ahead with our failing Kashmir policy and freely invite the ISIS radicals or stop all the militant camps. The recent images have given out by ISIS it claimed that they have killed J&K Police jawan Farooq Ahmed Yatoo in Srinagar. It is second such claim in the last six months. This is giving a clear indication that ISIS is influencing the Kashmiri youth. This will also influence the Mujahidin sent by ISI. Once they return they will bring with them the ISIS ideology. These Mujahidin will be out of the control of their old ISIS master and will start taking over the control of militant camps. This will surely make us a self-harming nation.


Points to Ponder

Recently we have been listed into the grey-list by FTFA in Paris. Our long-standing friend China did not hold on to our hand. Our ally Saudi’s dropped support to us when Americans threatened them. This is ditching Muslims by another Muslim in the hour of trouble.  Turkey also did not hold on to the American and British diplomatic attack. Now we are at the brink of a balance of payment crisis. If that happens we will have to go back to IMF and other international banks seeking loans at larger interest rates.

The general elections are around the corner; I cannot dictate the people of Pakistan whom to vote. I can just say that let’s not vote for spineless people who cannot stand for the people of Pakistan and their well-being. Let’s prove to the world that we are not a self-harming nation that is going to go down the lane of history as a nation that could not make its mark.

28 Feb 18/Wednesday.


23 Jan 2018: In recent times Pakistan is earning a lot of negative publicity, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values of require a relook as they seem to be stuck in the medieval period. Our leaders have been obsessed with Kashmir as if it is a Holy grail of all our problems in Pakistan. Muslims living in India has progressed by leaps and bounds. Our religious fanatics are preaching wrongs in Madrasas to our children and turning them into fundamentalists. They are turning Pakistan into a Self-Harming Nation. The madrasas in Indonesia and Malaysia are doing a wonderful job of teaching religion and modern sciences to their children. They are incorporating newer syllabus into the Madrasa curriculum.

Our Bureaucratic and Military leaders do not want the madrasa system to modernize in Pakistan. If the system is modernized they will not get our children as cannon fodder for their Jihadi war machine. On the one hand we are projecting Pakistan as a progressive Islamic country with Nuclear capability and on the other hand, our friends are suspecting Islam to be not fully open to them. Our system of education is based on systems used in medieval period. Clerics who have to obey Prophet and be neutral have been trying to bulldoze their way into issuing fatwas on music, theatre, and films. The same is not applicable in Pakistan as long as Pakistani actors work and get dollars from a foreign country. These are double standards followed under the directions of Pakistan Army top brass. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will surely lose their Islamic identity in the near future and become a self-harming nation.  

Story of two Non-Self-Harming Countries

Malaysia and Indonesia are both Muslim countries however they have adapted to the changing times without major compromises on their religion. They are the best examples of non-Self-Harming Nation. Malaysian leaders have taken a balanced view on their religion and their technological requirements. The Madrasas there not only teach religious subjects but also science and modern concepts of education are adopted. The Madrasas in these two countries were not so modern or technology-oriented till recently. There are nearly 900 new schools that have been registered in Malaysia alone. Malaysian PM Najib Razak gave RM30 million (S$9.7 million) for development of Tahfiz education system. This was done to provide financial aid to empower privately run institutions. For gaining access to assistance a Madrasa has to register itself. However, there is no compulsion for Madrasas to register.

Impact of ISIS on Education system in Indonesia and Malaysia

Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant, Lotfi Ariffin killed in Syria in 2014, had revealed to have jointly founded a madrasah in Malaysia’s Kedah state. This lead to fears that ISIS militants may influence students in these Islamic schools. To block this influence of ISIS and financial air from terror groups and recruitment of terrorists from Madrasas Malaysian government had taken up the bold step of registration and financial assistance. In Malaysia like the world over the perceptions of Muslims have been distorted due to ISIS. In both countries, a mixed system of education is followed. Children go to Madrasa system of education and upon their completion of religious teaching, they shift to modern science and other curriculums. Infact, Mr. D Ahmad Husin has written a paper on the subject. It is one of the papers on which complete Indonesian and Malaysian system is based on.

Islamic Fatwas to Kashmiri Brothers at behest of a Self-Harming Nation

Kashmiri brothers are wonderful people who have great talent and creativity in Music and theatre. They have shown this ability in the past. Today as part of a grand plan by ISPR, ISI is buying muftis in India for issuing fatwas and warnings that music is haram under Quran. Some Muslims scholars believe that Music is prohibited/sinful in Islam. However, only music which leads to drugs, sex, and violence etc are only prohibited. But our Islamic clerics as directed by ISI, want the music, theatre and other modes of entertainment not to be allowed in Kashmir. Pakistan Army believes that young people should not congregate at a movie theatre or listen to music. This is because if they have free time and nowhere to spend the time then they will surely use the spare time towards terror and disruptive activities. However, these are not un-Islamic in Pakistan.

Kashmiri youth will one day remember that such dictums were given by the clerics to stop their freedom to learn and prosper. They will understand that the Pakistani grand plan is to enslave the Kashmiris, Balouchis and all. The Pakistan Military does not like free souls or people who can question.

Self-Harming Nation releasing dictates on women

Similar dictates are on Kashmiri women and actresses too.


However, These dictates are not applicable to Pakistani actresses. They want Kashmiri and other Muslim women to obey sharia. However, they do not want such a requirement to be mandatory for themselves. Women are the architect of any society. Not only in their role as a mother, daughter, and wife they play a major role in nation building. The state of women reflect the society at large, so it is essential that is aspect is viewed with utmost responsibility and sensitivity. However, the current trend in Pakistan wherein each day the deplorable state of women make headlines not only in our own country but worldwide. It is a serious cause for concern.

Atrocities on women in Pakistan is no more an in-house worry, but our dirty linen is now washed worldwide.

Karachi ranks as the second most dangerous country for women in the world, we rape 7 to 70 yrs old, we issue unrealistic fatwas, we dislike our women raising voice for their own basic rights and mostly we believe in silencing each one who dares to. Arent we the epitome of hypocrisy? On one hand, we shot Malala in the headand loathe her because that young activist spoke on the importance of education for young girls and on the other hand we admire Mahira Khan, Mia Khalifa and the likes who are openly promoting nudity, smoking and all other activities which are considered sin as per Quran.

The issue is not about Mahira smoking in a skimpily clad dress publicly, it is about accepting her this way but not others who don’t even desire for much but a dignified life. Similarly, we are ok watching Hollywood Bollywood movies infact the whole of Arab loves Bollywood but our Kashmiri brothers and sisters are forbidden to do the same. There are no cinemas in Kashmir however here our own actors, singers are desperate to be part of Bollywood. The list is endless, there is nothing logical in what we preach but the irony is that we don’t even act upon it ourselves. A serious introspection is required to understanding where we are headed. If women don’t feel safe in their own homes, we have always been a self-harming nation.  

ISI Buying Fatwas

None of the Pakistan Army officers’ wives are seen using hijab. They lead normal public life but the Muftis expect other Muslim women have been ordered (mainly in Kashmir) to follow hijabISI has been bribing Muslim religious leaders and Muftis into issuing these retrograde fatwas and exploiting the power of Muftis. This is only double standard. It is an open secret that Pakistan Army is involved in drug trafficking through Haqqani network. the same has been reported by international media. ISI and Pakistan Army has experience in the past smuggling Supari and Betel leaves (بيٹل ليف) in 1970s and now drugs like heroin.

Backing of Self-Harming Nation to un-Islamic Hurriyat

Hurriyat leaders in Kashmir who are picked and nursed by Pakistan Military in that country to instigate descent and disorder. The first question that comes up for scrutiny is how are these Hurriyat leaders Muslims as they do not have any loyalty to their land. They want to surrender their freedom to the bloodthirsty Pakistan Military who raped and killed many Kashmiris in 1947. Have we forgotten that to be a true Muslim one has to have loyalty to his country, regardless of his faith.

Spreading disorder is not Islamic

Our military leaders have been spreading disorder in to the east in Indian states of Punjab, Kashmir in the east and to the west in Afghanistan. Initially, in Afghanistan, we were spreading disorder in the name of opposing communism. Then to get control of drug money and natural resources as a futuristic grand plan of ISPR and Pakistan military top brass. Have they forgotten that creating disorder and descent is un-Islamic? I think they have not read Quran at all.

Teaching of Quran forgotten in Self-Harming Nation

This is the reason why Prophet and his followers left Macca without fighting. They clearly abstained from sowing any seed of dissension—exemplifying the Quranic injunction, “Create not disorder in the earth” (2:13).

Islam requires Muslims to not only obey their government but actively love their country – as Prophet Muhammad instructed, “Love of one’s country is a part of faith” (Sakhavi; Safinat al-Bihar, vol. 8, pg. 525; Mizan al-Hikmah, Hadith # 21928).

This is one of the reason why we see that none of the Hurriyat leaders or Jamaat-e-Islami (سلامی) have their children fighting in Kashmir.

The Holy Quran states, “O ye who believe, obey Allah and obey the Prophet and obey those in authority from among you” (4:60).

Prophet on Obedience to Ruler/Government

Prophet Muhammad also declared, “Whoso obeys the ruler obeys me, and whoso disobeys the ruler disobeys me”; “Listen to and obey your ruler, even if you despise him”. Our girls and boys can go and wear whatever they can in Hollywood and Bollywood because there they can make dollars required for the military war machine. They can go to any extent even run naked but Sania Mirza was given a fatwa for wearing a skirt in a tennis match. Is it not quite strange? That is because she makes money for her country and not Pakistan.

It would not be wrong if we say that the General of Pakistan Army in the past and present have strayed from the path shown by Prophet. Being an Islamic state we are not following the teachings of Prophet. We have strayed away from the path shown by Prophet to become a Self-Harming nation.

Points to Ponder

We as a progressive country should choose our path which was shown by Quaid-i-Azam. Most of the population is poor and mostly centered around feudalism. Most Young children go to Madrasas for their education. Just by catching a single terrorist in Syria cannot make the entire system bad. Malaysia and Indonesia have modified their education system to introduce modern subjects after religious teaching is imparted. This gives the students to be current and compete in modern day world. Preaching people not to listen to music or go to movies or theatres is derogatory and restrictive. This curtails creativity and increases the tendency to be destructive. ISPR is instigating hatred around Pakistan which is un-Islamic. Our ISI and ISPR are manipulating facts for money, for their war machinery. They are least concerned about the welfare of Pakistani people. 

We cannot allow the military, political and beurocratic bosses to make us Un-Islamic. We have to follow our religion respect our elders and women. Protect those who cannot protect themselves. This is Islam not to harass a weaker un-Islamic. We the people of Pakistan have to decide which path we choose to walk on, either the path is shown by Prophet or the path taken by the Military top brass and be a Self-Harming Nation.


23 Jan 2018/Tuesday: In recent times Pakistan is earning a lot of negative publicity, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values of require a relook as they seem to be stuck in the medieval period. Muslims living in our neighboring countries including India where our politicians highlight atrocities on women have progressed by leaps and bounds. We have been duped time again Bureaucratic and Military leaders. On the one hand we are projecting Pakistan as a progressive Islamic country with a Nuclear capability and on the other hand, our friends are suspecting Islam to be spreading hatred on other religions. Our system of education is based on systems used in medieval period. The Government medical vaccination campaigns are not liked by the Islamic militants and keep killing the vaccination workers. Our Clerics are untrained have no patience and think capital punishment is best suited.  Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will surely lose their Islamic identity in the near future and become a self-harming nation.

Self-Harming Nation: Sleeping with the enemy

The leadership of Pakistan both military and political have been supporting an unIslamic country for many years. Recently the same country confiscated the Holy book of Quran in the name of controlling violence. Such a blasphemous act was not even condemned by the leaders of Pakistani polity or military. This is not what Islam has preached us.

Un-Islamic Practices of an unFriendly true-Friend

They even asked all the Muslim households to display the supreme leader in the central hall of the house. The government in that country also passed legislation to ensure that the citizenry pays proper respects. Recently the state surveillance apparatus has started tracking all the Muslim religion followers using advanced face recognition systems. China is trying out this new tool in one of its favorite test beds, the restive region of Xinjiang. the Chinese Government has been making attempts to force Pakistan to be Un-Islamic by giving us loans at a very high-interest rate. They have been trying to 

The Muslim-dominated villages on China’s western frontier have installed systems that alert authorities when targeted people venture more than 1000 meters (approx) beyond the designated “safe areas”. The safe areas comprise of individuals’ homes and workplaces. The alert project connects feeds from security cameras to a database of people who have attracted the attention of authorities and tracks their movements within a particular area. The Chinese police can follow up or intercept or apprehend the individuals at a later at their own time.

Religious Restrictions on Muslims

China has started accelerating its efforts on installing security apparatus after reports that Uyghurs were involved in terror attacks in Beijing and Turkey. This is a curtailment of freedom of religion by China warranting Jihad on that nation. We are a self-harming nation performing the blasphemous act of sleeping with the enemy of Islam.

Our leaders keep pointing fingers towards India which has a sizable Muslim population and where except sharia all is well. There are eminent Muslims who are in the entertainment industry and business. On the other hand, we in Pakistan do not have a single non-Muslim to speak of the same.

Opposition to Vaccination in Self-Harming Nation

We are ourselves killing our own people in Pakistan indiscriminately. We have targeted weak women who are working for the better health of our children. Two women a mother 38 and daughter 16 were killed for working as polio vaccination campaign outside of Quetta by unknown gunmen. The Islamic militants consider each campaign as a cover for spying. They also believe that polio drop campaign is a plot to make Muslim boys sterile. In April 2016, seven Polio workers were killed in Karachi. 

Call of a Political leader in India

Imagine in India on the call of their PM they have started Swatch Bharat programme. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari in India everyone is changing their way of life. Muslims in India contributing maximum and their localities have been cleansed of all the muck. Even in the state of Jammu and Kashmir people are seen to have changed the way they live. They say one thing PM Modi has done is cleaned Indian cities to villages, improving hygine and sanitation.

Recently a small girl Jannat from Srinagar, Kashmir took her father in their Shikara to clean up the beautiful Dal lake. Her work was immediately noticed by News Channels and Freelance Journalists all over India. PM Modi was moved by the tweet and he personally tweeted on her video. Such a personal touch by national leaders of polity in the modern world is not a frequent occurrence. Looking at these events one can say that the Indian government does not see its Muslim population with an alienated eye. Our Military leaders do propagate that Muslims in India are being persecuted. However, the same is not true. They never raise a word against China. But our leaders are supporting China which is imposing restrictions on Muslims and fighting against India which is a Muslim friendly nation. These are the straits of Self-Harming Nation.

Killing in the name of Blasphemy

College students have taken arms to kill in the name of blasphemy.  In an incident, a class XII student on 22 Jan 2018 killed the principal of his college in Pakistan’s northwestern district of Charsadda all in the name of Blasphemy. It seems in Pakistan anyone can kill as long as he can blame it on the blasphemy. If such is the case in our country how can we blame country like India where the law is upheld. On the other hand, the Islamic clerics have gone so much impatient that they have killed or molested many of our children in the name of religion. Recently one of the Islamic Clerics was arrested for beating Muhammad Hussain an 8-year-old boy to death in Bin Qasim Town. The offense of the boy was that he tried to run away from a religious seminary.

Pints to Ponder

We as a progressive country should choose our path which was shown by Quaid-i-Azam. He had brought us together into a single nation from different parts of sub-continent. Immediately after the separation one part which. We should not stray away into the dark ages where these Islamic clerics are taking us by preaching the wrong things. They do not have any outlook which can be called as progressive and just want to carry on doing their ills to the civil society. Such people have to be restricted. Blasphemy should be tried in a court of law and not on street. Pakistan should a law-abiding state where every citizen has to show the clerics their place. The polio workers are doing our nation a great service by doing their job right. Polio is a stigma to a progressive society. It can only be present in a Self-Harming Nation not a progressive and advanced nation such as Pakistan boasting of mastering nuclear missile technology.


14 Jan 2018/Sunday.

In recent times Pakistan has got a lot of negative publicity, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values of women are stuck in the medieval period. Women in neighbouring countries including India where our politicians highlight atrocities on women have progressed by leaps and bounds. We blindly trusted our Bureaucrats and Military leaders and they have been plundering our nation. We are projecting Pakistan as a progressive Islamic country with Nuclear capability. Till now Political leaders and diplomats alike have brought disgrace to Pakistan in the international arena. If we introspect into our own country religious leaders are not far behind. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will lose their future by becoming a self-harming nation.

Violence against Women in a Self-Harming Nation

Figure 1: Pakistan’s largest province passed a landmark law criminalising all forms of violence against women”

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has prepared an annual report recording gang rapes,

kidnapping, acid attacks, amputations, burnings etc.  It said almost 800 women killed themselves or attempted suicide in 2015.  Due to the pressure from religious groups, the annual report has not been published for 2016 and 2017.

Figure 2: Pakistani women pose with candles to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women in Lahore

Figure 3: Pakistani acid attack victims Naziran Bibi and Naila Farhat

A report of 2016 also has details of progress made by women in Pakistan. It has detailed report on first women firefighter and rickshaw driver. However, the report also emphasizes lack of judicial recourse. All mainstream Islamic political parties are among those opposing the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act 2015 and threatening to launch nationwide protests. The Council of Islamic Ideology, the powerful constitutional body which advises the Pakistani government has its reservations on the Act. It has declared the protections and punishments stipulated are “un-Islamic”.

Situation in India

In contrast, the example our politicians quote for all the ills in the society i.e. India has progressed very well. Women, there have progressed in society and head major corporations.Two girls aged 19 and 23 have undertaken a cycle trip from Kashmir to Kanyakumariwhich is southernmost tip of India. They undertook this trip to spread awareness on pollution and their PM’s message of’Beti BachaoBeti Padhao‘ (BBBP) scheme. One of its largest private sector banks i.e. ICICI Bank is headed by women named Ms Chanda Kochhar is the Managing Director & CEO. There are many businesses headed purely on the shoulders of women. There are more than 1000 women entrepreneurs in India. This is despite the fact that globally India also has to work a lot when compared to countries like the UK, USA, and Canada. Pakistan is nowhere in the comparison list.

Size Matters

Each of the top 50 Indian business houses lead by women have turnover higher than ten top businesses in Pakistan. It is not that Pakistani women are a shade lower than Indian women but it is a fact that they are victimised as objects of sex and not individuals having character. Many religious leaders are actively propagating kidnapping of women from religious minority groups and convert them by forcefully marrying them. If that Is not possible then selling them to militant and terror groups as slaves.

Pakistani Women discover new freedom

Aneela, 22, belongs to a family separated at partition.  She is one of the 13 siblings of a Lahore-based family. In February a few years back she went to Jaipur with her mother on a tourist visa to visit relatives. In Jaipur, she ended up marrying one Abdul Aziz, then 26-year-old semi-precious stones dealer in Jaipur. For Aneela herself, it was a new-found freedom of watching movies in cinema halls and not on video like in Lahore. Her in-laws were more than happy with her and the Pakistani delicacies she made. “People here are loving,” says Aneela, “There is a certain warmth in relationships”, she adds. There are more than 40 brides from Pakistan in Jaipur who vouch for the same experience. Many of them have started their own ventures in Jaipur. Does this not give a glimpse of power held within each Pakistani woman?

If given an opportunity a Pakistani woman can grow and prove her worth. She is a woman who has talent and dreams but suppressed due to dictates and fatwas from Islamic clerics.

Oppression faced By Indian Brides in a Self-Harming Nation

Figure 4: External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj with Uzma, who was brought back from Pakistan.

However, the reverse of the same is not true. Recently Uzma a woman from Delhi was forcefully married to a Pakistani man. She became friendly with Tahir Ali while working in Malaysia. She had crossed into Pakistan on May 1, 2017, and was drugged by her friend Tahir Ali and married her forcibly and assaulted her. Even the judiciary of Pakistan had not held the hands of Tahir Ali in this case. This also brought a lot of shame to Pakistan as a Self-Harming Nation.

Celebrity Killing in Self-Harming Nation

Figure 5: Qandeel in 2016 shortly before her death.

Quandeel Balouch was a Pakistani Model, actress, and social media celebrity. On the evening of 15 July 2016,Quandeel Baloch was drugged by her brother and then asphyxiated while she was asleep in the house where her parents live in Multan. According to her brother, Waseem Azeem, who confessed to the murder claimed she was “bringing disrepute” to the “family’s honour”. There was widespread agitation across Pakistan leading to Pakistan passing an anti-honour killing law.

Figure 6: Waseem Brother of Qandeel being escorted by Police after his arrest.


Figure 7: Quandeel on her bed where she was asphyxiated.

In spite of the anti-honour killing law on September 20,a man in Peshawar killed his two daughters. He thought they had boyfriends, and felt “ashamed”. The latest in a series of recent horrific acts of violence perpetrated in the name of “honour.” Many unreported incidents are happening rampantly in Pakistan in the name of honour killings. 

Outraging modesty of girls in Self-Harming Nation

Recently in November 2017, a 16-year-old girl was paraded half-naked by armed men in a remote of north-west of claiming it for redeeming family honour. The girl was attacked in broad daylight and had to undergo the ordeal as her brother had an affair with a local villager. The culprits have been arrested by the police. 

Figure 8: The 16-year-old girl (far left), with her mother and cousins.

In July 2017, A Jirga [village council] had ordered the rape of a 16-year-old girl as punishment. This punishment was given to her as her brother had raped a 12-year-old. The girl was forced to appear before the group and raped in front of them and her parents.

Figure 9: The alleged culprits pictured in police custody.

In 2002, a Jirga ordered the gang rape of Ms Mukhtar Mai, whose 12-year-old brother was accused of an affair with an older woman. Ms Mai took her rapists to court. This was an act of extraordinary courage in Pakistan, where sexual assault victims are considered as a stigma. If this is not the end even now a seven year old girl Zainab who was kidnapped, raped killed and dumped in Kasur was raped, killed and dumped. Zainab’s rape and murder resulted in widespread anger on social media. There is hashtag #JusticeforZainab that is now top trending on twitter. We can see how such an incident has garnered so much support and making Pakistan a Self-Harming Nation.    

Figure 10: Mukhtar Mai, pictured in 2011, was gang-raped by order of a tribal council.

Stoning women in Land of Self-Harming Nation

There have been many reports of men stoning women in our country for silly or simple reasons for no wrong on their part. Women have been stoned for just owning a mobile phone. In last quarter of 2013, a mother of two was stoned to death by her relatives on the order ofa tribal court in Pakistan. Her crime: possession of a mobile phone. Arifa Bibi’s uncle, relatives and others hurled stones and bricks at her until she died, according to media reports. She was later buried in a desert far from her village. There were no arrests made as stoning is legal or practised in at least 15 countries or regions. Campaigners fear this form of barbaric execution is on the rise, particularly in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. 


Honour Killings in Self-Harming Nation

In another incident on 15 May 2017, 15 member Jirga, a traditional assembly of elders, in Makol village near Abbottabad, in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ordered the killing of a girl. The girl named Amber, was later kidnapped, drugged and killed. She was later put inside a vehicle and burnt alive. This was a punishment for helping her friend to marry of her own free will. 13 people have been arrested in this incident. Nearly 1,100 women were killed as honour killings. This was done mostly by relatives who believed they had dishonoured their families, a report by the country’s independent Human Rights Commission said.

Figure 13: Arrested members of the jirga, their faces covered, are to appear in court in Abbottabad.

Points to Ponder

This shows that we as a society have a long way to get maturity. We are seeking to be a progressive Islamic country with Nuclear weapons. However, we do not know how to treat our women. We punish women of Pakistan for taking birth in a country which is under Islamic clerics. These clerics interpret Sharia as they want and favouring a particular sect of society every time. They even have changed the tone and tenure of their language to increase intolerance to the modern way of thought. It would be better if we honour our women and recognize their skills and talent. This will help us in growing into a balanced great nation as compared to a Self-Harming Nation.


08 Jan 2018, Tuesday : We know that Pakistan has earned itself a villainous image and become a Self-Harming Nation. Our political and social values struck in the medieval period. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We blindly trusted our Military and these leaders had plundered our nation. We are a water-starved country. Political leaders and diplomats alike have brought disgrace to Pakistan in the international arena. The Indus Water Treaty of 1960 gives us some scope of respite. If we try to damage the treaty due to our obsession on Kashmir we might be left thirsty for life. We had been dependant on the US aid for military and economic sustenance from 1951. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will lose their future by becoming a Self-Harming Nation.

Obsession with Kashmir

Pakistan Army seems to be obsessed with Kashmir, had we forgotten the Kashmir issue we could have been much better. Every year we are spending much above our capability on upkeep and maintenance of our Army, Navy and Air Force. Had we not wasted in quarrelling with India on Kashmir all that money could have been well spent on development. Today Pakistan does not manufacture any capital goods but only consumes it. War will take Pakistan to the stone age if it extends beyond two days. The only real reason for this is that all rivers of Pakistan flow from Kashmir. Pakistan fears that India might divert them and create havoc in Pakistan’s purely agrarian economy. Pakistan Army also has a lot of real-estate dreams on Kashmir. This is the policy only a self-harming nation would follow.

PM Abbasi addresses the 72nd United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York. 22 Sep 2017.

Indus Water Treaty of 1960

The Indus Water Treaty which was signed in 1960, has remained intact since Indians never thought of revoking it. As per the treaty, Indians can anytime dissolve it without prior notice if they feel that behaviour of Pakistan is hostile. With the present terror acts, the BJP led government in India is thinking of opting for unilaterally cancelling this treaty. This will hit Pakistan which has only 30 days’ supply of water as compared to 120 days in case of India. For Pakistan, the recommended water storage capacity is 1000 days. Unless we leave this blind obsession about Kashmir we will become a self-harming nation.


Indian PM Modi has already indicated his view of reviewing Indus Water Treaty. According to Ahmer Bilal Soofi, “There is no provision in the Indus water treaty to scrap the agreement unilaterally”. It seems he has not gone through the treaty available online. It seems that Mr. Soofi further adds, “There is no precedent where a country has reneged on an international agreement. Such agreements are not between governments but between states — and states are bound to honor them”. He does not realize Pakistan did not honor the very first UN resolution on Kashmir. According to Article XII of the treaty, Indians can back off anytime our learned scholars have to read it before commenting. Indian threat is real and imminent if we do not reconsider our hostility to India we surely will pay dearly.

Global terrorists threatening Defence Minister of a Self-Harming Nation

JuD chief Hafiz Saeed had recently served Pakistan Defence Minister a Rs 100 million rupees for defamation. This is the result of Government’s decision to ban JuD from collecting donations following US President’s stoppage of aid. This will mean both direct and indirect benefit for India. Hafiz Saeed wanted defense minister to give a written apology and seek his forgiveness, promise that he will not repeat the same in future. His lawyer warned that if Defence Minister does not abide by this he will be prosecuted under section 500 of Pakistan Penal Code, which has a maximum punishment of two years. We can see a globally designated terrorist terrorizing a Defence Minister of a nuclear power with legal action. This can happen only in a Self-Harming Nation.

Action by Army

Army treats Hafiz Saeed as a strategic asset. Hafiz as a man is afraid that he will be killed soon by Indians or by US agents. So he can be seen as fidgeting while giving a statement against India. Is he afraid of India or US or Pakistan Army? Pakistan Army will not touch him even after he threatened Defence Minister. He is being used as a front end of being a leader providing strategic asset providing depth to Pakistan Army. This form of strategic depth is a good act but taking Pakistan into medieval ages. He and his followers are hate mongers and are making more enemies and forcing Pakistan into Chinese Banks. Even after sufficient warning why will a country not leave the wrong path unless it’s a Self-Harming Nation.

Self-Harming Nation is also an unIslamic Nation

Pakistan is an Islamic nation following Sharia. Sharia prohibits “riba”, or “usury”, defined as interest paid on all loans of money (although some Muslims dispute whether there is a consensus that interest is equivalent to riba). We have already taken loans worth $33 million from China for CPEC and more as our Dollar reserves have dwindled. Pakistan today is taking loans for repayment of its own loans. All this is to just to pay the maintenance of Pakistan Army’s equipment. If Pakistan cannot afford a war why to pick enmity with larger, prosperous and more progressive neighbours. But Pakistan Civilian government cannot think unless guided by Pakistan Army being a Self-Harming Nation. This is again a sign of Self-Harming Nation.

Worsening Water Crisis in Self-Harming Nation

Thousands of people are getting admitted to various hospitals for Diarrhoea and blood infections. They are afflicted by Pakistan’s severely polluted and decreasing water supplies. They are people who daily drink from a steam in the suburb of Islamabad. These streams over time are choked with filth and unfit for human or animal consumption. With public potable water not being provided by the administration for most of its population, the poor are being driven to these streams for their daily minimum supply of water. If this is the state in our capital, then one can imagine the situation in remote areas of Baluchistan or Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

It is reported by UNICEF that 53,000 children die of bacterial contamination in Pakistan annually. Cases of cholera, dysentery, hepatitis, and typhoid are rampant in the capital itself. If we neglect India as a problem being projected by Pakistan Army, the biggest problem is Drinking water. This is the issue that is haunting the people around the country. We are the only Nuclear-tipped country who cannot give our citizens drinking water. If this is not the character of a Self-Harming Nation, then what is?

Points to Ponder

Pakistan has been obsessed with Kashmir due to Pakistan Army’s ambition. The fertile territory close to the line of control if audited today belongs to retired army officers of Pakistan. This obsession of Kashmir is actually a real-estate dream of Pakistan Army. Kashmir Obsession brought us into hostility with India. Indian PM already has threatened to scrap Indus water treaty. Pakistan Army has developed proxies like Hafiz Saeed and his gang in Difa-e-Pakistan Council which is an umbrella organization for more than 40 fundamentalists groups.

The US has already stopped it’s financial aid to Pakistan. This stoppage has led us to take more loans at a very high-interest rate which is neither practical nor Islamic. None of these fake Islamic clerics have issued a fatwa on the subject against Government of Pakistan on this as they require Pakistan Army backing to survive. There is water crisis in our country which is resulting in death of more than 53,000 children to bacterial infections. Unless we stop being a Self-Harming Nation we cannot progress and will soon lose our identity as the only Islamic country having Nuclear Weapons.

Author identity is being withheld due to security reasons. Author is a freelancer pursuing research in financial audit from University of Lahore.


05 Jan 2018, Friday: In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values struck in medieval period. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. Political leaders and diplomats alike have brought disgrace to Pakistan in international arena. They have openly plundered our nation. We follow a religion where we are actually looked down by other rich nations like Saudi Arabia and Iran. Our education system is based on Quran and the majority of children go to madrasas. These Madrasas preach intolerance towards other religions or non-believers. Islamic leaders like Zakir Naik and others are only copycats, who have done plagiarism blatantly. If we continue to follow madrasa methods of teaching, we will turn into a self-harming nation. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will lose their future.

Zakir Naik

Every Muslim child idealizes about Zakir Naik to be a pious person, with in-depth knowledge of Islam and Hindu texts. He has been writing about Hinduism and Islam a comparison for quite some time. Recently some revelations have happened about his works.


These revelations prove that he is just copying the work called “Muhammad in World Scriptures”. This was written by someone who is not even considered a non-Muslim but also banned in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. This work was written by Maulana Abdul Haque Vidyarthi in 1936 and translated into various languages including English.


Zakir Naik is simply reading from this work of three volumes saving him the necessity of ready Vedas on which he comments. Copying directly, even word for word, from others work without even quoting his references is blatant plagiarism. And that too quoting something written by an Ahmadiyya is haram. Zakir who is a fan of Islamic law may choose to chop off his hands or getting killed in public as these are punishments for stealing works or deserting his community. However, why have the other Islamic clerics in Pakistan unable to catch him? Its just because his fan following is strong. The more the fan following more are the Petrodollars from middle-east. Islamic clergy in Pakistan and elsewhere require the crowd pulling people around for their funding. If Pakistani youth start following people like Zakir Naik we will surely end up as a self-harming nation.

Such fake are not uncommon in the subcontinent. Hafiz Sayeed is also one of them.

Self-Harming Nation: Madrasa System of Education

Madrassas of Pakistan are Islamic seminaries in Pakistan, known as Madaris-e-Deeniya in Urdu. Most Madrasas teach mostly Islamic subjects such as TafseerHadithFiqh, Arabic Language. Sometimes as an exception it includes non-Islamic subjects such as such as logic, philosophy, mathematics. The number of Madrasas has increased drastically after Gen Zia-ul-Haq came into power. He was a follower of Lal Masjid dictums. Out of these Madrasas only 4% are following Shia rest are following Sunni. These Madrasas have become recruiting centres for religious fanatics for jihad against western countries. There have been reports that the Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) travelled extensively to Saudi Arabia seeking donation for the Madrasas in Pakistan. JuD is front for Lashkar–e–Taiba (LeT). JuD had collected donations after giving inflated expenditure for each Madrasa and then siphoned off the excess money. This excess money is used for terror campaign. These terror mongers are the only reason that we have been continuously loosing precious lives in Western borders of Pakistan. If no action is taken against these Madrasa education system which are terror mongering Pakistan will lose its religious identity. Already the US is engaging terror elements from the skies and Pakistan Army is unable to do anything.

Points to Ponder

Education is the main string with which a nation progresses. If Pakistan focusses on a medieval form of education system then we will become a nation fit to be in that era. Now it is up to the people of Pakistan to decide what is required by them. If we give too much emphasis to religious dramatists like Zakir Naik and his team we again will be doing injustice to Prophet and Pakistan. We have to strive to stay as neutral to these preachers of falsehood. Our children should be educated in the best schooling system to date and should also know about their religion for the growth of Pakistan. If they know more about religion but less about modern sciences then there may not be a place for such Pakistan in the world arena. May the children of Pakistan not fall prey to these clergy who want to use them as cannon fodder for attainment of power.


26 DEC 2017, Tuesday: In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image. Our political and social values struck in the medieval period. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We blindly trusted our Military leaders and they plundered our nation. We are a water-starved country. Political leaders and diplomats alike have brought disgrace to Pakistan in the international arena. The Indus Water Treaty of 1960 gives us some scope of respite. If we try to damage the treaty due to our obsession on Kashmir we might be left thirsty for life. Already the foreign aid from the US is being delayed due to this Kashmir obsession. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan will lose their future by becoming a Self-Harming Nation.

Fought a War against Mujahids for money: Self-Harming Nation

The US government had been giving money to Pakistan for fighting against influences of Russians ever since Pakistan became independent. The new 55-page security policy issued by Trump administration seeks Pakistan take a “decisive action against militant and terrorist groups operating from its soil”. Replying to this the DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor, boss of the think tank behind military strategy in Pakistan said, “Since 1947, giving Pakistan $50 billion or so, is not our price, as far as money is concerned. If America gave us assistance in the security domain, that is in their national interest. The US is a superpower; it has defense cooperation with countries across the world. By making small payments over the years in the ongoing war on terror US government is claiming that heavy payments are being made. We want to say that Pakistan is not fighting for money.”

It is an Open Secret

What the political and Military leaders are forgetting is that they can only fool the illiterate masses who do not know what is happening outside their own village or suburb. For those who are learned Pakistan Military propaganda cannot influence them as truth is out there in the open. Social Media makes hiding of facts very difficult and the same is not being understood by people like General Gafoor. He is still in a fool’s paradise and thinks that he can fool people of Pakistan. The international community has devised methods to intrude into our country coercively or forcefully for information.

This is how Osama Bin Laden even though hidden by ISI and Pakistan Army was found in Abbottabad by US special forces and was eliminated. We have to remember that once when asked in 2005, the then-president Musharraf emphatically rubbished that bin Laden was in Pakistan, stating “One thing is very sure, let me assure you, that we are not going to hide him for a rainy day and then release him to take advantage.” After the Osama’s killing, Dr. Shakil Afridi, a Pakistani citizen, was captured and tortured by ISI for reasons best known to them. He is accused of aiding in the identification of Osama in his hideout to the US by getting out DNA samples.

Snubbing of a Self-Harming Nation on Kashmir Issue

In his speech, PM Nawaz Sharif finished in UNGA on 20 Sept 2016 raised the issue of Kashmir in a well-dramatized fashion. He was snubbed when he did not find any traction from either the US or UK. Pakistani Foreign Office confirmed on 19 Sept 2016 that Sharif had sent letters to the US, Russia, China, Britain, and France asking them to intervene in Kashmir issue. As per the Foreign Office, he wanted “to halt more than two months of violence in Kashmir”. He also claimed that it will be a threat to international peace and security. This was post attack by JeM cadres on Uri Army Camp killing 18 Soldiers.  Ms. Maleeha Lodhi showed pictures of Palestinian girl as a Kashmiri pallet victim and was caught immediately by the Indians.

Retaliation by India

In retaliation, the Indian Army launched a surgical strike on terror camps. Pakistan Army was caught completely off guard and Indian security forces inflicted heavy damages to so-called jihadi factories in various locations deep inside Pakistan.

Replying in UNGA, a young Indian diplomat snubbed Pakistani PM with an undiplomatic sentence stating “The land of Taxila, one of the greatest learning centers of ancient times, is now host to the Ivy League of terrorism. It attracts aspirants and apprentices from all over the world. The effects of its toxic curriculum are felt across the globe.” Ms. Eenam Gambhir also stressed that Pakistan has been sponsoring terrorism and is seen by India as a terror state which channelizes billions of dollars, much of it diverted from international aid to training, financing and supporting terrorist groups as militant proxies against its neighbors.

This is an insult of the highest degree to any sovereign country because PM at that time was singing to the tunes and script given by ISI. Shortly after that Indian special forces took their revenge in what is called a surgical strike which Pakistan Army denies to date.  She was the only diplomat having a Hashtag for her speech in UNGA. No Islamic country or even the western world could garner such support by their population.

Obsession with Kashmir

US Aid to Pakistan

In 1948 Pakistan got less than $1 Million as economic assistance. Immediately after that, the Economic assistance for Pakistan started. The economic assistance to Pakistan increased over the years ever since it started backing the western block during the cold war. For its support, the US has been giving Economic aid and Military aid.  Military aid started in 1955. In the second year, i.e. 1956 the aid quadrupled and the same has been increasing. Recently it started flowing after the US started its Afghanistan operations. As can be seen in the graph the Coalition support fund and Military assistance also increased dramatically.

Funding Dramas

When Pakistan built its Uranium enrichment facility all aid except food aid was withdrawn by Carter Administration. Pakistan always got bulk of the aid in the form of economic aid. In 1979 Soviet invasion of Afghanistan enabled CIA to funnel its funds covertly through Pakistan’s ISI. Most of the funds were diverted by the ISI to fund its own effort to spring up militancy in the Indian state of Punjab and Kashmir. The US had always been warning Pakistan against using its funds against India. Pakistan too always gave its assurance on the same. Recently former president Pervez Musharraf had admitted that US military funding always was used to strengthen defenses against India. The is what Indians had been complaining to the US for decades.

Trump Threatens Self-Harming Nation

The Trump administration on 01 Jan 2018 threatened to withhold the $255 million foreign military aid. Trump administration accused Pakistan of being a “liar and deceit”. Today Pakistan has its foreign exchange reserves dwindling and if this assistance is stopped there is a fear that it might go bankrupt. Immediately after the tweet of President Trump, China came forward for extending its assistance to Pakistan. Pakistan is the only country which would allow a foreign currency i.e. of China to be used as a preferred currency in its soil. What can be more shameful for this self-harming nation?

Points to Ponder

We the people of Pakistan have to decide on how to look after ourselves. Our leaders had never allowed the local industries to develop. Unlike the neighboring country which protected its local industry. Due to the sustained inflow of economic assistance, the leaders just never planned for growing industry manufacturing capital goods. In the garb of national honor of Kashmir, we have been instigating India in the wrong direction. Pakistani Army is as it is not interested in Kashmiri freedom.

In the name of Kashmir, it wants to fuel its coffers for unlimited funds being given at its disposal. If in times of Conflict, if Indians decide to go all out, no holds barred strategy, no quarter given or taken war, then Pakistan is bound to die by thirst. In other words, Indians need not fire a single bullet. Before any war, Trump’s Administration can squeeze us to our size. Pakistan is not an economic giant like China which can stand against the US. China can due to its economic might.

Unless united we stand we cannot win against our own army-backed ISI and ISPR. We are fast becoming a Self-Harming nation. If not by a nuclear bomb we might die of thirst for sure.

For more information do keep reading this series it might enlighten is the people of Pakistan in making a wiser decision in our next general election.


30 Dec 17/Friday: In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image, as a self-harming nation. Our political and social values struck in the medieval period. Time and again in the past our country had done great service to the world by fighting against evil forces of Soviet Russia and India. Today we are ourselves harboring these evil forces which are biting us like thankless snakes. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We blindly trusted our Military and these leaders had plundered our nation. Whatever happens to the people of Pakistan their future is secured. Bureaucrats like Maleeha Lodhi were depicted as jokers by a section of media around the world.

Allegations on a Self-Harming Nation

Figure 1: US President presses for more action by Pakistan on Terror groups

After the release of US president’s first foreign policy, he started releasing statements that the US is trivializing Pakistan’s efforts in counter-terrorism operations. Trump’s new national security strategy which presses on Pakistan to intensify its action against militant groups operating in Pakistan. In an official response by Foreign Office of Pakistan, spokesperson Dr. Mohammad Faisal remarked that such allegations are “unsubstantiated” and “unfounded”.

It may be noted that US has been observing our troops conducting genocide in Baluchistan, FATA, and other provinces. They have been flying drones and must be recording. There is evidence which is emerging every now and then in International Media on such genocides being committed by Pakistan Army. We should have learned our lessons after Operation Searchlight in 1972, which degraded Pakistan into a Self-Harming Nation.

Dismissal of NSA Mahmud Ali Durrani: Self-Harming Nation


 In March this year, Pakistan’s former National Security Adviser Mahmud Ali Durrani gave a statement that the 26/11 Mumbai strike was a “classic example” of cross-border terrorism, carried out by a Pak-based group and hoped that its chief Hafiz Saeed is punished. However, the Government of Pakistan maintains that it or its nationals did not have any role in the Mumbai attack which killed 166 civilians. It may be noted that Mr. Durrani was sacked for accepting that Kasab was a Pakistani National.

Ajmal Kasab was the lone Pakistani terrorist arrested for the Mumbai terror attack. He was accused of waging war against the country, murder and TADA acts. On completion of the trial, he was found guilty and was later hanged in India. He was the only official whom Indians thought could be trusted. By dismissing him from service we have again become a Self-Harming Nation.

CPEC: Self-Harming Nation

CPEC is in news around the world for only one good reason i.e. it’s a massive project. Other than that it does not have any kind of merit to be of any help to Pakistan. Chinese will use Pakistan as a transit nation. They had asked Pakistan to raise a separate force entrusted with the only protection of CPEC. Indians got a loan from Japanese at a0.1% rate which they can easily repay. However, for Pakistan, it would be the nightmarish situation. Borrowing at 8% and above is much above the international rates where the rate hovering at less than two percent. Such rates are given in developing countries like India for housing loans.

Think tanks within and outside Pakistan have been raising voices over the treaty signed between China and Pakistan on this project. Firstly, the project has the backing of Pakistan Military and its contents are totally classified and have not been revealed to anyone outside the military circles. This raises not only doubts but also concerns on the aims and achievements of Pakistan in Future.

Bottle Necks

There have been multiple bottlenecks on the project front. China imposed unfeasible conditions on Pakistan to included and finance Daimer-Bhasa ProjectPakistan had to delink the project from CPEC.  Pakistan had been trying to get the project financed through International Monetary Fund (IMF) etc. These attempts failed as the project falls in the disputed territory between India and Pakistan. India did not give its concurrence to the project. Thus funding from IMF was in possible. Chinese central bank knows this and thus wants Pakistan to pledge a guarantee on the project. China is insisting on using Yen in the CPEC corridor as a currency and side-lining US dollar. This is a clear infringement into the sovereignty of a country where only its currency is to be used. However, China is not giving such concessions to Pakistan Rupee. These concerns even though resolvable have created a lot of tensions and requirement for renegotiation of the deal quite frequently.

China is not only giving loan at a very high-interest rate but also not contributing to the development of local expertise as the entire labor force and raw materials being utilized in CPEC is from China. Thus, there is neither human resource development nor development in the local industrial base. This strategy is again making us a Self-Harming Nation.

Points to Ponder:

We the people of Pakistan have to decide on how to look after ourselves. In the garb of national honor, our bureaucrats refuse to get back slain Mujahids like Ajmal Kasab. These are the same Mujahids who were sent to wage a war by ISI puppets like Hafiz Sayeed. We should be governed by elected leaders. Threats like terror whether promoted for countering India or otherwise are injurious to Pakistan in general. These Military leaders are killing our nation by selling its resources to China in the name of CPEC. Unless united we stand we cannot win against our own army-backed ISI and ISPR. We are fast becoming a Self-Harming nation. We do not require enemies are better at destroying ourselves and our country.


24 Dec 2017/sunday In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image, that of a self-harming nation. As a nation, our political and social values have not gone beyond the medieval period. Time and again in the past we had done great service to the world against evil forces of Soviet Russia and India. Today we are harboring these evils ourselves. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We have been blindly trusting our Military for a long time. The military leaders have had in the past plundered our nation to such an extent that whatever happens to the people of Pakistantheir future is secured. They also have proved themselves to be jokers by a section of media around the world.

Statements of NSA: Self-Harming Nation

Pakistan NSA Nasser Khan Januja issued a statement accusing the US of preferring India over Pakistan. He also accused Pakistan that this has caused a gross imbalance in the Indian Sub-Continent. In his statement, he blamed the US for taking Indian side. He expressed his concern in giving India a bigger role in Afghanistan. According to him, Pakistan started facing terror strikes after it aligned with the US in the fight against terror.
He also has been issuing controversial statements recently creating a buzz in the power corridors in Pakistan. These statements are coming out after they are cleared by the ISI. Here it would be to buy time and process the case against a step-motherly treatment by the US. Such statements in the past when put forward by Pakistani students and journalists in the US and elsewhere have been slapped back by Ms. Christine an expert on Pakistanaffairs in the US.

ISIS gaining Strength in Pakistan: Self-Harming Nation

Figure 1: Flag of the ISIS. (Photo: H Azeez)

The government of Pakistan since long has been denying the presence of ISIS in its territories, even though they have conducted various attacks killing innocent civilians. The debate on this subject ignited in security circles after a recent attack on a church in Quetta, Baluchistan. ISIS claimed the attack through Amaq outlet. Home Minister of Baluchistan Mr. Sarfaraz Bhugti praised the security personnel who stopped the attackers from entering the main building. 
In 2014, ISIS propaganda surfaced in Pakistan via graffiti and booklet “Fateh”. It spread rampantly across Baluchistan, FATA, and other tribal areas. The provincial government of Baluchistan has already sent a secret report on growing activities of ISIS in its province.

Brief on threat

In February 2016, DG of Intelligence Bureau of Pakistan mentioned ISIS as a threat to Pakistan while briefing Senate Standing Committee. He informed that terror groups such as Lashkar-i-Jhangvi and Sipah-i-Sahaba Pakistan were cooperating with ISIS. Knowing fully well the danger Federal Home Minister Mr. Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan claimed,” ISIS does not exist in Pakistan.” The international community can clearly see his reluctance to admit the presence of ISIS in PakistanPakistan is the only Islamic state with Nuclear arsenal. ISIS would benefit if it could target Pakistan and have roots in Pakistan as the nukes will fall into its hands for use on rest of the world. World community realizes but the government of Pakistan ignores it, as accepting it would mean the loss of arsenal, power and say in the Islamic world.

Tepidity killed 70

People grieving after the attack.

On 08 August 2016, ISIS killed 70 people in Quetta. Islamabad responded tepidly and this gave room for ISIS to strike back again within two months, killing 61 and injuring 165. The Lashkar-i-Jhangvi group took the responsibility for the attack. In February 2017, ISIS attacked a Sufi shrine in Sindh Province killing 100 and injuring 300. It also hit a convoy of Deputy Chairman of Pakistan’s Senate Abdul Ghafoor Haideri and a military convoy in Quetta. Today ISIS reportedly has a permanent base in Walayat-e- Khurasan with a well-established network.
Points to Ponder:
We the people of Pakistan have to decide on how to look after ourselves. We should be governed by elected leaders. Threats like terror whether promoted for countering India or otherwise are injurious to Pakistan in general. Unless we decide and stop the propaganda by ISI about good terrorist and bad terrorist we cannot survive. We are becoming a Self-Harming nation. We do not require enemies are better at destroying ourselves and our country.