22 DEC 2017: In recent times Pakistan has earned itself a negative image, that of a self-harming nation. As a nation, our political and social values have not gone beyond the medieval period. Time and again in the past we had done great service to the world against evil forces of Soviet Russia and India. Today we are harboring these evils ourselves. These are testing times for all people of Pakistan. We have been blindly trusting our Military for a long time. The military leaders had in the past plundered our nation to such an extent that whatever happens to the people of Pakistan their future is secured.

Learning from Neighbors

We have to learn from our neighbors. India a democratic country is progressing steadily against the general predictions. Once its population was feared to be out of control, today it is an asset. In-spite, of having good institutions in our country none of them can compete in any international rankings. India started with five IITs and today there are 23 of them. Initially, they pegged on assistance from developed countries today they are self-reliant. On the other hand, we have established none. We have established best training camps for terror groups as per the entire world.

We can see all around us. Pakistan is branded as a terror-supporting nation by the world community, curtsey the Abbottabad raid by US special forces to kill Osama Bin Laden. We should remember the primary people responsible for him surviving in Pakistan were the ISI backed by Military. Military wants to use people like Osama and Hafiz to strike a dent into India. After the CPEC project which has the backing of Pakistan Military top brass we have to see what all skeletons come out of the cub-boards once something leaks. Our politicians have shamed us be getting their names in various international scandals including the recent one in Costa Rica. Supreme Court of Pakistan had to disqualify Nawaz from ever taking up any constitutional appointment during his lifetime, since he was not resigning.

Military Backing Extremism: Self-Harming Nation

It is well-known fact that the Military top brass from ages is following the Lal Masjid and Tehreek-i-Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY). In the recent sit-in agitation by about 2,000 activists of TLY and its allied groups staged protests and sit-ins on highway and railway lines in several cities of Pakistan. They were demanding the sacking of Law Minister Zahid Hamid for changing in a law relation to the Khatm-i- Nabuwwat (finality of prophet-hood) oath in the Elections Act 2017.This continued for nearly three weeks, disrupting road and rail traffic causing havoc in the life of common people. The military was called in to remove the blockades by the Islamabad High Court (IHC). Instead of aiding in the removal the Pakistan Military brokered a deal between TYL leader Rizvi and Pakistan Government. This was slammed by even the IHC. As usual in all agreements this deal also has both public and confidential portions. The public portion of it has been given out but what is in the hidden part is not known the people of Pakistan.

We have to understand that the Military thousands of Pashtuns to massacre people and invade Kashmir in 1947. They use our poor boys to form these deadly squads again in future. At present they are using the same poor boys of innocent mothers as cannon fodder to the terror machinery. This has been published fact in various international news channels. In-spite of sufficient warnings our military is indulging in these terror promoting activities. Thus it would not be unwise to call ourselves a Self-Harming Nation.

Statement of Chief of Army Staff Bajwa : Self-Harming Nation

Pakistan Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa gave a statement on 20 Dec 2017 that he will resign if the military was found involved in the recent widespread protests by hard line religious groups which paralysed the capital Islamabad for weeks. In Pakistan who is going to judge him. Pakistan military has overwhelming control over Media houses, Judiciary and Bureaucracy. In times of crisis we have been going and looking up to the military leaders for guidance. The military leaders know this and have ultimate power over people of Pakistan. For long they have been cashing in on this symbiotic relationship. The few bad apples in our military top brass are creating havoc. Their involvement is clearly coming out of the judicial uproar. A detailed article on hidden agenda behind army brokered deal was published here. This has resulted in alienated the world community and thus resulted in Pakistan: Self-Harming Nation.

Praising Hafiz: Self-Harming Nation

Pakistan Army Chief even went on to praise the internationally proclaimed terror monger Hafiz Saeed. This is even after of the fact us started playing up to the tunes of India. Pakistan Army secured his release from house arrest after submitting a letter in a closed envelop. The court release also happened in a way due to the insistence of Pakistan Army. After that he started praising him for his efforts in liberating Kashmir. We are an independent nation, should look after our territory. Why should we bother about a neighbour? If Kashmiris want they will come and ask help in international forum. Why should we burn ourselves just because we are from the same religion? Let them also fight for their right. We should give only moral support and not financial support.

Points to Ponder: Self-Harming Nation

Pakistan lost East Pakistan not because of India, but because power hungry politicians like Julfikar Ali Bhutto. Bhutto could not digest that had lost election to a Bengali politician Muzaffar Rahman. He plotted along with West Pakistan Army which resulted in genocide of 1972. This genocide is a shame on the face of all Pakistanis in the years to come where we the people of West Pakistan killed thousands of both non-Muslims and Muslims of West Pakistan. Even the East Bangal Rifles were not spared who were reportedly systematically disarmed and eliminated in mass graves, their women and children raped or killed. This is the actual cause of our loss. We are Muslims who have migrated from different parts of India and have history of creating genocide. In 1947 Nizam commissioned Razakars whose primary aim was to help Nizam of Hyderabad in resisting integration into Indian Union. These Razakars also raped and killed many non-Muslim women and looted them. For the state of Hyderabad in those days these incidents turned it into a Self-Harming nation.

Our greed for power has corrupted our future today we are oppressing the Baluch and other tribes in Western provinces. There are confirmed reports of genocide conducted by ISI and Pakistan Army. Are we again going to lose territory for our reckless by being a Self-Harming Nation? Before such an incident occurs we have to correct our act.